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s510p is. not going start,how can I do

  • How can i get Miracast/widi to work on my S510p touchNovember 30

    I have installed Intel WiDi software from Lenovos site for drivers & dovnloads for S510p touch and the drivers for the network adapter. But i get en arror saying that my network adapter is not valid. There is a compabillity problem. Does anyone know

  • Ideapad S510p USB 3.0 driver malfunctioning with Windows 7 64bitsNovember 30

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad S510p , with a Ci7 Cpu preinstalled. I installed Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate, everything worked properly except for the USB 3.0 driver When inserting a USB device, it does not work until the laptop is restarted. I removed the dr

  • Frequent and unpredictable BSOD Ideapad S510p Touch Windows 8.1 64 bitNovember 30

    HELP! My Ideapad S510p has accrued over 10 BSODs over the past 2 weeks. It is totally random, not due to putting it in sleep mode, and apparently is caused by a failure in the ntoskrnl.exe and usbehci.sys. I have tried looking for malfunctioning devi

  • Lenovo S510P restarts after shutting downNovember 30

    This problem is not the natural OS problem where an application resists the machine from shutting down and hence the machine restarts... This is differemt.. I had posted on this community earlier too, but no one seems interested to reply to my post..

  • Windows 7 Combo Jack Realtek driver problem s510pNovember 30

    I'm running Windows 7 on an Ideapad s510p, but the realtek drivers (downloaded from the s510p downloads page) sees one audio input, but thinks it is a headphone out only: There were a couple of topics with kind of similar problems like this where peo

  • Edit webcam settings S510pNovember 30

    Hi everyone! First post here.  Just got the Ideapad S510p. I was using the webcam and noticed that the colors are somewhat darker and gives a kind of "tanned" look to my face. I know this isn't the natural color as I've worked with and used many

  • My Lenovo S510P Restarts every time i ShutdownNovember 30

    I have a lenovo S510P DOS with 8GB RAM(extended), and have 64-bit windows 7 installed. Occasionally, when i shutdown the laptop by regular routine, after shutting down completely it restarts again. This is happening since last 4 months when i bought

  • Ideapad S510p touch partsNovember 30

    Couple months ago I purchased my new laptop, so far it's worked great, just getting use to Windows 8 is a bit tough. I frequently take my laptop to locations that have no power outlets available and so have to rely on the battery, typically I'm worki

  • Ideapad S510p touch - Battery dischargin​g too fastNovember 30

    Hello everyone, I have an Ideapad S510p touch Notebook that i bought just last year.But now since the past 1 or 2 weeks i have noticed that my laptop's battery is getting discharged really fast.Could someone please help me with this. Thanks a lot Sol

  • S510P Touch wont startNovember 30

    Hello, I recently bought a Lenovo Ideapad S510P Touch. It has stopped working as the screen wont power up. When i turn it on, a blank screen is what i see. I have tried using a HDMI cable and projecting the images to no avail. I have also pressed the

  • Bluetooth problem in ideapad s510pNovember 30

    i have lenovo ideapad s510p , i download win7 but when i try to send file via bluetooth i cant find devices ,bluetooth is turned on an i see this message ,,please help me to solve this propleme. Solved! Go to Solution.Hi Mema2020, Thank you for reply

  • Dolby Advanced Audio v2 drivers for ideapad S510p requiredNovember 30

    Hi I have an ideapad S510p laptop, which was sent to lenovo service to fix my keyboard.I have the laptop working fine now. However, I am not able to find Dolby Advanced Audio v2 drivers for ideapad S510p.Please help me with the driver files for Dolby

  • S510p bluetooth not recognizing other devicesNovember 30

    hiii....my lenovo s510p is unable to recognize other bluetooth deices for sending or recieving files I tried reinstalling bluetooth drivers from lenovo website but this problem is not solved. PLZZ try to help me.......Satellite C850-1LQ According to

  • S510p Touch and driver updates?November 30

    All, My wife bought me a Lenovo Ideapad S510p Touch for Christmas.   Seems like a pretty nice laptop so far (still getting used to Windows 8 and having a keyboard with a full number pad!).  We've had HP and Dell PCs before and both of those manufactu

  • Ideapad S510p Screen Brightness FluctuatesNovember 30

    Hi 2 weeks before I brought a Lenovo Ideapad S510p. I installed Windows 8.1 and all available latest drivers from lenovo website. But a peculiar problem I am facing is the screen brightness doesn't stick constant. Sometimes it dims. When I again chan

  • Ideapad S510p Audio JackNovember 30

    I got a Ideapad S510p Touchscreen laptop. It has one combo (mic+speaker) audio jack on its left side. When I insert a 3.5 mm, it does not go in even after a little bit of force. Do i have to buy a smaller one? Can you please tell me exactly what to b

  • Ideapad s510P Battery Indicator problemNovember 30

    hi  Its been around a months since i got and have been using this laptop .  Recently i noticed the Battery life indicator isnt working properly .  it gives the wrong time remaining left . .  for eg at 83 % it says 2hr 30 mins remaning when i have a b

  • Lenovo S510p waking up issueNovember 30

    Hi, I having a Lenovo S510p laptop, having no issue with starting the laptop, for example, morning enter for work with the laptop is ok, but when come to lunch time, the laptop is at idle mode, then come back from lunch, i will be having this issue a

  • S510p dc jack not covered in warranty?November 30

    My laptop,S510p had its DC Jack broken.It didnt fall down,nor did it have any accident. I gave it to the lenovo service centre,and they put the blame on me and are asking me to pay a huge amount(around 150$) just for a jack My question is,are they ri

  • Ideapad s510p drviver problem Win7November 30

    Hello all. I have Lenovo computer IdeaPad S510p with Intel Celeron 2955U and Windows 7. I got error in device manager about drivers USB and PCI. I try to find drivers for win 7 but with no luck and drivers for win8 dont fix the errors. I also tried d

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