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r710 link aggregation catalyst

  • Best Switch to use for Link AggregationNovember 30

    Looking to buy a new switch and was hoping that someone is already doing link aggregation on a current switch. Looking for 48 ports, I have a lot of Xserves. What model have you had the best luck with? THXSwitches are like so many other things in lif

  • Link aggregation - who's used it?November 30

    I have two XServes connected to a Cisco Catalyst 4000 switch with a single gigabit cable going to each XServe. Given that the XServes have two gigabit ports built in, I could really use the extra throughput. Who here has used link aggregation for fas

  • How can I set a right link Aggregations?October 11

    I have a Enterprise T5220 server, running Solaris 10 that I am using as a backup server. On this server, I have a Layer 4, LACP-enabled link aggregation set up using two of the server's Gigabit NICs (e1000g2 and e1000g3) and until recently I was gett

  • How to set up Link Aggregation on Windows 7 ?October 11

    I am going to buy a new Switcher that is LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) supported so I can get a little bit better internet by combining my two ethernet ports on my MacPro (Mid 2012) where i have Windows 7 Ultimate installed as well as Mac

  • Mac Mini Server Link aggregation - Thunderbolt or USB 3 gigabit ethernet adaptorsOctober 11

    I am setting up a late 2012 Mac Mini as a file server with Server 2.2. It has a Promise Pegasus R4 RAID and LaCie 4TB drives daisy chained via the Thunderbolt connection. 4 users on MacPro's will connect to the server to access these hard drives via

  • Link aggregationNovember 30

    Hello, I have a new Mac Pro specifically dedicated as a security camera server and am wondering if I should implement the use of two Ethernet ports and/or link aggregation. Here is the rest of the story... My Mac Pro 3.06 GHz 12-core Intel Xeon compu

  • Cant get link aggregation working on srw2048November 30

    Hello We are trying to setup link aggregation between 2 nodes in our cluster. They are 64 bit nodes running Opensuse 11.1 and are connected by Gigabit Ethernet. We have an srw2048 switch. The problem is we are not able to see any performance improvem

  • Link Aggregation: LGS318P Switch and LRT214 RouterNovember 30

    The manual for my LGS318P is a little confusing (perhaps because I'm relatively new at more advanced features of networking). I have an LRT214 router that I'm now routing all traffic through my LGS318P in the basement.  From there it goes to multiple

  • Dual wireless/ Load Balancing/ Link AggregationNovember 30

    Hi all, I've been reading up on this topic all day, with multiple Google and Apple searches, but haven't found the exact answer to this query. There was another post on this forum http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1660762 which was va

  • Link Aggregation ... almost there!November 30

    Hi all After struggling with Link Aggregation on Mac OS X Server to Extreme X450 switches we are almost there. We've now managed to get a live working link where the Ethernet 1 and 2 arew green and the Bond0 shows both links as active, and finally th

  • Link Aggregation and OS X ServerNovember 30

    Hello. I'm moving my servers (3 x Intel Xserves running 10.5.6) to a new location with all new network hardware (wiring, switches, routers, etc.) and I'm now considering using link aggregation on the Xserves (the previous switches didn't support it w

  • Link Aggregation dladm on T2000 with 2 e1000g. How can i change mtu sizeNovember 30

    Hello I made a Link Aggregation on a T2000 with e1000g1 & e1000g2 successfully. Now i want to raise up the mtu size to mtu 9000 for the aggregation. I tried /etc/hostname.aggr mtu 9000 unsuccessfully- MTU size still 1500 /kernel/drv/etc/e1000g.conf s

  • SG300-10mp Fibre Link aggregationNovember 30

      Hi, I have 2 SG300-10mp switches which i am trying to create a link redundancy for over the two fibre ports. On the web interface when i go into the LAG settings ports g9 and g10 which are the fibre ones don't show up. How do i create the link aggr

  • Link aggregation setupNovember 30

    Hello Everyone, First, I would like to say Arch is the best distribution I have ever worked with (Debian, Gentoo, Mint, Ubuntu, etc)!  Putting that aside, I am relatively new and would like some assistance on setting up link aggregation for 2  comput

  • Link aggregated between NAS and a switch: the Mac as a very slow access...November 30

    Hello, in my Office we're working with Macs and PCs and all the data is on a NAS. Here is our configuration: NAS <-link1->Switch<-Link2->Macs or PC. Macs are connected with AFP protocol (because SMB is very slow). We want to use Link Aggregati

  • SGE2010 stacking versus link aggregationNovember 30

    Can someone provide an answer regarding stacking the SGE2010 switches versus link aggregation if greater than 1 Gb connectivity is required between individual switches? Currently have several switches in a stack configuration but would like to increa

  • Mac Pro - Link Aggregation GroupNovember 30

    Hi community,  does any now know in what mode the virtual interface feature LAG (Link Aggregation Group) on a MacPro operates? The LACP modes are: On / Active / Passive / Off  And what driver mode is used? The driver modes are: Round-robin / Active-b

  • Link Aggregation, revisited againNovember 30

    I did all this research to find out how LACP Link Aggregation actually functions in OS X Server, and found many varying opinions out there (there is precious little in OS X documentation, it says essentially set it up and you are good to go:). It see

  • HP 1910-24g and link aggregationNovember 30

    Hi! I need to know if two this switches are capable of link aggregation. I have an esxi server, and i want to configure it for fault tollerance and load balance with nic teaming, connect one nic to every switch, so that if a switch fail the server co

  • Link aggregation - performance overhead?November 30

    Does anybody know if Solaris link aggregation incurs any performance degredation compared with non-redundant network connections? We've recently upgraded a client system and have enabled link aggregation to bind two interfaces (bge) to a logical aggr

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