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safari 5 lags during startup

  • Safari 5 lags on favorite sitesNovember 30

    suddenly safari is lagging on some of my favorite sites after WWW:. I have to retry several times and then get the "cannot connect to the server" screen and then reload the site and it usually works. this is very frustrating. I have cleaned the

  • Since last Update Safari randomly crashes at startupNovember 30

    Hello there Since the last month or so (I guess since the last software update! But only a guess) Safari has developed the unfortunate habit of crashing every 10th-20th launch. It only happens when I start Safari – when it's running it's stable like

  • Safari crashes immediately upon startupNovember 30

    For some time now my Safari crashes immediately upon startup. I already tried to remove plugins etc. but no succes. See crash report below: Process:         Safari [308] Path:            /Applications/Browsers/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari Identif

  • Is anyone experiencing Safari lagging upon startup in Windows 7?November 30

    I consistantly will have Safari take at least 58 seconds to startup then another 10 to load the first page.  Is this normal?  I'm using Windows 7 and Safari 5.1.7.I know Safari a little and 5.1 can come to its knees easily and repeatedly. At first I

  • Safari 3 lagging something horribleNovember 30

    Safari 3 (Version 3.0.4 (523.12)) does one very weird thing on my computer (10.4.11 / 12" Powerbook). It has frequent "micro lags" where the entire app will lag for about .33 to .5 seconds in the middle of something. It might be typing (the

  • Typing speed on mail and safari - typing lagging by a few secondsNovember 30

    My wifes 3 year old macbook pro is having problems keeping up with here typing speed. Its not thats she is fast but its that mail and safari are very slow. The text showing on the screen is lagging by about 3 seconds which is causing problems. The pr

  • Safari keeps crashing on startup - help please!October 11

    Safari is continuously crashing on startup; I have no web on my iPhone 4! I have tried the basics, restarting, two-finger 'hard restart', clearing all of the Safari settings caches, clearing out some space. I have not tried restoring/resyncing (R/R).

  • Safari keeps crashing on startupOctober 11

    Okay.. I have kind of a problem with Safari: It keeps crashing on startup. I had Safari 4 Beta installed which worked perfect until about a month ago, it started crashing more often until a few hours ago. It started crashing on startup. So I went bac

  • Safari 6 crashes on startupNovember 30

    My Safari 6 browser keep crashing on startup. I am running Mac OS X 10.7.4. Here is the problem report log from Safari. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Process:         Safari [464] Path:            /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS

  • Safari started lagging really badNovember 30

    I have a 2013 Macbook Air with Mountain Lion and while it had been running flawlessly since the day I bought it, a few days ago it started lagging really, REALLY bad. I've been able to narrow down the problem and now I'm 99% positive Safari is the cu

  • Safari opens at login & startup.November 30

    Only on my main user's profile, but the user's startup items does not have the Safari checked to open. This has been happening for month's but as I rarely shut down the system I have allowed this to continue. I have emptied caches, reset Safari, toss

  • Replica sync lag during startupNovember 30

    Hello, We are using BDB 4.7.25 and a Master/Slave replication configuration with 1 Master(replication priority 100) and 2 Slaves(replication priority 0). During my test if for some reason the Slave was down and there were lots of changes happened on

  • Safari Hangup Lags Entire OS!November 30

    Sometimes Safari will begin to hang up when loading a page, or make a connection with a page. When it does this I get the "spinning beach ball", which is normal. But not only does Safari become unusable, the ENTIRE OS LAGS! Expose becomes Extrem

  • Safari constantly crashes at startup, itunes bounces won't openOctober 11

    Don't know if problems are related, hopeing someone can decipher crash log and offer some tips. Have already done archived and clean install but nothing works for Itunes. Date/Time: 2007-07-30 10:56:30.569 -0400 OS Version: 10.4.10 (Build 8R218) Repo

  • Safari quits unexpetedly on startup after having to do a "Recovery" from Time Machine backupOctober 11

    I had to do a "recovery" from Time Machine backup and since Safari will quit unexpectedly every time and I have to use Firefox. The must do "recovery" came about because the system was hanging with the gearbox spinning and never starti

  • Safari quits unexpectedly on startupOctober 11

    I ran the Adobe update today and since then I am unable to start Safari,  I uninstlled Safari from save mode but still no luck.  Here is the message I get: Process:         Safari [466]  Path:            /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari

  • Mac 10.4.11 safari crashes immediately upon startupNovember 30

    When I start safari it crashes right away and gives me the quit unexpectedly message. I have done the updates, but nothing...any ideasDear Emmel, I don't mean to be frivolous, for I know that sinking feeling; but 'quit unexpectedly' means the program

  • Safari 5 crashes at startupNovember 30

    After I installed Safari 5 update, it doesn't work. This is the crash log: Process: Safari [6478] Path: /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari Identifier: com.apple.Safari Version: 5.0 (5533.16) Build Info: WebBrowser-75331600~3 Code Type: X8

  • Safari crash everytime at startupNovember 30

    Every time I click on the safari icon, it crashes. Date/Time: 2007-12-26 17:04:07.514 +0800 OS Version: 10.4.11 (Build 8S2167) Report Version: 4 Command: Safari Path: /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari Parent: WindowServer [76] Version: 3

  • Safari 5 crashes on startup for network usersNovember 30

    When I try to start Safari after upgrading to ver 5, while logged in as a network user, Safari crashes with the following crash report. Safari runs fine if logged in as the local machine admin. Process: Safari [150] Path: /Applications/Safari.app/Con

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