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  • How to set DISPLAY for tomcat service inorder to run reports using rwrun.shNovember 30

    Here is my problem.. I came to know that its not possible to invoke rwrun.sh without setting the DISPLAY environment variable from the servlet or any java program. But some one proposed me a solution that to set the DISPLAY variable for TOMCAT servic

  • Rwrun.exe (10.1.2) for calling a report of command lineNovember 30

    We have not installed Application Server. We are working with rwrun.exe ( for special-purpose processing in a Client Server environment. Our system is running perfectly. Now we would like to install the actually Developer Suite 10g Release

  • Problem executing shell script for rwrunNovember 30

    hi.. I wrote a shell script to make a report similar to the batch file in windows. My OS is Suse 8.0 with oracle installed in it.. I have the script like this..I used 2 lexical parameters for my rep file. /opt/oracle/OraHome1/bin/rwrun.sh test techy/

  • Handling reports with rwrun.sh in unixNovember 30

    Hi.. I have a problem and would be happy if you could help me... I developed some reports in winxp with Reports Builder ( I made a batch file and startet them with rwrun.exe and my parameters. This worked perfect. But now my problem: I co

  • Re: Column is not getting displayed in the BI reportOctober 11

    Hello Gurus, I have developed a BI report with more number of parameters. Case 1: When i run my report , I am able to see data for particular condition but one column doesn't show any thing. All the rows in the column are blank. Case 2 I tried to put

  • Using mini-DVI to VGA adapter to Samsung displayOctober 11

    I have 2009 late model of mac mini, The text on display looks washed out, not clear or sharp at all from day one, I thought it was the old model of monitor, tried the same cable to another monitor on another computer, SAME. so I thought the problem c

  • Mini-dvi to video adapter changing display on macbook?October 11

    I recently purchased a mini-dvi to video adapter for my macbook to be able to view photos and video on my tv. I'm having trouble with the display on my computer when I use the adapter. As soon as I plug in the mini-dvi video adapter into the computer

  • Display problems using mini-dvi to video adapterOctober 11

    I recently purchased the mini-dvi to video adapter for my powerbook to use my TV as a monitor and to play pictures and videos from the laptop to the TV. I am getting a full color display on the TV, but it's only the screen saver. None of my files, te

  • View the .rtf file not display the data in BI Publisher Enterprise.October 11

    Hi, Platform: OBIEE 10g in NT XPsp2 View the .rtf file not display the data in BI Publisher Enterprise. Step 1, I created Answer-request, create .rtf file with Word and add the request name, Add bar chart and table, preview PDF is working fine with d

  • View not displaying the data in some of the clientsOctober 11

    Hi, Apps - 12.1.3 DB 11gr1 OS- RHEL 5.6, 64 bit We have an application which is built using .net , but the database is 11gR1 we are connecting vis ODAC ... it was working good. But when we treid to move to other server, we created a user B , created

  • Can not properly view cover flow in full screen in external displayOctober 11

    My mac is the new Mac book pro 15.4 inch screen and I connect my mac pro to external display e.g. Samsung LCD monitor 24 inches. The bug is that I can not PROPERLY view full screen (in external display) for some application e.g. iTunes, and Front Row

  • Strange scenario,Oracle can not display the data in mysql correctlyOctober 11

    I use Heterogeneous Service+ODBC to achieve "oracle access mysql"(any other method?),and now i find Oracle can not display the data in mysql correctly: -------mysql------------ mysql> create table tst(id int,name varchar(10)); Query OK, 0 row

  • Unable to capture value inside parameter T_LFBK of FK03 in display modeOctober 11

    Hi Experts, I have to trigger a mail whenever there is a change in fields that are captured in parameter t_ffbk. However i am unable to capture the the screen values for this parameter as FK03 is in display mode.Please tell me how can i capture the s

  • Total is not getting displayed in the ALV output.October 11

    Hi, Total is not getting displayed in the ALV output. I m using :REUSE_ALV_BLOCK_LIST_APPEND & REUSE_ALV_BLOCK_LIST_DISPLAY Are  there any issues with it as the same settings are working fine with REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY source code: DATA: layout TYPE

  • Data is not getting displayed in the report from an Infoset.October 11

    Hi All, I am having a report  based on an infoset. This report is displaying the data in the Dev. envmt. When it is transported to the QA, it is not displaying the data in the BEx as well as RSRT, in the QA envmt. The patch levels of both the Dev. an

  • '@' not getting displayed in the ALV reportOctober 11

    Hello, I am facing  a strange issue in the ALV report display. A string starting with '@' is not getting displayed and says "default icon " on the report. and this is varying from system to system for the same user. can anyone please help me in

  • Dynamic mandatory field error message is not getting displayed in webuiOctober 11

    Hi, In Appointment if the importance is HIGH i made Location as mandatory.For this i enhanced BT126H_APPT/ApptDetails. In the get_p_location() method of BTACTIVITYYH i have written the code. Now the problem is Error message for this dynamic mandatory

  • Time From field is not getting displayed in correct format in ActivitiesOctober 11

    Hello Experts , We are facing one problem in UI , when we search for Activities in Web UI . In the field "Time From" we are not getting the time in correct format , ie is instead of  getting time as say 13::38 we are getting time as 13::3 , but

  • Portal Forms are not getting displayed in the new oracle environment.October 11

    Hi All, The Forms in our Portal applications are not getting displayed after we have done the upgradation of Database in Unix from 8i to 9i. The reports are working fine.The forms that were added as portlets are not getting displayed and other forms

  • Battery , time , signal strength bar is not getting displayed in home screen , these will be displayed only when i click on any app. Can u let me know the setting change ?October 11

    Battery , time , signal strength bar is not getting displayed in home screen , these will be displayed only when i click on any app. Can u let me know the setting change ?Did you check the Zoom setting? Have you tried a reset (reboot)? Hold HOME and

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