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response unknow on asha 200

  • Nokia Asha 200 software update .. when?November 30

    Hi, Every user of the new Nokia Asha 200 suffers from the echo problem, is it a software or a hardware isse? And if it's a software issue when will the new software update be released to solve this issue? Please have a look at the below topic: /t5/Ot

  • How can I remove .nrw files from my NOKIA Asha 200...October 11

    When I am connecting my NOKIA Asha 200 with my PC by data cable, I am watching almost 50 nos. *.nrw files inside the Image folder. I tried to delete all those file, but I was unable. Is there any one, who can tell me how to remove those files from my

  • Problem with Nokia Asha 200 appsOctober 11

    Hello guys, I am using Nokia Asha 200 and i am quite satisfy with this phone. The only drawback that i can find is that i cannot ue it social prebuild apps, like Social and i cannot use the e-mail app as well. When i open them and accept the license,

  • There's a problem with my Asha 200. Please help.October 11

    my asha 200 has totally been disorganised,the social apps nolonger works and i can nolonger access the internet using my phone,the homescreen is faulty and some apps keep freezin,i tried to update the software but it tells me no software and no softw

  • Invalid http response: HTTP/1.1 200October 11

    Hi gurus! I have a problem with an asynchronous interface. We are calling a Webservice which we don't need any response. In sxmb_moni it's OK, but in our RWB we see it as failed, with this entry:  invalid http response: HTTP/1.1 200. I have search in

  • Whatsapp for nokia asha 200October 11

    As there are many dual sim phones in market which supports whatsapp, i want to give advice or suggestion to nokia developer community that they should make asha 200 compatible for whatsapp as in asha 201 in there next software update. It doesn't matt

  • Asha 200 Software Update ProblemOctober 11

    I use an Asha 200 cellphone with software version being v10.58. At some times, I tried updating the software to the latest version using the Device Update Command in my phone, but got a message that "Update not allowed; contact service provider"

  • How to download Youtube video into Nokia Asha 200October 11

    Is there any application to help me download youtube video into my nokia asha 200? Moderator's notes: The post was edited. A more appropriate subject is provided.Hi Even42 Thank you for posting on our forum!  Using your Nokia Asha 200, check if you c

  • Asha 200 - Invalid Internet ApplicationOctober 11

    my nokia asha 200 is invalid internet application so help me pleace Moderator's note: We have provided a subject-related title to help other forum users easily view and respond to this post.Try reinstalling from: http://download.browser.ovi.comRead o

  • Error code: 12017 (nokia asha 200)October 11

    i cant update my phone's software. nokia asha 200.hey even when i try to update my nokia asha 200, the nokia suite suddenly stops working... and also i since i've purchased the mobile,i m unable to access the web....i have tried several sim cards...

  • Missing features in nokia asha 200November 30

    hello,  i am from egypt and i don't have FM  recording in my asha 200 ?? i suggeste make this feature available in a new software update .. there is also some specefications ..here on the site about asha 200 that dosen't exist such as Sequence mode i

  • How to fix the errors in Nokia Asha 200 happened a...November 30

    Why there is no new update for Nokia Asha 200(dual sim) after V12.04. It is about to be 1 year..!!! And after the last update all contacts are messed up.. It's not showing alphabetically. Everything is shuffled and Many of them are not visible in sea

  • Asha 200 time&date problemNovember 30

    Hello! I've recently had a problem with my Asha 200. The issue is that I was not using my phone for some 4 months, then when I installed my SIM card and turned it on it required that I set up time and date (which I did). However later I noticed that

  • Not poen pdf file in nokia asha 200November 30

    Why not open pdf file in nokia asha 200Hi there Im also having the same problem. I thought Nokia Asha 200 would have ''very small'' font size option but I was mistaken. I wish there would be an update about the fonts. Thank You So Much! More power to

  • Asha 200 - How to assign different ringtones to SI...November 30

    Hi there, can you help me with phone setting? I have Nokia Asha 200 and I would like to assign different ringtones to SIM1 and SIM2. In phone specification on the Web is following text: Personalisation - Assignable icons, ringtones and names for up t

  • Asha 200 - No language after updateNovember 30

    I've buyed my father an Asha 200 dual sim but after the latest 11.95 update from Nokia Suite, the Romanian language has dissapeared. What do I do?Hi AndreiMano, Welcome to Nokia Discussions! Please refer to this page for more information regarding yo

  • Nokia asha 200 UPGRADE AVAILABLENovember 30

    good news for asha 200 users asha 200's first upgrade is now on air.... if someone has up=graded please post your experiences Join my movement to bring a change in NOKIA for good by supporting my FORUM http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/t5/Eseries-a

  • In my phone nokia asha 200 not supported to whats ...November 30

    asha 200Hi, Welcome to the forum! We have verified that your Asha 200 doesn't support Whatsapp application. Though you may download similar application like Nimbuzz, eBuudy, etc. in the Nokia Store. Visit this link to choose which application you wan

  • Echo in nokia asha 200 while listening to incoming...November 30

    I find echo in incoming call which impairs clear audibility of incoming call. Any solution?Hi, Welcome to the forum! We have verified that your Asha 200 doesn't support Whatsapp application. Though you may download similar application like Nimbuzz, e

  • Streaming videos on Asha 200November 30

    I recently broght Asha 200, a good phone but facing one issue on streaming videos cant open please help me how to play streaming videos on asha 200 and how to configure manual gprs settings on asha 200.Hi, I have a Asha 201, which, I believe has the

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