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probook 6540b doesnt boot from cdrom

  • Probook 6540b can't boot on usb and cdromNovember 30

    Hi!   I have 2 company owned ProBook 6540bs which have their HDD replaced, thus, no recovery partition.  Currently, I'm trying to have it formatted but it seems that I can't have these notebooks boot in either a bootable windows xp usb or cd rom.   I

  • Windows 7 not booting after memory upgrade ProBook 6540bOctober 11

    Hi HP Probook 6540b Windows 7 Professional 64bit Currently, I have 2x2GB of RAM and I want to upgrade it to 2x4GB. After replacing the 2GB sticks with the new 4 GB sticks, the notebook does not start anymore. I bought the right kind with right speed

  • HP ProBook 6540b won't boot and caps lock "blinking" continuously.November 30

    Hi, I'm trying to help a friend with his laptop a Probook 6540b. It won't boot and caps lock "blinking" continuously. When I got it caps lock and num lock was "blinking" tre times... indicated memory problems, reseated the memory modul

  • Probook 6540b; more memory causes system to slow down dramatical​lyNovember 30

    Hi, I have a Probook 6540b with Intel i5 and I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I bought the notebook with 4GB RAM installed. I heard from the supplier that the computers tend to be "buggy" with more than 2GB RAM, but I needed the memory so I

  • NEED BIOS BACKDOOR PASSWORD FOR HP PROBOOK 6540b. Have tried all types of bios resets, no luck.November 30

    NEED BIOS BACKDOOR PASSWORD FOR HP LAPTOP PROBOOK 6540b. Have tried all types of bios resets, doesn't work. The password stay's no error code for entering wrong ones.Hi,  I too have been pulling my hair out with this problem on the 6540B. However aft

  • SUN Blade 2000 giving FATAL SCSI Error while booting from CDROMOctober 11

    Hi, SUN Blade 2000 system giving "FATAL SCSI Error at Script address 110 SCSI parity Error Arbitration Complete" while trying to boot from CDROM. Thanks in advance. Bye vijayHi, SUN Blade 2000 system giving "FATAL SCSI Error at Script addre

  • Nokia booklet doesnt boot and no biosNovember 30

    hi Ive bought a new booklet and installed all the updates. While surfing on the internet i suddenly wasnt able to use the keyboard or the touchpad. I wanted to restart but the power button didnt react too. So i took the battery out of the booklet. Bu

  • New laptop purchased. Now need to install Adobe software onto it. However, I cant find the discs and my new laptop doesnt have a CDrom...November 30

    New laptop purchased. Now need to install Adobe software onto it. However, I cant find the discs and my new laptop doesnt have a CDrom...If you registered CS4 then you might be able to find the serial number for it in your Adobe account online.  If n

  • MacBook doesnt boot when wi-fi router is on.November 30

    Greetings. Thats pretty weird but it is how it is. First time my mac refused to boot i was really confused: tried everything and it didnt help: i saw a loader on the screen but it didnt boot further. Then i decided to re-install Mac Os. Did it, but n

  • HP Probook 6540b fail bios upradeNovember 30

    My probook 6540b laptop does not start after try to update the bios When I press the power button, it tries to turn on and the caps lock blinking continuously, then after a few seconds the fan starts to work but does nothing moreHi @jmisaelg  Your Pr

  • HP Probook 6540b problem with fan speed and sound cardNovember 30

    Hi. Sorry for my English. I have installed Arch 32bit on probook 6540b (it has core i5 processor).  Cpufrequtils works well - with governor set on ondemand frequency is adjusting correctly but  fun is running max speed all the time. I have tried to c

  • IBook doesnt boot anymoreNovember 30

    Servus alltogether, I really have a BIG problem with my iBook here. I've installed the Screen Spanning Doctor in order to activate a second screen, and my iBook doesnt boot anymore. It gets to the point with the grey apple and the wheel, and then (us

  • Re: Pre Binding and cannot boot to cdromNovember 30

    Greetings, I have a working Lombard that has the following symptoms: 1. long boot up time to load os x 10.3 (15 to 20 min) 2. Cannot boot to cdrom to access "proper running of disc utils" I am attaching link from the os x forum just as backgroun

  • I can't boot from cdrom at Sparc Enterprise T5120.November 30

    Hello guys. I bought junk Sparc Enterprise T5120 at auction. It seems to be a good condition. But It can't boot from cdrom. When I try to boot, console return bellow. After that I wait an hour. But console returns no response. {0} ok boot cdrom -s Bo

  • My netbook doesnt boot or charge!November 30

    All of a sudden, i press the power button and tow lights appear for about 5 seconds and nothing happens! And i dont see the red ligh when i power to power cord in the notbook, please tell me how to fix this? The notebook doesnt boot at allplease, tak

  • My hp ProBook 4510s wont boot past the windows logoNovember 30

    my laptp doesnt boot past the windows logo, it just shows the windows logo but thats it, it doesnt get past that, I have tried the hard rest, took out the battery and the poer cable, even did the safe mode thing but nothing works...please help me fix

  • Lenovo G400 doesnt bootNovember 30

    Hi Guys my lenovo doesnt boot the installation was messed up windows was setup in drive d doesnt really matter is there something i can download to format the laptop it keeps on restarting doesnt even reach the login page thanksIf the battery-LED is

  • Qosmio x70-a doesnt bootNovember 30

    Hello. I'll try carefully to describe my problem. My notebook wont boot at all. After playing 15-30 min my notebook just shut down and wouldn't start. This notebook is only month old after coming from factory. I've tried to plug in and out the batter

  • Probook 6540b - Broken screen/ cover latch - Must Read!November 30

    Has anyone had the latch on their laptop break? I purchased a  Probook 6540b mid 2010 and about three months later one of the hooks on the back of the latch broke causing the latch to constantly fall out. I called HP and lodged a case with them, and

  • Fsb increase = xp doesnt bootNovember 30

    i was just wondering (as i have no reason to oc its just a query) why windows xp doesnt boot when i up the fsb to say 140... i have a kt4, amd2000+ & 1gb of pc2100 twinmos memorywell that would be good if i was willing to search for such a cpu (those

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