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  • S920 error in system updateNovember 30

    HiI am using S920 phone with Android Version 4.4.2, Baseband version S920.ROW.V104.2014/07/22 When i download system upgrade, and click to upgrade now, it gets into upgrade mode and displays error message. Also, it has stopped reading external memory

  • S920 bricked. Can it be recovered?November 30

    Hi guys, I'm based in Europe and tried to replace the Sock VIBEROM on my S920 with the ROW ROM. Unfortunately I bricked my S920 in the process. Can someone please help to get the S920 back to the Stock ROM state? I'd hate to bin this fantastic phone!

  • View data in one rowOctober 11

    Hi, guys I have a table filled in this way and I can't modify the data inside: F1 F2 F3 F4 1 A null null 1 null B null 1 null null C 2 D null null 2 null E null 2 null null F 3 G null null 3 null H null 3 null null I Is there a way to see the data in

  • Refresh Dlookup data in the active row of a datasheet after modifying dataOctober 11

    Difficult to explain - so I will give you my scenario -I have three tables Student, Home Room and Teacher - the Student is linked to a home room and the home room is linked to the Teacher. In my form using Student, I show the student, the home room a

  • Javascript  - is there something like an "active row count" property??October 11

    Lets say I have a tabular form. Every time I use the form, the # of rows returned by the query will vary. Maybe first time I go to the page, the select statement returns only 5 rows, but the next day it returns 25 rows. Is there some type of system v

  • Quantity fields not getting displayed in the second total rowOctober 11

    Hi, As per the requirement I have to display 2 total rows for an ALV report using CL_GUI_ALV_GRID. I am able to get the first total row properly using method get_subtotal(). However for the next total row only the character fields are getting display

  • Method all values from rowOctober 11

    Hi, Is there a method that get the all the values of a row? I've gone through the java api but didn't found one, but wanted to be sure. If not I'll have to do getValueAt for every column? GrtzHere is one possible implementation using RowTableModel (a

  • Sales quote layout rows doubled in crystal report layoutOctober 11

    Dear All, Sales quote layout rows doubled in crystal report layout. In sales quote layout the rows are doubled. Even in the standard layout. If the quote contains only two rows. Then it is doubled as 4 rows in the crystal report layout. It is happeni

  • Single row in alv reportOctober 11

    Hi experts... I want single row in alv report. I have use loop for fatch data into internal table using loop when i am passing data in alv report then the data comes according loop. i want onlu one data in alv row. how can i do such, plz help me.decl

  • Field should not display in the subtotal row in ALV report after sorting .October 11

    we have a requirement, after sorting and subtotaling, the output in ALV is - vbeln        amount1  amount2  amount3 123           11              12            13 123           12             13             14 123           23             25         

  • Discoverer Report Row TotalOctober 11

    We are running Oracle BI Discoverer Viewer version When we upgraded to this version we lost some functionality. In the previous version the report displayed the number of rows the query returned. Now the row totals display only under cert

  • Classic report - Condition evaluated for every rowOctober 11

    APEX 4.2.2 I am seeing something strange in a classic report region. A report started to fail at run-time with a strange error about bad syntax. When I run the page in debug mode, I see the following print column headings rows loop: 30 row(s) ...Exec

  • Opening and Closing values on two separate rows for an indvidual A/c?October 11

    Hi / Salam To all SAP Members, I am creating a COGS report in which i need to show opening and closing values for a stock account in two separate rows. The tool i am using is report painter. What i need to know is how can the system identify between

  • How to get multiple records in one row and different columnOctober 11

    Hi All, I am using oracle database 11g and i have a two tables table_1, table_2 table_1 having columns emp_no first_name middle_name last_name email and table_2 having columns emp_no phone_type phone_number and having entires emp_no phone_type phone_

  • How I can display the values in one row when they come from the same columOctober 11

    This query SELECT sorints_ints_code FROM saturn.sorints a, connman.cc_adm_prospect_master WHERE sorints_ints_code like 'Z%' and sorints_pidm = prospect_pidm give me the results of ZA ZB ZC I want to use this query in a cursor to update a column in an

  • How can I display "detailStamp" facet selectively for rows in a table ?October 11

    Hi, My JDEV version is Studio Edition Version I am trying to display "detailStamp" facet selectively . If I read api in link below http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26098_01/apirefs.1112/e17488/oracle/adf/view/rich/component/rich/data/RichTa

  • How To Restrict Number Of Rows For Multiple Group In Report OutputOctober 11

    Hi , I have a requirement to restrict number of rows in report output.I have three different group , if i use same no of rows to restrict then output is as expected but if i want Deduction group should have 7 rows , earning should have 5 rows and Tax

  • Multiple database members in a single Grid RowOctober 11

    Hi All, I have created an FR report (9.3x) and getting the below error while trying to run the report via Web Preview. 5217: Error Processing Results;hasPovDims=1;povXML=<?xml version="1.0"?><datasources><datasource name="FIN

  • How to delete the row in table control with respect to one field in module pool programming?October 11

    Hi, Can I know the way to delete the row in table control with respect to one field in module pool programming Regards Darshan MSHI, I want to delete the row after the display of table control. I have created push button as delete row. If I click on

  • View a single table-row as multiple rows in a GridControlOctober 11

    Hi, is it possible to distribute the entries of a single row of a table/RowSetInfo over multiple lines of a GridControl? I've seen an example on the Internet (http://www2.gol.com/users/tame/swing/examples/JTableExamples4.html) which does this without

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