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  • Adding Data to the database for SAP TransactionsOctober 11

    Hi I'm new to the whole ABAP. I would like to enquire about adding transaction data in SAP through ABAP but it must be immediate. I know that one can use a BAPI to add data and can rollback if any problems occur. But if no BAPI exists how does one wr

  • What are the major process to transfer the data from legacy to sap system.October 11

    What are the major process to transfer the data from legacy to sap system using BDC at Real Time only?hi, BATCH DATA COMMUNICATION main methods are: 1. SESSION METHOD 2. CALL TRANSACTION 3. DIRECT INPUT Advantages offered by BATCH INPUT method: 1. Ca

  • Need help in transferring data from flatfiles to SAP R/3 tablesOctober 11

    Hi, I need to *transfer data in the flatfiles (NON SAP SYSTEM) to SAP R/3 tables*. Can we do it with a help of program ? Please help me out Thanks and regards, Shiva shekar kHi Shiva,     This code will be helpful to you. *Code used to create BDC *&

  • Data transfer from sap r/3 into excel sheet for mi01October 11

    hi gurus,    as i  am a xi consultant i got requirement to write a program for data transfer from sap r/3 into excel sheet for MI01.can any body help me by giving sample code or example for this requirement.please help me.Hi Rohit, This is an upload

  • SAP r/3 flat file upload for KP26October 11

    Hi all, Any help would be appreciated. I am uploading data for SAP transaction KP26 from a flat file. The structure file requires a BDC_OKCODE.  What is the code for the Screen Overview button (F5) ? If nobody knows, could you tell me how to find thi

  • Download Data From Excel - VBA Code to SAP Using BDCOctober 11

    Hi , I am Sudhir Dure, working with Satyam Computers. I need help on the below query: I have an excel file which download data from Excel to SAP using RFC function & with the help of VBA interface. In this VBA code I have used BDC recording of SAP Tr

  • Upload Massive Employee Photo into SAP - Archive link - SAP ECC 6.0November 30

    Dear all, I try to insert the employees photo in Archive Link (release 46). I write a massive report to do a batch input, but I cannot insert the path and the name of the picture. Because the BTC don't memory the "call method cl_gui_frontend_services

  • How to clear/free SAP memoryNovember 30

    Hi All, How can i make sap memory free. Actually i am doing a BDC program where i am generating personnel no through PA40. My requrirement is to clear personnel no in each loop pass of the BDC transaction so that a fresh personnel no gets generated a

  • LSMW - cannot be run in background since recent SAP NotesNovember 30

    Hi Sorry if this needs to be moved as not really S&A. We are on a 4.6C R3 system and are in the process of importing Basis Support Package 61 SAPKB46C61 and I now seem to have lost the ability to run an LSMW in background - the thing runs but does no

  • Upload Employee Photo into SAPNovember 30

    Hi, Due to employee photo is stored as ArchiveLink and I tried to upload it by LSMW, but it doesn't work. I was wordering that, the document that stored in ArchiveLink can be uploaded by LSMW or not. Has anyone used to upload employee's photo into SA

  • Query related to alv grid and sap scriptNovember 30

    Hi All, I have a requirement where i should read the values which are selected on the alv grid list output and those values i need to display on the script(layout). Help me out guru's its an urgency... thanks in advance . regards ravi ganjiHi Ravi, I

  • For uploading master data(ex:customer data) into sap,November 30

    hi for uploading master data(ex:customer data) into sap, which methods you prefer? call transaction/session/lsmw/bapi? why? Thanks RamaHello, Check this: COde: REPORT zprataptable2        NO STANDARD PAGE HEADING LINE-SIZE 255. DATA : BEGIN OF itab O

  • Populating BDC_OKCODE from Z ProgramNovember 30

    In a Z program I wrote I am updating FB01 (bgr00, bbkpf, bbseg)  using SAP program RFBIBL00.  It processes fine but when I go into SM35 to process the records written I have to enter a BDC_OKCODE for every record written.  This will take too long for

  • XL to SAPNovember 30

    how to upload excel file into sap plz send me the code Regards, krishnahope it will help you. <REMOVED BY MODERATOR> BATCH DATA COMMUNICATION About Data Transfer In R/3 System When a company decides to implement the SAP R/3 to manage business-critic

  • SAPScript, BDCs(SAP-ABAP)November 30

    Hi Friends,     Could you please send me one good example of Print Program, script form layout and one conversion program(BDC) using standard batch input method. Please treat it as urgent. Useful answers ontime will be rewarded. Please send the reply

  • SAP message LogOctober 11

    Does SAP maintain log of all the messages displayed on screen using MESSAGE statement? We are investigating a problem and want to see the messages displayed by SAP during the time when problem occured.We have custom development for picking and confir

  • Rendering xml-table into logical filename in SAP R/3October 11

    Hi, I am trying to translate an xml-table with bytes into a logical filepath in SAP R3. Do I have to use the method gui-download or shall I loop the internal xml-table? When I tried to loop the xml-table into a structure, and then transfering the str

  • Manual de Integracao v300-2009-03-16 - SAP 4.7 SP30 preparado para NF-e?October 11

    Boa tarde, Estou iniciando um projeto de implementação de MP135 + NF-e + SPED na versão 4.7 do SAP, este ambiente encontra-se atualizado com o SP30. Gostaria de saber se é possível configurar a NF-e com base no novo layout definido no "novo" man

  • Perfis de Usuários do SAP R/3, GRC e PIOctober 11

    Pessoal, Estou iniciando um projeto de NF-e (com B2B) em um novo cliente e estão solicitando todos os perfis de usuários para criação dos mesmos, alguém já passou por isso e poderia ajudar? basicamento serão para os usuários: - De Comunicação entre R

  • Inutilização de uma nfe com mensageria não sapOctober 11

    Prezados Colegas, Gostaria de solicitar uma preciosa ajuda de vocês. Estou em um projeto de implementação, utilizando a solução SAP para NF-e, porém com uma mensageria NÃO-SAP que o cliente já utiliza hoje. Preciso entender como funciona o seguinte c

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