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s3 keeps freezing after factory reset

  • Freezing while factory reseting iphone 4November 30

    I am trying to factory reset my iphone 4, but when i do so it simply comes up with the apple logo along with a loading bar. It just stays on this and does nothing for hours? how do i reset itCan you tell us more about what steps you are taking to fac

  • IPad constantly glitching/freezing/crashing/parts of screen unresponsive - time for a factory reset OR a trip to the Apple store???October 11

    iPad constantly glitching/freezing/crashing/parts of screen unresponsive - time for a factory reset OR a trip to the Apple store??? My son has nothing but problems with his iPad Mini.  It is less than a year old and it constantly freezes/crashes/glit

  • Freezes during "starting windows" message even after factory reset.November 30

    I've gone through diagnostic tests and they've shown it wasn't a hardware error. After a failed update to windows 10 my computer rolled back to windows 7. After the rollback when attempting to boot win 7 It froze and hung on the starting windows scre

  • My ipad keeps freezing. I've factory reset and it still freezesNovember 30

    my ipad keeps freezing. I've factory reset and it still freezesSo you did a restore on the device?  Any particular action associated with the "freeze"?Read other 2 answers

  • Apple TV freezes and got worse after factory resetNovember 30

    My ATV is a 4-year-old 1st generation.  Last night, it has started freezing frequently while watching the show on Podcast.  I checked the similar cases on the form and tried disconnecting everything and restarting after the device got completely cool

  • Notebook freezes CONSTANTLY even after factory resetNovember 30

    I have a dv7 that was having issues with the nVIDIA graphics card drivers giving an error message that said that they stopped responding and recovered. I tried uninstalling the drivers then going to nVIDIA to get the drivers and installing them and i

  • YOGA 10 freeze - factory reset not workingNovember 30

    I have my YOGA 10 tablet for two weeks and today the Lenovo logo is on the screen. I followed the factory reset still only the logo appearing. I selected Factory Reboot Then selected clear memory however when selected reboot just the Lenovo logo and

  • I have 3X YOGA 10 freeze - factory reset not workingNovember 30

    I bought 3 lenovo yoga B8000-F 10 January 2014 none of them work. it is frozen on the logo LENOVO. recovery factory reset not possibleLenovo Phone Support are suggesting I take it back to the shop where I bought it (was on vacation interstate in Aust

  • Factory reset caused iPod to freezeNovember 30

    So I recently had an app start crashing on me, and I was told by the support people for said app that it was something with my iPod and to do a factory reset asap. So I started one tonight. It sat there for a good ten minutes and just had the circle

  • I need a factory reset to my laptopOctober 11

    HP Pavilion dv6t-6100 CTO Quad Edition Entertainment Notebook PC LM336AAR win 7 home premium genuine MY PROblem is regarding recovery. I created a recovery in my usb with the help of hp recovery manager. Now how to recover to factory reset using this

  • I've deleted videos, and then did a factory reset and had to set up as new. Is it possible to get my videos back?October 11

    Yeah so I previously deleted videos and recently had to do a factory reset because the phone was freezing on me.  I hadn't ever backup up my phone, so is there any way to retrieve the videos? Anything is possible. Some things. like recovering those v

  • My LG Optimus Zone is having software issues and I can't access the Recovery Menu for a Factory ResetNovember 30

    My LG Optimus Zone is having software issues and I can't access the Recovery Menu for a Factory Reset. It was working fine until I went to activate it and update the PRL. It turns on, but Freezes on the LG Logo. it currently goes into the LG Download

  • What happens to Data drive (D:) when I do a factory reset/recovery?November 30

    Hi, I have an HP Pavillion DX6650ca notebook which has been freezing and slow for the past few months.  I was thinking a factory reset/recovery would solve my issues.  My computer has an OS (C drive, a Recovery (E drive and a Data (D drive.  I'm wond

  • Can't activate prepaid phone after factory resetNovember 30

    My prepaid galaxy legend was recently acting really weird, being super slow, and freezing. So I decided to do a factory reset, well after I selected to do the factory reset and it reset and everything it froze when it got to the Verizon logo screen w

  • Bravia KDL-40s5100 unable to factory resetNovember 30

     HDMI cable is attached to HDMI-1.  Screen frozen on HDMI-1 no signal.  Reset TV to factory reset settings.    Goes into auto channel serch, analog and digital, and completes.  Did not find analog or digital channels.  I push the setup button, the sc

  • My phone is frozen during factory resetNovember 30

    my phone froze up during a factory reset. I tried holding the 3 keys and it will reset but will freeze on samsung page and will go no further.,I'm sorry to read about this nykster! Which Samsung device are you using? We would like to help. BobbyN_VZW

  • Water damaged iphone 4 - Factory Reset?November 30

    I dropped my phone in water. Tried the rice trick, etc., but no luck. I took it to a local repair shop, who confirmed that the phone was "fried". Even though the screen is black and I cannot make phone calls/texts, it still works a little. I can

  • Incredible 2 ...Screen & Buttons Unresponsive...Cant Factory Reset...what now?November 30

    This is a replaecment phone Ive had for 32 days.  It wasnt dropped and had no water damage.  SImply stopped functioning.  The 4 bottom buttons wont work, he screen barely recognizes touch.  It wont factory reset, and to top it all off, my Settings Ap

  • Will not factory reset!!!November 30

    I've been getting the notices to install update to 4.0.4.  When I begin the install the phone will automatically restart and go to this black screen with white google logo....and just freeze there forever.  I've tried this a bunch of times always the

  • Factory Reset and *228 DO NOT HELP.  PeriodNovember 30

    What a freakin' joke.  Missed calls, screen freezes 2-3 times per day and friends sending texts that I don't get because Verizon doesn't give a rats arse about anything but YOUR $$$$!  The common verbiage from ANY REP is..."Factory Reset"...*228

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