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prpbook 4510s modal britness key

  • Load Flat File In SAP BIOctober 11

    Hi Experts, Need to load flat file which has month in the columnwise, how to do it. Example Companycode -- customer--- sales plan for jan sales plan for feb- sales plan for march. 1000                                       101              100       

  • Xmonad, lock the mod key to simulate modal behavior.November 30

    Hi,  I just had an idea that I would like to try out, however I can't figure out a good way to go about implementing it. I'm currently using xmonad as my wm, and I have myModMask set to the Super_L key.  what I would like to do is have this key lock

  • Arrow key not working properly in JTable in Modal dialogNovember 30

    in my programme i have a table in a dialog. now while editing table cells wich have a defult editor, left write arrow key does not working as it supposed to. while editing if you press arrow key instead of moving between the characters of the cell it

  • Hp probook 4510s keys do not workNovember 30

    First the numbers keypad stopped working. Now the entire keyboard doesn't work.Hello bmf, I see that you are having problems with the keyboard on your HP computer. I have a couple of suggestions that may help with this issue. I would suggest trying t

  • Open Skillbuilders modal page from reportOctober 11

    I want to open the Skillbuilders modal page from within a report. The first column in a report represents the primary key of the table the report shows. What is the best way to do that? The idea is this: in the report region, there's a button CREATE

  • How to remove the default icons from the toolbar of modal dialog box screenOctober 11

    Hello Friends, Iam calling a screen from function module using CALL SCREEN statement. The screen is of type Modal Dialog Box. I created some input fields and buttons in the screen. When the screen is displayed, I can see the tool bar at the bottom al

  • More help with Skillbuilders' Modal Page PluginOctober 11

    I have an employee page with a series of smaller report regions showing things like contact addresses, job roles, etc. All are form-on-a-table+report type of setup I would like to convert to modal pages. The popup is now working (thanks to a security

  • Submitting a form with enter key causing strange problemsOctober 11

    I am having a very strange problem with a webapp I am currently developing. I am using JSF 1.2 along with Facelets and RichFaces. I have coded a workflow/wizard 4-step process, and on some pages I have 4 submit buttons that all call different actions

  • Key equivilents on WinPC for Cmd - "~" and for non QWERTY glyphs.October 11

    Hi On Macs to cycle through open file windows shortcut is Cmd - "~". Windows equivelant is? Again, on Macs to enter say an acute glyph over another character there is an option - "e" keystroke plus the Special Characters... modal dialo

  • Problems with Flash CC user interface. Mainly I can't seem to click certain buttons and input fields on various modal windows. (eg. Scale and Rotate, Sound Properties,October 11

    Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues like this. I'm basically finding that a bunch of different buttons, fields, and tabs do not respond to my clicks. This seems to be spread out throughout the application. I've had to work a

  • Feature request: make the "transform" dialogs non-modalOctober 11

    Currently, the transformation dialogs accessible at Object>Transform are modal. I'm talking about "Move-", "Rotate-", "Reflect-", and so forth. These dialogs, when open, lock the user out of any interaction with the artboa

  • How can I control modal dialogs in Applescript without a mouse?October 11

    I am trying to use a Griffin PowerMate button to select between two options in an Applescript modal dialog and cannot seem to figure out how to do this. I can set a default button, but I want the user to select between two options (shifting the highl

  • Mifi 4510 and not being able to use the internet with my Ipod touchOctober 11

    My mifi 4510 will not allow my iPod Touch to connect to the internet.  In settings it sees my device and for about 2 seconds a dot will appear of the screen of the mifi4510.  The dot goes away and it keeps searching endlessly to connect to my iPod To

  • How to make a dalog process custom events when blocked by modal dialogOctober 11

    Hi, I would like to understand the way modal dialogs block other dialogs so that I can properly solve an issue I'm having with two modal dialogs, one blocking the other. I have an application, netbeans platform based, that opens a JDialog, NewDiskDlg

  • JRE 1.5.0_13  problem with Modal WindowOctober 11

    We have stand alone browser based application built on HTML, Javascript, and Java (non-GUI applet). We were running the Sun JRE 1.4.2_06, but have recently upgarded to 1.5.0_13. As soon as we upgraded to 1.5, started experiencing the below problem -

  • Display the second report as modalform and filter with primary key value of first report when you click on first report column linkOctober 11

    Hi All, I have two reports. 1. order report 2. order detail report when you click on the order report column it display the order detail report as a modal form. i was done below steps. 1. In page header i was written the below code <link rel="styl

  • How to show refreshed modal window(2nd report region window) - repostingOctober 11

    Hi, I have a requirement where i scroll thru different rows in grid region. Moment I tab out from first row, I pop up 2nd report, where I show related detailed data lines for the tabed out line of first grid. So my 2nd window is a report region query

  • Problem in assinging key strokes to JButtonsOctober 11

    hi, i extended JDialog class and created a modal dialog which consits of some JLables and JTextFields with two jbuttons. 1) Ok and 2) Cancel. I would like to activate the Ok button when i just type enter key no matter where the cursor is focussed. ho

  • How to disable detection of ESCAPE key in JDialog?October 11

    Hi, I've implemented a non-modal JDialog, and to be sure the user doesn't close it I call setDefaultCloseOperation(WindowConstants.DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE)However, the user can always close it by pressing the ESCAPE key. Key binding does not work as the

  • Problem: modal JDialog and keyListenersOctober 11

    I have some code like this: MyDialog extends JDialog { MyDialog () { super(someFrame, "", false); add(someComponent); someComponent.addKeyListener(listener); listener receives events just as I expect. Now I need to make a modal dialog and change

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