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  • Oracle11g r2 Grid/RAC  VIP failover instead of SCAN VIP failoverNovember 30

    Dear Experts and Gurus Our Platform: 2-Node ORACLE11G r2 RAC/GRID ReadHat Enterprise Linux5.3 64 bit We have not available the DNS Server for used to SCAN feature of Oracle11g r2 GRID/RAC. we have successfully deployed the the setup using

  • VIP failover in Oracle RACNovember 30

    Dear all, I am using Oracle Rac 10gR2 running on top of Sun Cluster 3.2u3. I have a test to check the failover ability of VIP in Oracle RAC, however the result was not as I expected. The test scenario was: - Turn on the 02 nodes and wait for all serv

  • Oracle 11g clusterware VIP failover failedNovember 30

    I installed Oracle 11g Clusterware succesfully, without any errors as per link: http://www.oracle-base.com/articles/11g/OracleDB11gR1RACInstallationOnRHEL5UsingVMwareESXAndNFS.php After that,I did vip failover test I rebooted the node-2 Before reboot

  • VIP Failover at the web server level??November 30

    Oracle10gR2 RHEL 4 AS 64bit Hi, I wanted to know is the VIP failover at the web server level also? For example, we are running Apex and that uses Apache/HTTP webserver, if that were to go down on one node, would it failover to the other node? Or is i

  • RAC DB failover from one Datacenter to Standby siteNovember 30

    Hi, I have 2 node 10gR2 RAC cluster running on Linux with ASM and E-business suite is configured with this 10gR2 RAC DB. Would like to setup standby site with single instance and not go with RAC for now until we procure additional hardware. Also no p

  • VIP Failover TestingNovember 30

    Hello, Am new to Oracle RAC. We have a 2 node 11gR2 Cluster and we are in the process of doing some failover testing. For database deployments we use an internal third part tool called the deployer which has tokens for DB configurations and the DBHos

  • FAILED_OVER for single sessions. No VIP failoverNovember 30

    Hi all, On a 2-nodes RAC (AIX 5L) I am seeing from time to time single of few sessions marked in gv$session with FAILED_OVER='YES', but no services failover occurred. Those sessions are still connected to the preferred instance, that is in

  • Vip Failover and rolling patchNovember 30

    Hi, For the purpose of implementing security features in the 2 Node RAC DB EE= [ID 1340831.1], I want to apply patch for bug:12880299 which is rolling available. My question is: If I do all this procedure on node 1 (creating wallets,self-sign

  • Oracle Forms 10g runtime handling during RAC node failover.October 11

    Hi, Forms version 10g R2 ( Oracle DB version 10g R2 RAC with 3 nodes. If the RAC DB node that the user is connected to goes down, the user gets FRM-40733 and ORA-03114 error messages and the client forms application gets locked down/ goes

  • Problem with Oracle 10g RAC VIP network setting at Solaris 9October 11

    Dear All, I have tried to set up a Oracle 10g RAC Release 2. With OS solaris 9, and 2 nodes. The nodes setting as the following: nodes 1: Public address: Private address:, (dual path for heart beat) nodes 2: P

  • Oracle RAC installation failoverNovember 30

    Hi, I have an Oracle RAC installation with 2 nodes with the data stored on a shared OCFS partition. I had a client test the connection using jdbc string for RAC failover. I tried shutting down one of the nodes on the RAC installation and the client c

  • HANA High Availability System Vs Storage Vs VIP failoverNovember 30

    Dear Experts, Hope your all doing great. I would like to seek your expertise on HANA high availability best practice. We have been deciding to use TDI for BW on HANA. The next big question for us is how make it available atleast 99.99%. I was going t

  • Oracle RAC vip故障漂移导致监听关闭.November 30

    环境:oracle RAC+ASM 故障现象:vip漂移至另一节点导致监听关闭,vip漂移现象随机在2个节点中出现,数据库实例正常,只是vip漂移至另一节点,同时监听offline. # su - oracle $ crs_stat -t Name Type Target State Host ora....SM1.asm application ONLINE ONLINE p770db1 ora....B1.lsnr application ONLINE OFFLINE or

  • RAC -process failover at node crashNovember 30

    Hi, how to prevent running process(transaction) from termination in RAC while a node crashes .. Ex: if there is a process running on node 1 and if it suddenly crashes in RAC how does we make node2 or node3 to pick it up and process or start the trans

  • Rac loadbalancing/failover - servicesNovember 30

    I have seen some DBA's creating 2 services for every rac database for example in a 2 node rac they would have. Svcprd1 prefered node: node 1 available node:node2 Svcprd2 prefered node: node2 available node:node1 What's the difference between above an

  • VIP failover timeNovember 30

    I have configured a critical service(ap-kal-pinglist) for the VIP redundant failover, default freq,maxfail and retry freq is 5,3,5, so I think the failover time is 5+5*3*2=35s.But the virtual-router's state changed from "master" to "backup&

  • ACE and VIP failoverNovember 30

    Hi, There is another one:-) On CSS i could define critical service and put the VIP down if critical service is down. Also CSS used something like VRRP to define active VIP per CSS. So the question is, can I do the same thing on two ACE modules? So, o

  • How to connect to RAC with failover enabled?November 30

    I want to use instant client to connect to a RAC database. How can I accomplish that without tnsnames.ora file?Not sure about RAC specifically. But you can always connect to an Oracle instance/listener without tnsname.ora, simply use the connection s

  • VIP failover questionNovember 30

    We recently had a node failure in our 2 node Solaris 10 and Oracle cluster. When the failed node was restored and came back online the Load balancing in the cluster was still off. The node that had not failed was still taking all the request

  • ArrowPoint cookie & VIP FailoverNovember 30

    Hi, I have the following situation : - CSS1 and CSS2 with VIP redundancy - CSS1 is the master, CSS2 is the backup for the VIP - Arrowpoint-cookie is used for stickyness - Six services defined in the configuration In case of fail-over to CSS2, I would

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