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  • SATA Hard Drive no longer recognized by Mega 865October 11

    I recently put together an MSI Mega 865 barebone system with the following specifications:   Processor: Intel 3.2c Ghz (Northwood core) Hard Drive:  Western Digital SATA 10kRPM Raptor Memory: 1 GB (2 x 512MB) Kingston 3200 (400Mhz) DVD Player: Plexto

  • SATA drive no longer bootsOctober 11

    The PC was running fine for about two weeks with a single 160GB SATA drive. One morning, with no hardware changes, the PC refused to boot. A blue screen of death flashed very quickly past as the PC rebooted. Windows suggested safe mode, and when I bo

  • How to migrate win 8.1 from sata hard disk to ssdOctober 11

    I brought an Intel SSD 730 480GB 5GBs Sata 3 I also brought  a RAID CARD SYBA| SYPEX40039 bootable. attached the ssd to that. I like to migrate the Windows volume to the SSD.  but I have trouble to get the boot manager on to the ssd. despite not usin

  • Sat Pro M10 will not boot up anymoreOctober 11

    My Sat Pro M10 worked fine until yesterday. I removed the harddrive just to check Part number (as i need to install a larger drive and want to make sure I got it right)and then re-inserted it. Now it boots up as far as the XP Pro loading screen (blac

  • I need to upgrade my MacBook 13" white 2008 hard drive.  I have found a WD6400BPVT western digital Scorpio blue 640GB (5400rpm) SATA 8MB 2.5" will this fit and work? Many thanks for any helpOctober 11

    I need to upgrade my MacBook 13" white 2008 hard drive.  I have found a WD6400BPVT western digital Scorpio blue 640GB (5400rpm) SATA 8MB 2.5" will this fit and work? Many thanks for any helpI had a 640GB HDD in my Early 2008 Macbook and it was j

  • Can i install sata III hard drive?October 11

    Hi, i've an iMac G5 20" iSight with an intel core duo 2ghz. I would like to know if  i can install a sata III hard drive like 128GB Crucial m4 2.5" SSD. Thx a lot.First, you do not have an iMac G5. G5s are PPC machines, but yours is an Intel mod

  • How can i install a sata hard drive in my compaq nx6110October 11

    There is a rediculously small hard drive installe in my laptop 40gb. I want to install at least a 240 gb but only can find sata drives that size. How do I go about installing the sata drive.You cannot install a SATA drive, and you can't go up to 240

  • Query help - Fetch employees working on two consecutive weekends(SAT/SUN)October 11

    Hello Gurus, I have the following requirement and i need your help on this. We have a table with all employees effort logged in for the days they have worked. a sample data is given below TD_date     Emp_id     Effort     Archive_month 2-Mar-13     1

  • Factura Electronica.- Sello "Invalido" al momento de validar el xml en SATOctober 11

    Buen dia!! Se  configuro en un ambiente de  pruebas la  factura electronica   , se realizó la validación del  xml en la  pagina del SAT  y no hubo problemas,  pero al momento de  pasar al ambiente productivo  todos los xml que se validan  marcan que 

  • K8T Neo2 V2.0 SATA-ProblemOctober 11

    Hi Folks, I got a "problem" with my K8T Neo2 V2.0. At first I had 3 IDE-drives, but I needed a new DVD-burner to read double-layer discs. So I bought a SATA-Drive, plugged it in and it worked good. (VIA 5.13A hyperions). After that I decided to

  • R835-P56X:i can use SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) NowOctober 11

    R835-P56X:i can use SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) Now 1.BIOS Update to 3.0 2.My OCZ Vertex3 SSD firmware update to 2.11 3.install Intel RST Driver Attachments: 02.jpg ‏115 KB 03.jpg ‏118 KB 01.jpg ‏110 KB atto.jpg ‏128 KBI emailed Toshiba regarding this issue

  • Satellite P300D-13N and XP Installation Issues (Sata-Driver)October 11

    Hi, I have some issues with my XP-Downgrade. I already tried integrating the Intel Storage Manager drivers into my XP-CD but unfortunately it didn't work. Probably because i've been integrating ALL drivers, that were available and not just the one th

  • XP Prof installation on Tecra A9 PTS52E - SATA HDD is not recognizedOctober 11

    Hi all, I have a brandnew Tecra A9 (PTS52E) with Vista Business installed. However, I need XP Prof and have a slipstreamed XP-SP2 CD. The SATA Disk is not recognized from XP setup, so I need a 'F6' driver. There are a lot of howtos about doing this f

  • Separating Axis Theorem (SAT)October 11

    I have been search for what seems like hours, and I still have not managed to find anybody or anything that can clearly answer these three questions: 1. What is SAT? 2. How does it apply to 2D collision detection? (How would it be different with 3D c

  • Need help in installing a SATA hard drive with 865pe NEO2October 11

    Hello there I need a help in installing a Sata hard drive ,it is WD 250 GB , my motherboard is 865PE Noe2 , the bios is the latest one already I got another old hard drive ,not a Sata ,a regular IDE one installed as a master hard drive I want to inst

  • Silicon image sil 3112 and seagate 200GB sataOctober 11

    hey everyone.. im trying hard to get dma activated on my sata drive..i dont need raid(and cant have it..only one sata drive  ...but hdparm -tT shows slower performance on the sata drive /dev/sda = sata /dev/hda = pata /dev/sda hdparm -Tt /dev/sda /de

  • [Solaris 10] Installation problem on nForce4 Ultra - SATA II - raid 0October 11

    hi, Like I was read on HW web page, Solaris 10 should work fine with 'nForce4' (without 'Ultra'), but on mine mainboard (nForce4 Ultra) instalator was unable to found my array. I have ASUS A8N-E (nForce4 Ultra) with 2x 250GB Seagate on SATA II RAID 0

  • Fields in debmas, matmas, cremasOctober 11

    Hi How to the fields in debmas, matmas, cremas Thanks DushanthHi, If you want to see the segment fields, please go to transaction WE30. For message type DEBMAS, use IDoc type DEBMAS05/06. For message type MATMAS, use IDoc type MATMAS04/05. For messag

  • SATA Problem: Can see hard disks in USB enclosures, but not internalOctober 11

    I have a mid-2010 macbook pro 13". The other day, it crashed on wake-up, and would not boot. I had a OCZ Vertex SSD boot drive, and the OEM hard drive in an optibay enclosure (replaces the optical drive and used only for data). I used this setup for

  • Original SATA HDD in mid-2009 MBP has dissappeared, completely dissappeared...October 11

    Hi there, I have been successfully running a OCR Vertex 4 256GB SSD in the optical bay as a the boot HDD with two partitions of OSX and Win7 through Bootcamp.  The original 256GB 5400RPM HDD remained in its original position and was being used for fi

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