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satellite l645_s4056 dead no video

  • Apple TV status light dead & no video/sound outputNovember 30

    After our move I hooked my entertainment center up and the Apple TV is dead.  The status light won't illuminate even after plugging in.  It will not respond to the remote as the status light does not respond.  There is no video or sound output.  I di

  • Satellite L50-A-1C7 - video tdr blue screen errorOctober 11

    When i start my laptop everything works fine but after 2min it freezes and i get video tdr error and need to restart. Right know i disable my 740m directly in devicemanager and i dont get any errors. when i turn it back on 10min later everything work

  • Satellite L750D - no HDMI video out on external TVOctober 11

    I have a Satellite L750D and a SyncMaster Smart TV I want to hook up my laptop to the TV with a HDMI cable. When connected, my laptop discovers the TV and can create an extended desktop but the TV says no signal. I have tested the TV with another lap

  • Satellite A115-s3094: Need video controller XP driverNovember 30

    Hi Can anyone help? I was on my laptop and my son accidently deleted a graphics driver or a video controller, and I can't get it back as I don't have a CD with the drivers on it or even a back-up. The thing is I could use the laptop but once I shut i

  • Satellite L450-136 Model video transfer from camcoder to laptopNovember 30

    Hi , I have recently bought Toshiba Satellite L450-136 Model laptop. I want to transfer the video contents from my SONY Camcoder to the Laptop. The SONY Camcoder has a 4 pin slot . In this model laptops I believe their isn't any 4 pin slot. Can you p

  • Cannot find my Satellite L350-10H - external video full HD outputNovember 30

    Hello Everybody. I have a problem with my satellite L350-10H when I try to attach a second external monitor in full HD. In fact Im only able to duplicate my Notebook Display with the same resolution (1440 x 900). The System don't allow me to set a Fu

  • Satellite A500 - Slower with Videos on Windows 7November 30

    Hi, I am desperately in need of advice, I am 78 years old and going up the wall. My Satellite A500/03P was purchased with Vista preinstalled and worked well. My particular interest is the running and creation of video training clips for other Senior

  • Satellite L630 dead after BIOS updateNovember 30

    Hi I have a problem with a Toshiba Satellite Laptop L630 model PSK00E-017019EN (UK model). A Toshiba software scan recommended a BIOS update and as I had been having some issues with the laptop I decided to let it run . . . bad mistake! The laptop wi

  • Completely dead iPod VideoNovember 30

    My daughter has an iPod video, it's approximately a month old and it's dead. She's tried all the self fix suggestions found here and it still doesn't work. It does work when connected to her computer, as soon as she disconnects from the computer it's

  • Satellite U305: cannot watch videos on external monitor running Vista with DynadockNovember 30

    Hi Fellows, I have one Satellite U305 running Windows Vista, I bought also one Dynadock VGA with external HP 20" monitor. I have uppdated all Dynadock drives (Audio, Video, etc) to the latest version, but DVD Video or MPEG Video recorded with my came

  • Satellite 4030cdt deadNovember 30

    I would appreciate any advice for my dead satellite 4030cdt, it is totally dead no response to the power button at all, the psu is working fine the main battery and cmos battery have a small voltage on them,i have stripped the laptop right down and c

  • Dead Ipod Video- Bad battery?November 30

    Hi - helping a friend with his 30Gb Ipod Video (5g). It doesn't do ANYTHING. No power, doesn't respond when I hook it up to my mac, and the mac won't mount it. No noises, no lights, no HD activity. Tried resetting it, opened it up and made sure all t

  • Dead ipod videoNovember 30

    a little while ago a buddies ipod stopped working and he gave it to me saying that if i could fix it it was mine. long story short the ipod doesnt respond to anything, and only boots when plugged into a power supply. when plugged in it makes a cyle b

  • Support for new dead iPod Video?November 30

    I just received from Apple the new iPod Video last Thursday. I was familiar with earlier versions and was impressed with the video quality. I loaded tons of songs and thousands of pictures. Downloaded Desperate Housewives since there is nothing else

  • Satellite P300-13J - S-Video output shows no pictureOctober 11

    Hi, I need a little help here. I have P300D-13J and I bought it with OS Vista HP 32-bit. I have tested S-Video output few times after time I bought my computer and it worked fine,no problems. But,after a few months I needed S-Video output and I conne

  • Satellite Pro P105 - Laggy videos and slow VistaNovember 30

    Lately my PC is bein very laggy whenever I watch a video and sometimes particularly slow switching from a window to another. I have got a NFORCE GE 7900, 2mb ram and T7200 intel core2 DUO, I ran antivirus and anti spyware. Everything seems fine but I

  • Satellite Pro L40 - which video cardNovember 30

    The missus is playing Broken Sword iii and it keeps crashing an hour and 40 minutes in. The game recommends a GeForce 4 Ti 4200 or equivalent - I suspect the lack of any video card is what's causing the problem. Is the recommended card the right one

  • P755-S5269 Satellite Random Crashes Watching Videos (BSOD)November 30

    Purchased P755-S5269 last November 2011.  First month or so, performance was fine.  Mid January time frame started experiencing Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) crashes.  Crashes always occur while watching videos but doesn't have discernible pattern.  Yo

  • Satellite A100-768 - need video card driver for Win 8November 30

    Hi everybody, I cannot find any driver suitable for my Satellite A100-768 where I just installed Win8, my graphic card should be Ati x1400 but nothing work even with Ati and/or toshiba drivers. Please help me!Hi The old Satellite A100-768 isnt Win 8

  • Motherboard possibly dead? Video Card Issues?November 30

    Good day all, So I got a HP-Envy from craigslist (specs below) only paid $200 for it. It was realitivly new and I wanted something that I could upgrade and not blow a ton of money.  http://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-envy-desktop-amd-a10-series-8gb-memor

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