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  • How can I change the slide to 8 Radio buttons mutually exclusive?October 11

    How can I change the slide to 8 Radio buttons mutually exclusive? I saw the example in Labview. but it only contains upto 5 radio buttons. I need 8. How can I change it? Is there any shortcuts?I made this with NI's radio button control found in the b

  • Are "Back to my MAC" and "Port Forwarding" mutually exclusive?November 30

    I have been using APExtreme and Port Forwarding successfully for several weeks now. The PF is to allow access to game players on a PC which acts as a server on the web. All Good. One more thing, I have a ISP provided wireless modem/router to talk to

  • Mutually exclusive checkbox in APEX 4.1November 30

    I have 2 checkboxes on a tabular form - one is Yes the other is No. However, i need them to mutually exclusive i.e. if i select one, then the other should be de-selected. At the moment, all i can do is validate when saving the form which is frustrati

  • On a 3750 enhanced services port, are hierarchical queueing and standard queuing features mutually exclusive?November 30

    When you configure hierarchical queueing on an enhanced services port, should one also configure the egress queue chararcteristics such as buffer space and thresholds, shaped/shared weights, egress priority queue, etc., that is all of those character

  • Report based on mutually exclusive items:November 30

    Hi guys, I am trying to create a parameterized report based on mutually exclusive items: I have a Select List item "P1_Property_type" which has these values ( office , apartment ), if 'office' is chosen then the report should consider ONLY the v

  • Oci8 and oracle extensions mutually exclusive?November 30

    Does anybody know if the following extensions are mutually exclusive. php_oci8.dll php_oracle.dll I can't getting both to load. They can be uncommented in the php.ini and loaded individually but if both are used this causes a fatal error and apache f

  • How to make ODI scenario sessions run mutually exclusiveNovember 30

    We want to restrict the end user of the ODI scenario to be able to run only 1 instance of the scenario at once. Is it possible in ODI ? Basically we want the ODI scenario sessions to be mutually exclusive ? if one is running, and if user tried to run

  • Nexus 5500 - unexplainable mutual-exclusion error when using "conf sync" modeNovember 30

    We have 2 Nexus 5548UP switches which are running NX-OS 7.0(5)N1(1). I'm trying to reconfigure an interface, which was previously configured in conf t (local) mode on both switches, in conf sync mode. Original config: conf t: interface Ethernet104/1/

  • Mutually Exclusive DropDownsNovember 30

    Hi, All: I am working on a form in which I need to have a user rate four items from 1-4 in comparison to each other. Initially we were going to use 4 drop downs each drop down containing the four options allowing the user to choose. The problem is, o

  • Standard way of mutual exclusion control for rfc connectionNovember 30

    Dear expert, I want to know the standard way of mutual exclusion control for rfc connection. I am going to create JAVA screens for ERP ABAP objects. As for SAP GUI screen, pessimistic locking is used when editing objects. On the other hand, pessimist

  • Mutually exclusive set of itemsNovember 30

    Hi, I have 5 check boxes. check box 5 - should not be available if any of the 4 check boxes are checked. and also if check box 5 is checked, none of the other 4 check boxes should be enabled. Could any one give me a suggestion about how to achieve th

  • Mutually Exclusive CalendarsNovember 30

    I have seen a post in the past about Exception dates in Calendars and options to define them similar to the options available for "Recurring Tasks" in Project. I have a situation where I would like to create "Mutually Exclusive" calend

  • Mutually Exclusive DimensionNovember 30

    Hi, While going through some blogs i came across the term 'Mutually Exclusive Dimension'. Referred DBAG but found nothing on this. Can anyone let me know, what is mutually exclusive dimension and why are they used. Thanks in advance...Whoops, reread

  • Mutually exclusive authorisations with RSECADMINNovember 30

    Hello, I am using the new SAP BI 7.0 RSECADMIN security tools and want to know if it is possible to create authorisations that are mutually exclusive. With the old RSSM tool it was possible to create an auth object with several fields such as "ACTIVI

  • Mutually exclusive parametersNovember 30

    Hi, I have 3 parameters in one concurrent request namely Employee, Organization and Project. Employee and Organization parameters are mutually exclusive. Project parameter is dependent on either employee or organization depending upon which one is en

  • CRIO 9068 eth0 / eth1 acting mutually exclusive....November 30

    Found some cRIO-9068s that are acting like the primary NIC and secondary NIC are mutually exclusive. I cannot get them to simultaneously respond to pings. New rack - power on. Use NI MAX to find it via Link local address. Set Primary: 25

  • Handle mutually exclusive user parametersNovember 30

    Handle mutually exclusive user parameters Hi Everyone, I have a report, needs to handle mutually exclusive user parameters, e.g. District, Region, Location. I need to handle the User Parameter Form in the following scenario, if users put/select a val

  • UML: Composition, Aggregation: Are these 2 mutually exclusive?November 30

    Are these 2 mutually exclusive? OR can they be overlapping in respect with time line. By that I mean "Is there a case where we have a compostion at the beginning of time BUT then as we evolve with time it becomes an aggregation?" OR vice-versa?Y

  • Mutually exclusive checkboxesNovember 30

    Hi, I am writing code to make two checkboxes mutually exclusive. It works, but one cannot uncheck the checked box if one decides. It basically treats it as Radio button which is not what the desire result should be. Here is the code. if  (this.rawVal

  • Conditions mutually exclusive in the Pricing ProcedureOctober 11

    Hello, I want to define two conditions in the pricing procedure, but I don't want them to be determined at the same time in the billing document. One of them has an access sequence and it isn't always determined, and the other one doesn't have access

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