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  • Disadvantages of SAP-REMNovember 30

    Dear All, I have seen many cases where REM would be the best fit but still people go for either Production or Process Order scenario. They may keep 1 Order per month & do posting in it. I wanted to know, Is there any perticular reason because of whic

  • Regarding SAP REMNovember 30

    Hi , Whenever I run a REm complete cycle from backflush to order settlement,there is change in the material price in Material master costing view 2. Why this is happening please explain in detail. Secondly i want to track the variance. How to find th

  • REM process flow for food manufacturing.October 11

    Hallo, I want to know what is the process flow in SAP REM  for food manufacturing compony? Thx Nikam.D.ADear Dev, Check these links for the REM flow along with the T Codes, Repetitive Manufacturing REM Cycle.......... Regards Mangalraj.SRead other 3

  • BOM consumption workcentrewise in REM scenarioNovember 30

    Dear Gurus, Can system be configured like based on stage of the Product-workcentre wise BOM consumption can be made? As of now we have final back flushing at the final reporting point. This requirement had been raised as we practice MES & data is req

  • Automatic Process order settllementNovember 30

    Hi all, Client has a strong requirement of Moving average price for the In house manufacturing materials. We have also shown the SAP note" Disadvantages of having moving avg price for the FG", but not convinced. They have taken a final call to g

  • Discrete vs Process vs Repetitive?November 30

    Can some one explain the difference between Discrete, Process, Repetitive process. Can we implement all the three process in the same plant??Hi George, Find below the documentation from SAP: REM You can implement Repetitive Manufacturing if the follo

  • SAP R/3 and SAP Netweaver: changes, advantages and disadvantagesOctober 11

    Hello, i am interested in SAP R/3 and SAP Netweaver. Are there existing articles which describe in detail the architecture of both systems and improvements of the new system. I want to know which changes the developers made an why they did it? What a

  • ARIBA Integration with SAP (based in iDoc interchange) with deviating "remit-to" addresses for incoming vendor invoicesOctober 11

    Hi, We are currently trying to implement our ARIBA interface for incoming vendor invoices (purchase order based invoice verifiction) and facing currently some major challanges of a business requirements to interface alternative "payment remit to"

  • What are the advantages of using SAP PP-REM?????November 30

    Hi, Can anybody tell me the advantage of using Repetitive Manufacturing. How it will help a particular industry if implemented. I want to know advantages involved in Planning (MRP, Capacity),  Product Cost Controlling, WIP calculation, variance Calcu

  • Disadvantage of Smartform and Advantages of SAP scriptNovember 30

    Good day Gurus.,, Can anyone please tell me the Advantages of SAP Script over Smartforms and Disadvantages of Smartforms over SAP script. Also is there any special scenario where only sapscript could be used but not Smartforms. Please enlighten me...

  • Advantages & disadvantages to import a CR (.rpt) to directly BOE or SAP BWNovember 30

    Hi all, I am analyzing the best method to import crystal report (.rpt) in BOE. 1) What are advantages and disadvantages to import a crystal report (.rpt) to directly in BOE ? 2) What are advantages and disadvantages to import a crystal report (.rpt)

  • Disadvantages of SAP Transaction iViewNovember 30

    Hi Experts, Please let me know what are the disadvantages of SAP Transaction iView? Thanks & Regards, Palaniappan AHello Palani, I agree... It depends on the business requirement. For instance, there are cases where organizations don't want to take t

  • SAP to 3rd party: EDI and XI: Needed advantages and disadvantagesOctober 11

    HI All, I have a requirement to sent PO data from SAP to 3rd party Vendors.(more than 30 vendors). Client insists on using EDI.!! I have completed the config on SAP R/3 side and IDOCS are created in SAP R/3. Since we have XI in the landscape, I have

  • Advantage and disadvantages of SAP IDM & Microsoft Identity management ToolNovember 30

    Hi Folks, I am looking some points on SAP IDM and Microsoft tool for Identity Management. I am looking below mention points. 1. Difference in the feature and prize. 2. Limitation 3. Solution architecture for both Relevant answers will be rewarded. Re

  • SAP BO advantages/disadvantagesNovember 30

    Hi, should you please summarize to me advantages and disadvanteges in using SAP BO and not BW?what are the main differences between the two softwares? thanx a lotI think The BW and BO integration can be done using SAP netweaver technology because bot

  • Cin settings relates sap sdNovember 30

    hello sap guru's Can any one please help me? Related CIN settings in SAP SD. In my business process have factory and export under bond pricing procedure.Hi, CIN determines taxes based on the chapter-id of the material. There are 2 levels for rate det

  • BODS 3.1 : SAP R/3 data extraction -What is the difference in 2 dataflows?October 11

    Hi. Can anyone advise as to what is the difference  in using the data extraction flow for extracting Data from SAP R/3 ? 1)DF1 >> SAPR/3 (R3/Table -query transformation-dat file) >>query transformation >> target This ABAP flow generates

  • SAP ECC 5.0 after installation does not start.October 11

    I have installated ECC 5.0 - ABAP Stack in my PC which has 1 GB of RAM and enough hard disk resource. when i start SAP system from MMC it starts and then shuts down after some time. all my work process die one by one. i have attached the dev_disp fil

  • SAP GoLive : File System Response Times and Online Redologs designOctober 11

    Hello, A SAP Going Live Verification session has just been performed on our SAP Production environnement. SAP ECC6 Oracle Solaris 10 As usual, we received database configuration instructions, but I'm a little bit skeptical about two of them

  • What is the diffrence between sap events and application eventsOctober 11

    Hi all, what is the diffrence between sap events and application events.Can any one tell me with examples. regards,Hi, Look at this, <b>System Events (Default)</b> The event is passed to the application server, but does not trigger the PAI. If

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