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  • Meet Now Conference Invite - UCMANovember 30

    Hi all, Back again, I'm currently looking into getting into the signalling path of Meet Now conferences. Currently I can get the initiator successfully into the UCMA application and B2B the call out to the original destination. This works fine and th

  • WARNING:Expected NFS mount options: rsize =32768,wsize =32768,hard,November 30

    While using "dbua" I encountered a problem on the screen saying "cannot open the specified control file" and I was directed to see the new alert log. The alert log has several lines with messages like: WARNING:NFS mount of file <PAT

  • Ace - rtcpNovember 30

    Hi all, I am looking for a rtsp solution, and currently i cann't find an answer. The problem we got: We are using a ace to loadbalance streaming traffic, which uses rtsp/rtcp. rtsp is not a problem, simple vip on port 554 and forwarding to the server

  • Transmit RTP without RTCP!November 30

    Hi, I’ve written an application to Transmit and Receive RTP over Custom Transport Layer with the JMF 2.1, but I'm not able to transmit RTP without RTCP. Is there any idea how this could be done? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance, ARIFLo

  • Is it possible for JMF to monitor RTCP packet from another application?November 30

    Hello Everybody. I'm developing an application that will gather statistics in Live Streaming transmissions. For that, I'll get bandwidth use and RTCP packets so I can put in a graphic packet loss and other relevant data that are put into RTCP Packet.

  • Stop or Redirect RTCP Multicast via SDP Files (Help!)November 30

    I've got a piece of hardware (Optibase MM400 encoder) that generates both an SDP file and a multicast RTP video stream. (I've configured it to omit the audio stream.) The SDP looks like this: (Note: I've obscured some of the IPs with letters) v=0 o=I

  • RTP and RTCP in JMFNovember 30

    I need to test VoIP application in a wireless network. I have a program that reads a sound file and creates a RTP session to send it to other computer. In order to measure the application performace I need to take the following metrics during the RTP

  • RSIZE of app causes crash?November 30

    Hi, I'm not going to pretend that I understand this issue, because I don't. I use a digital photo capture and processing app called Capture One Pro by Phase One. The latest, long awaited Pro version was released recently and is basically a complete r

  • RTCP ProtocalNovember 30

    Hi, how to transmit video over internet and please give me code for transmitting video over internet using RTCP. when i use RTP iam able to transmit video over LAN but not over internet so that i need some help from u. please urgent. which ip address

  • IAD2432 RTCP Voice Quality StatsNovember 30

    I am using an IAD2432 IAD (SIP to PRI). I have the following default RTCP setting in my config: ip rtcp report interval 5000 ip rtcp sub-rtcp message-type 209 I understand the report interval but I do not actually see any VQ stats in any of the SIP m

  • RTP/RTCP  Port query for JXTANovember 30

    Hello,everyone~I got a question about JXTA. I am trying to develop a video transmisstion system using AVRecevie3.java and AVTransmit3.java.I have already make GUIs for both sides,they work pretty well. By replacing the default DataProgramSocket with

  • JMF RTP/RTCP PacketsNovember 30

    I' m using the Java JMF Environment and I want to write or show on the Screen the hole RTP and RTCP Packets. Not using a Processor to write only the data to a file. I want to view how a hole RTP/RTCP packet is looking like when it is arrived to me. C

  • JMF RTCP ExceptionsNovember 30

    Hi, I have an JMF based application which transmits RTP Stream (voice mail) to IP Phones. My code is modelled on the sample code AVTransmit3.java given in JMF site. When this application is running sometimes I see the following error message. java.la

  • Skiny ATA and RTCPNovember 30

    WE have a big network with multiple ATA's. I've many complains concerning the quality of the VOICE. Is there any method to collect the RTCP info for each call? Note: I'm looking both for ATA<->ATA as well as ATA<-> H.323 GWs cases.Hi, You shou

  • Turning off sending and receiving RTCP packets ?November 30

    How do I turn off the automatic send of RTCP packets?I am using the rtpmanager and I am using it to send and receive rtp audio. But it is sending out RTCP packets. I have no need for RTCP packets. How do I tell the RTPManager not to send RTCP Packets

  • FMJ: Nullpointer Exception "RTCP Timer"November 30

    Hi everyone, we using FMJ inside a tomcat servlet container. after sending some media streams to the server we get following exception: Exception in thread "RTCP Timer" java.lang.NullPointerException         at net.sf.fmj.media.rtp.RTPSessionMgr

  • JMF source- RTCP/UDP QuestionNovember 30

    Hello! I need help please :( Does anyone know where to find the lines of code in JMF which are responsible for RTCP/UDP packet transmission & session transmission ? I will appreciate any comment! Thank You, ReinerFirst question, why do you want to im

  • Package.......StatsPack...Error..October 11

    Hi.. i m tuning my Oracle Database, for that i need to install Statspack package, when i compiled package... it returned following error. Warning: Package Body created with compilation errors. SQL> show error Errors for PACKAGE BODY STATSPACK: LINE/C

  • Adobe Media Encoder (Error compiling movie) Unknown error when writing to Isilon OneFS 11

    Adobe Media Encoder (Error compiling movie) Unknown error when writing to Isilon OneFS while using Adobe Premiere Pro. Process:         Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 Path: /Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014/Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.app/

  • IChat will not audio/video connect after first attemptOctober 11

    Hi all, this is my first time at posting on any discussion site so please excuses my ignorance, and thank you in advance for any help you see fit to give me. I have had a good look through all the posts here and a good search through the web to find

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