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  • How to improve performance of a game in samsung mobileOctober 11

    hi, I have developed a game which i am trying to port to various handsets, its works fine for nokia, sony,motorola. But it is giving problems when i run with samsung emulator. the game became very slow when i tried running it in samsung emulator and

  • How to install shockwave in samsung mobile phone?November 30

    how to install shockwave in samsung mobile phone? http://helorigrahasarana.blogspot.com/deafmonche wrote: how to install shockwave in samsung mobile phone? You don't. There is no more Flash Player for Android and there won't be another. Android is no

  • Samsung mobile black friday site broke my Safari Browser with email linkNovember 30

    I went to view their Black Friday deals in an email and now their mobile site is asking for a password each time I open Safari. I can't even close the window or press cancel . If I press cancel Samsung mobile site just asks me for a password again. N


    I HAVE MY PRINTER SAMSUNG SCX-3405FW.SAMSUNG MOBILE PRINTER APPLICATION TO BE ADDED AS AN EMERGENCY, YOU'RE WELCOMEHello, We appreciate your post. Please note that this forum is for Windows Store and Phone developer related questions. I would suggest

  • Hi. I m facing a problem in pairing my samsung mobile via blutooth. I have iPad miniNovember 30

    Hi. I m facing a problem in pairing my samsung mobile via blutooth. I have iPad miniThanks for that. Could you also suggest an application which I can install and enable to connect to any android phone via Bluetooth. Thanks in advanceRead other 3 ans

  • Can i use my airport express to get wi fi access for my samsung mobile?November 30

    can i use my airport express to get wi fi access for my samsung mobile..if yes, how?If your Samsung mobile phone is Wi-Fi ready, you can use the AirPort Express or any other wireless router or wireless access point to provide a Wi-Fi network for it t

  • Printing from Samsung mobile phone (Android)November 30

    Hello....  How do I register another device such as Samsung mobile phone.. I was told when buying this printer that it could print from alternative devices if I set it up with a wireless connection... My printer is the HP Deskjet 2540/2544 all in one

  • Connecting Samsung mobile to MacOctober 11

    Hello, Wasn't sure where to post this as it's a long shot but does anyone know how we can connect my sons new Samsung monte mobile to one of our macs, the software supplied is Windows only & we have no pc's. We have I phones but i didn't want to buy

  • Connect Bluetooth with Samsung mobile phone headset?October 11

    I'm making a movie in Garageband and using the iMac internal speaker for recording my voice. I have a Samsung Bluetooth device I use with my mobile phone and I thought the sound would be better. I can't seem to get it to connect with my Mac. I have b

  • Firefox can't play Boost Mobile ringtones without a supposed "ActiveX" script, what kind of script do I need?October 11

    When I go to the Boost Mobile website and try to listen to ringtones there it directs me to a website to download a type of ActiveX script/plugin for Firefox. Well, the latest version is for Firefox 1.5, which is long gone. I'm not sure what kind of

  • Samsung  Mobile Phone SPH-a640 Camera Bluetooth photo transferNovember 30

    What h/w is needed to transfer photos via Bluetooth from a Samsung Camera/phone SPH-a640 to my eMac running 10.4.8?This, I'm afraid, is not a Mac solution, but it does seem to work. Using Parallels, a USB cable that I bought on eBay, and Windows, I w

  • Sync with Samsung mobile phonesNovember 30

    Hi. My account name is Lambo. I have iMac. But too I have Samsung X700 mobile phone. This summer I will bought Samsung i750. But I have one problem. I cannot connect my phone with my Mac. I respect all Apple Inc. I know that you are very happy becaus

  • PlatformRequest issues with Siemens/Samsung mobilesNovember 30

    Hi - I'm making an application for mobile phones allowing the user to dial a number from the phone. I've used: String number = "123"; platformRequest("tel:" + number); (the class 'this' extends MIDlet) This works on a Siemens emulator

  • How do i download audio from my samsung mobile phone to my mac?October 11

    I don t know how to download audios from my samsung phone to my Apple pc Thank you for your adviceThe old phone is a Samsung Android Galaxy SRead other 2 answers

  • Error : test game on samsung mobile E730November 30

    I programed a game and it played good in Emulator but when it ran in samsung E730,it had error : The application has unexpectedly quit contact the application provider to resolve the issue. I dont know how to do .Somebody helps me !That means Created

  • Samsung mobile hotspotNovember 30

    My Samsung hotspot turns on spontaneously and drains the battery.  No on off switch.  Is there a solution?Hi StevenP,  It's important to keep the connection with your WiFi device. I have some troubleshooting steps for you, to resolve this issue.  Ple

  • Samsung Charge:  ringtone notification not working for emailNovember 30

    I have had my Charge for about a month, and really like it.  However, I cannot get a ringtone notification to work for email.  I've followed the steps in guide- what suggestions do you have?  Thanks.We can help you resolve your ringtone concerns. We

  • Skype for Samsung mobile phoneNovember 30

    How can I, or can I, get Skype on my Samsung SCH-u370 phone?I wish to use skype on c3312.plz give solution. Is IM + Pro the only way its too slow.Read other 10 answers

  • SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. - Other hardware - SAMSUNG Mobile USB Composite Device - FailedNovember 30

    Hello, I am having a problem connecting samsung note 3 , keeps coming up with mtp driver failed. I have tried to update driver with no luck, any help would be helpful.Ken-hobo, welcome to the forum. What are you trying to connect to?  Whatever it is

  • Ac3 dts audio not working in my iphone but it works in my friends samsung mobile?pls help me.October 11

    Iam using o player... Ac3 dts audio not working msg showingSettings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings Contact the carrier.Read other 2 answers

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