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psu wireless ipad 5.1

  • Is there a restriction on how many simultaneous wireless iPads can watch movies from one iTunes account or AppleTV generation 2 or later?October 11

    Is there a restriction on how many simultaneous wireless iPads can watch movies from one iTunes account or AppleTV generation 2 or later?Welcome to the Apple Community. I find it hard to believe that this information isn't clearly available somewhere

  • I have a wireless IPad keyboard that gives me an Q for an A,etcNovember 30

    I have a wireless IPad keyboard that gives me an Q for an A,plus some I don't get at all.  It is brand new and my old one did the same thing. What have I pushed on the keyboard to cause this? Pat kWhat keyboard layout do you have selected in Settings

  • Wireless Ipad (not 3G)November 30

    The wireless Ipad does NOT maintain an internet connection with AT&T's 2wire router. Since this makes the Ipad useless, I want to return the products I bought (Wireless Ipad, keyboard dock, charger, and, needlessly, due to my ignorance, the Airport E

  • Internet slow on imac but not on wireless ipad... HELP!!October 11

    Why?? Driving me crazy, sometimes it's fast sometimes pages never load or are painfully slow to load... hellllp! I've had the motherboard replaced because of ethernet loading issues a year ago or so, and it worked fine, then changed to cable internet

  • Options for Wireless iPad Projection???November 30

    I am trying to determine the best way to project content on my iPad in my classroom.  I am looking to purchase new equipment if necessary or adapt what I already have in my classroom (VGA / 3RCA projecor).  If anyone has ANY suggestions or recommenda

  • Probles w/U-Verse wireless & iPad not showing up as connectedNovember 30

    Hello, I have ATT UVerse internet connection which is wireless. When I try to sync my iPad2+WI-FI+3G an error message says NO INTERNET CONNECTION DETECTED AND IpAD2-Wi-Fi 3G NOT CONNECTED. HELPI've done everything suggested and still no luck.  Someti

  • Cisco Enterprise Wireless iPad Mini iOS 7.1.1November 30

    Hi, I am experiencing issues with iPad Mini running iOS version 7.1.1  connecting to a Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network consisting of a Wireless LAN Controller. The Wireless LAN Controller is running  All laptops, printers, iPad 2 & 3 mod

  • If you have a smart phone, can you conect it to the new wrieless ipad's or do you need to order the wireless service from verizon?November 30

    If you have a smart phone, can you connect it to the new wireless ipad's or do you need to order the wireless service from Verizon for ipad's or do you need to order the wireless service from verizon?Kneehightoughguy, You do not need to purchase serv

  • How can I set up a hot spot on my new iPad.  I can't call 611 as suggested.October 11

    I would like to set up a hot spot with my new iPad but can't figure out how to do that.  I cannot log on to the suggested web site and, of course, I can't dial 611 from my iPad.Good pointer.  It lead me to a phonenumber to call and a real person who

  • A new iPad and new Express, but no Mac - can't set up network!October 11

    Here's a puzzler (for me at least) -- Mom bought a new iPad and new Airport Express. She has no Mac, so no iTunes and no syncing. Her iPad does NOT have Airport Utility. She's starting from scratch. Her Express is connected to her Cox Cable Cisco mod

  • ITunes, AMDS and iPad make problemsOctober 11

    Hi everybody I got some serious problem with iTunes, iPad, AMDS and Windows 7 64 bit. I first noticed it when I wanted to watch video. Due to a "cancelling sync..." message I was unable to watch video (and listen to music). Searching the web bro

  • Why can't I get messages to work in new iPad?October 11

    I have new wireless ipad and the ipad1  When trying to use messages it works in ipad1 but  I get Could not sign in Please check your network settings and try again message.  the facetime won't activate either.  my network works because I can get onli

  • HT3500 I have Lexmark 6570 printer. How can I hook up to ipadNovember 30

    I have Lexmark 6570 that is wireless. iPad can't find it.The Lexmark 6570 does not appear on the list of AirPrint compatible printers. See this Apple Support document for details: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4356 You might still be able to print fr

  • How easy it is travel abroad with the Verizon model of the new iPad?November 30

    On the specs listed on Apple's site for the new iPad, it lists GSM frequencies under Verizon model as well !!! I am sure that one can't use AT&T SIM on the Verizon model, something must have been locked to prevent that. But does anyone know how easy

  • Can the iPad truly replace a "normal" computer yet?November 30

    My wife and I are looking to replace two computers. One is her Sony Vaio laptop, the other is my iMac G5. I mentioned to her that we could both get iPads, one for me and one for her and that it would really do everything we would need them to do. I k

  • Where on the computer do ipad photos go??? Please hlp!November 30

    I'm returning the wireless ipad for the 3g and am trying to move all my data --- I did a backup, but I know that the backup doesn't include pictures ... Where on my computer do I find the pictures that are on the ipad???Open iTunes. Sync your iPad. W

  • My IPad Mini will not connect to my Blackberry Hot spot. Why?November 30

    Can some one help me please get my IPad Mini connected to my Work Blackberry mobile hot spot.  it continues to tell me the i am unable to join after I type the password.  i can get my mac book pro to hook up just not my mini. Thank you!See http://tec

  • Wired or wireless for Hopper DVR?November 30

    We have an Airport Express, 2 iPads, an iPhone, Apple TV, Hopper DVR with Sling, wireless printer, and two pcs. My wife uses her iPad a lot to stream TV shows that are on the DVR (or live) to the iPad. That works great. Currently I have the Hopper DV

  • Sound problem with c-media 9739A/kt6 fisrOctober 11

    Hey guys, I haven't figured out this one, my sound is weird meaning it seems like its missing buffering (its like cutoff a millisecond or two by second when i play games) and its really annoying.  It did it first a lot when ive overclocked it it star

  • Keynotes + iPad2  (AirPlay) + AppleTV  + Digitech HDMI to VGA Converter.November 30

    Hi, I am going to buy a iPad2, Apple TV and DigiTech HDMI to VGA/Component and LR Analogue Audio Converter, which I want to connect to my data projector in my classroom. AirPlay on the iPad 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10nfcwTHbIA I want to use

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