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  • Stock Posting date in QA11October 11

    Hi, Usage decision is made through TCode QA11.In QA11 we also make stock posting. There is one screen that is document header data, in which system take by defalt current date for the document date and posting date. In our case there is gap between G

  • T code QA11, quantity can not be posted to blocked stockOctober 11

    For Inspection lot with system status is   INSP RREC SPRQ, when user tries to perform QA 11 to post stock to blocked stock the system does not allow as "to blocked stock field" is greyed out and also can not chnage the storage location on that s

  • Error while doing Return to vendor (122) against PO through QA11October 11

    While doing Return to vendor (122) against Purchase Order through QA11 we are getting the error as Deficit of PU GR quantity 20,000.000 TH: RPO1010 FCHN 007A. Steps we are followed. 1. Created Purchase for Quantity 20 TH with activation of Unlimited

  • QA11 Return Delivey quantity to Vendor ( Inbound Delivey Batch Split - PO)October 11

    Dear all We have batch management & QM module active for Purchased item. On Goods Receipt stock is posted to quality inspection and creates inspection lot. Return Delivery Qty. to Vendor as below:- Step1:- Tcode QA11        Entered Inspection Lot num

  • Return delivery in QA11October 11

    Hi All, One way to process vendor return delivery is using transaction code MBRL - Return Delivery with check box on as Create delivery. This will create delivery in background and process return to vendor referencing to original PO goods receipt cre

  • Return deliver for subcontracting materail in QA11/QA12October 11

    Hi, After GR for subcontracting materail we  doing result recording.Materails which will not meet quality parametrs are  rejexted by Quality dept in QA11/QA12.Batch management ia activeted for all material in plants. While doing Return delivery tio V

  • Pop up to enter text in QA11 and then update in material document itemOctober 11

    Hi everyone,                        I have a requirementt which states that: In QA11 t-code under inspection lot stock tab if any qualtity is entered in Blocked stock then user should be prompted for a pop to enter text and that text should finally u

  • Batch status disappearing after taking the UD (QA11)October 11

    Hi Experts, We are facing the following issue (ECC6.0 EHP5 with no enhancement activated): - when the UD is made for the IL created at GR from purchase order (origin 01), the batch status initially set at GR (Q) is cleared; same time the UD for the I

  • QA11   put  from stock in quality  to unrestricted use??October 11

    Hi everybody I have a problem with stock in quality control because of Quality Management. I would like to put it in  unrestricted use, but I can't because the material need an inspection plan. And I don't want to create him an inspection plan, becau

  • Need to send data, after Usage decision in quality inspection (QA11)October 11

    Hi all, After Usage decision in quality inspection (QA11), i need to send some data like material number, qty etc to external database or to external party. is there anyway i can achive this in real time? real time means, it should send the appropria

  • QA11 : display a message on saving UDNovember 30

    From the transaction QA11 , after saving the UD and creating the auto CoA i need to add a message to state CoA created. How to do this ? where should the message be added ?Hi Akanksha There are good no of threads on this topic. You can use QEVA0010 U

  • Posting date in QA11 is allowed prior to GR creation dateNovember 30

    Dear all, It is regarding material posting through QA11 transaction. in QA11 transaction we can change the document date and posting date. This allows me to post the material prior to GR creation date, which logically should not allow. If anybody has

  • Function module to set user status during QA11 transactionNovember 30

    Hi , Anyone knows the function module to set the user status during QA11/QA12  transaction? I received the user status 'e.g CFA1' from an idoc data and would like to set the user set based on this idoc value during QA11/QA12 transaction. Any function

  • QA11/ Production order CostNovember 30

    I was wanting to know when you confirm a work order through co11n and post the qty. this automatically creates an inspection lot for us. Using QA11 or QE72 we then give the inspection lot a usage decision - if everything is OK and all material goes t

  • Urgent : regarding recording in qa11November 30

    Hi abapers, In tcode-QA11, it is basically QM(Quality management) code. under UD code, when i select values from F4 help that is not recorded in recording, secondly when i put directly the value of UD code then the corresponding fields are not filled

  • How to call MSC2N in the QA11 transaction before saving the dataNovember 30

    I need to call MSC2N in the QA11 transaction because i want the Next inspection date for the particular material, plant, and batch. but while iam in QA11 the batch is locked so it will not allow me to go to MSC2N. So to see Next inspection date i hav

  • Adding excess quantity field in QA11November 30

    Hello experts, I have a requirement to add one more field "extra recieved" in tcode QA11 below the field "short received" on screen "Record usage decission:stock" under tab "inspection lot stock". Is it possible to

  • Problem in using of some code in QA11 TocdeNovember 30

    hi all,      I want to debeg one function module at the time of using QA11 Tcode. I am using Function Module that is FIELD_EXIT_QPLOS ( This is Field Exit). I am putting dynamic break point and i am trying to run QA11 T code but it is not going to be

  • Field settings in Usage Decicion - QA11November 30

    Hi - I need to know where the field settings are configured for the document Item data fields in QA11 while doing UD. For each quantity posted like TO unrestrecited stock, TO Scrap etc we are have different document item data button , once we click t

  • QA11 - Issue in Inbound DeliveryNovember 30

    While posting movement type 122 Return Delivery via T-code QA11 after GRN (MIGO) in respect to the Inbound delivery, Inbound remains open (Partially received) status & also shows MD04 .How to overcome this pl. help ?? Message was edited by: Oxana Noa

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