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product hierarchy for fan as a product

  • Hierarchy wise Actual v/s Budget sales reportNovember 30

    hello I have product hierarchy for Fan division. Eg: Ceiling fan              | - white              | - blue my report goes like                                Budget               Actual Ceiling fan              | - white              | - blue how

  • Hierarchy questionsNovember 30

    I have 2 questions related to hierarchy : 1. How do I assign a record say individual product record to an hirarchy e.g. All Product ->Electrical Products->Fan->4 blade fan , 230 V AC                                                 ->Motors->

  • Product hierarchy wise Target sale v/s Actual sale reportNovember 30

    hi i have a BILLING ITEM cube which contains Actual sales fig. I also want to develope a cube in which i have Target sales fig. Product hierarchy wise. i have the product hierarchy wise data in an excel sheet. my questions are 1. how can i develope a

  • Creation of new product hierarchy and products in SAP CRM.October 11

    Dear all, please help with resolving of following issue: In CRM system base hierarchies were replicated from R/3 system with materials. Current requirement is to create new materials in CRM directly (as standalone scenario). As far as I understand, I

  • Product hierarchy  is not being maintained in the sales order materialOctober 11

    Hi, I have an issue where the product hier is not being maintained in the sales order for some of the materials although the material master has the prod hier maintained.. The main program is SAPMV45A and I have checked all the exits in MV45AFZZ. In

  • Mass Update of Product hierarchy in all CRM Open Sales OrdersOctober 11

    Hi Folks, I have a requirement in my project wherein I have to update product hierarchy details with new values in all Items of CRM Open sales orders. If suppose I have a text file which has the details of Open Orders & new product hierarchy which i

  • Hierarchy loading Error in Production systemOctober 11

    Hi All, I am loading Hierarchy file, the file is there in application server(AL11), in external tab i gave same path. but when i try to load it is showing below Error message. Invalid entry, hierarchy 0XMK4PVWO05BM4GP5KVEFQ9L4 does not exist. Diagnos

  • Pricing issue with Product hierarchy - UrgentOctober 11

    Hello, I have an issue on pricing determination with product hierarchy. I created product hierarchy as following, level1 - A0001 level2 - A0001B0001 level3 - A0001B0001C0001 Then, assigned A0001B0001C0001 to material D in material master. I created c

  • Different product hierarchy in sales order and in service orderOctober 11

    Dear experts, In VA03, I notice that - under Line Item > Sales B, there is a field Product Hierarchy - under Line Item > Account assignment, there is a field Order. From here, it links to a service order. In the service order, I can see a field Prod

  • SQVI Report for SAP CRM Product Hierarchy and its ProductOctober 11

    Hi How to create a SQVI report for generating a list for SAP CRM Product Hierarchy which should show the outputs->Level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4 categories and its products? I tried COMM_Hierarchy table and Comm_product but not able to achieve

  • "Creation" of location product hierarchyOctober 11

    Hi Experts I know that a location product hierarchy can be "generated" by combining a location hierarchy and a product hierarchy. But for our business requirement we cannot use a generated location product hierarchy. This is because we have 1000

  • Issue in Hierarchy data upload from R/3 for info object Product Hierarchy.October 11

    Hi, I am trying to upload the hierarchy data from R/3 system for Info Object Product Hierarchy. Insted of business content info objects (0PRODH, 0PRODH1, 0PRODH2, 0PRODH3, 0PRODH4, 0PRODH5, 0PRODH6), we are using customized objects (ZPRODH, ZPRODH1,

  • CO-PA: product hierarchy predefined from best practiceOctober 11

    Hi guys, unfortunately I have as basis a best practice system, where product hierarchy with 3 levels is already defined in CO-PA: PAPH1     ProdHier01-1     ProdH01-1     CHAR     5     MVKE     PAPH1 PAPH2     ProdHier01-2     ProdH01-2     CHAR    

  • CO-PA Realignment: Changes in Product HierarchyOctober 11

    Hello all, We have changed the product hierarchy on some of our materials and we want to realign the PA data to reflect the same. Our product hierarchy which we have three levels is maintained in KES1. There are no derivation rules. KES1 is updated m

  • R/3 Product Hierarchy in BW data model.October 11

    Hi all, We have been told by our implementation partner that the scenario described below is not feasible to design in our BW 3.5 system and if we were to implement this scenario there would be a significant amount of user maintenance to maintain the

  • Product hierarchy in COPAOctober 11

    Hi all, I am new to COPA. What I need to do is creating a report that is using a product hierarchy that we can define. So I started and created a hierarchy in V/76 like we need it. Those values can now be entered into the "Prod. hierarchy" field

  • Stock overview on basis of product hierarchy (PRDHA)October 11

    Hello to All, Is there any SAP standard report of displaying stock overview on basis of the 'product hierarchy' (Field: PRDHA) or do i have to make a copy of the transaction (MMBE) and add the respective field .. Looking forward to your feedback. Tha

  • Product :  Errors in attribute hierarchy structure SAP BCA   000164October 11

    Hi All , When ever i create /Display /Change Product in Financial Supply Chain Management --> In House Cash > Master Data>Product Definition--> Product --> Create /Change/Display system through below mentioned error . I tryed to resolve pro

  • Product Group Hierarchy in SAP BI for 0SD_MP03October 11

    Hello Guru, I am working on BI 7.0. I have activated Sales Infocubes, DSO and Multiprovider on BI side. I am working on 0SD_MP03 multiprovider. I have a field called 0PROD_HIER which represents Product Hierarchy which we can see for any material in M

  • Parent-child hierarchy of production ordersOctober 11

    Hello Production orders make parent child unbalanced hierarchy of up to 15 levels (see below) prod order1       -prod order11              prod order111              prod order112       -prod order12              prod order121 How would u recommend m

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