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SAPCAR: ERROR in getentrydata

  • SAPCAR error on UNIX AIXNovember 30

    Hi experts Am trying to apply SPS to our EP 7.0 portal. So I downloaded the files from SMP and dumped them into /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in directory including the SAPCAR file. I renamed the SAPCAR_XXX(some file name ) to SAPCAR. I am getting errors while

  • SAPCAR error  UNIX AIXNovember 30

    Hi experts Am trying to apply SPS to our EP 7.0 portal. So I downloaded the files from SMP and dumped them into /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in directory including the SAPCAR file. I renamed the SAPCAR_XXX(some file name ) to SAPCAR. I am getting errors while

  • SAPCAR: could not open for writing SAPCAR (error 28). Text file busyNovember 30

    Hi, I´m trying to decompress this file( is for a kernel upgrade): SAPEXE_15-10006264.SAR And when I do SAPCAR u2013xvf SAPEXE_15-10006264.SAR, SAPCAR only decompress a few files and I´ve this error: SAPCAR: could not open for writing SAPCAR (error 28

  • SAPCAR error reading from UCKx6464bit/KUWINDOWSX86_64/DBINDEP/SAPEXE(error5November 30

    Hello everyone, I am facing trouble with Solman 7.0 installation on windows 2003 Enterprise SP1/ Oracle  It stops at ADS User password stage & shows up the error popup. When I check the logs I get the following error. Tried investigating in

  • SAPCAR error "Illegal byte sequence "November 30

    Hi there I am trying to update R3trans and tp programs and ran into this error uncarring the files using sapcar. 110> SAPCAR -xvf tp_193-20000233.sar stderr initialized processing archive tp_193-20000233.sar... Illegal byte sequence tp_193-20000233.s

  • Sapcar errorNovember 30

    hello everyone i am facing the problem in sapcar please provide me the solution SAPCAR -xvf DBATL700O10_48-20001000.SAR SAPCAR: processing archive DBATL700O10_48-20001000.SAR (version 2.01) x brarchive SAPCAR: could not open for writing brarchive (er

  • SAPCAR error for saprouter installationNovember 30

    Error message when uncar Saprouter package csppsm01:ssmadm 4> SAPCAR -xvf saprouter_1-20002350.sar SAPCAR: processing archive saprouter_1-20002350.sar (version 2.01) x niping SAPCAR: could not open for writing niping (error 28). Permission denied csp

  • SAPCAR error when extracting kernel patchesNovember 30

    Hi gurus I am having the following error when extracting so kernel patches: SAPCAR could not open for writing sapcar.exe <error 28>.The process cannot acces the file becaues it is being used by another process. Maybe its saying that because sapcar i

  • Problem during patchingNovember 30

    Hi there! I'm patching SAP on Win2003 64bit and MSSQL. Everything was going ok till I got problem with package SAPKE60030. On SAP I'm getting this message :      The following details help you to analyze the problem:          -   Error in phase: DISA

  • Error in Netweaver Mobile 7.1 InstallationOctober 11

    Hi All I am trying to install NW Mobile 7.1 on MS SQL server 2005 with Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition O.S. I used a new version of the SAPinst and the pre-requisites checker .xml file since the downloaded versions are from 2007. I am facing an error

  • Error in Installing NWDSOctober 11

    Hi, All I have a hard time in installing NWDS. Actually, I got <b>'JIDE15_0-10002804.sar'</b> and '<b>SAPCAR</b>' files from my co-worker. I saved these two files in C drive, and typed 'sapcar -xvf JIDE15_0-10002804.sar' at DOS pro

  • PI 7.0 Installation ErrorOctober 11

    Dears, We are installing PI 7.0 on Oracle 10g on AIX 6.1 I am getting below error in step Install Database Server Software: database/Disk1/stage/Components/oracle.rdbms.hybrid/ x database/Disk1/stage/Components/oracle.

  • SAINT error in phase DISASSEMBLEOctober 11

    Hi, I am performing Delta-upgrade of component ST-SER from 700_2007_1 to 700_2008_1 via SAINT on our Solution Manager 4.0 system. (Windows server 2003 / MS SQL) The SAR archive (KITLONB.SAR) is of 141 MB. while trying to uncar i get following message

  • DB Startup failed;terminating with error code 12November 30

    Hi Friends, The system is at kernel patch 75,so I was applying the kernel patches by extracting the .SAR files into the /usr/sap/ 4 ETW000 R3trans was called as follows: R3trans -x 4 ETW000  trace at level 2 opened for a given file pointer 4 ETW000 

  • Problem related to SAPCARNovember 30

    Dear Friends, I am trying to update my brtools patch level.I download DBATL640O92_48-20000198.SAR file .but when i am trying to extract this file ,i get a message + FORMAT ERROR IN HEADER+ After that i update my SAPCAR tool, than it gives an error pr

  • Spacar error says format error in headerNovember 30

    Hello , I was executing the command sapcar -xvf K-1507DINSTPL.SAR I get an error saying there is a format error in header. What do I do. Thanks DruvaHi Debasis & Vamsi, Thank you for the help and suggestions. I just had a look at the thread after sol

  • Installtion errorNovember 30

    Hi, I am trying to install NW 7.3 standard system mode.  In the process i faced one problem C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\sapinst_exe.684.1322216717\SAPCAR.exe -x -v -i -f "G:\NetWeaver 7.3 Extract\NW 7.3 Kernel, Inst.Master, Upgr.Master WIN

  • SAPinst using root dir whec sapcar extracting files - hp-uxNovember 30

    I've been doing lots of hp.ux+oracle installations, but I'm facing a new problem. Im running sapinst and using and x-server for it.   The thing is that i'm receiving this error in step 4 of installation:  SAPCAR: error writing to /usr/sap/DEV/SYS/exe

  • WILY_IS_EM10_0-20007494.SAR (error 5).November 30

    Hello colleagues, I have the version SAPCAR new and download the Willy. SAR for installation, when extract the file i have this error, C:\Temp\ff>SAPCAR_315-20010453.exe -xvf WILY_IS_EM10_0-20007494.SAR SAPCAR: processing archive WILY_IS_EM10_0-20007

  • SAPCAR wrong version!November 30

    Hi all, I get SAPCAR error: "format error in header" - You need a new SAPCAR version" when i try to Load Package from frontend in SAINTr I understand i have to get the new sapcar.exe, but where should i put it? There's a lot of sapcar.exe i

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