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problem unlocking nokia e52 screen

  • Hi i have problem with nokia E52 SL3 I can t unl...October 11

    if some can help me i have problem with NOKIA E52 SL3   SOFTWER ITS LOCK I BUY IN POLAND FROM [email protected] Welcome to the forum! This remains an issue between you and your network provider Orange, a procedure in which Nokia has no involvement u

  • Nokia E52 screenNovember 30

    Hello, Ever since I've gotten my Nokia E52 there has always been something bugging me about the screen. When you set the theme to "golden busines", it comes with a dark brown/golden background. Whenever this background color fills up a large par

  • Problems unlocking nokia n95November 30

    I want to unlock my nokia N95 from 3. They told me it will cost £15, which is fine. They took my IMEI number and then put me on hold for a few minutes before telling me they did not have a code available and someone would call me within 15 days. Are

  • Problem sensitivity of the screen on Nokia 1520November 30

    I'm very disappointed with the problem of Nokia 1520 screen sensitivity. I will never again rely on Nokia. They expect to fix the problem with an update. Nothing more. Thank yousorry to hear the problems you are having. i assume you have checked and

  • Nokia E52 video problemNovember 30

    Hello all ! I have a problem with Nokia E52....previously i've owned a Nokia N95 8GB and it was a great phone ! Now that i've swapped it with a Nokia E52, i transferred all my videos from the N95 8GB to my E52 to discover a very annoying thing: video

  • NOKIA E52:: Nokia fix the problemsNovember 30

    Nokia kindly Fix the firmware of the nokia E52.  You released a firmware just for ovi maps. Primarily a phone is a communication device between  2 or more people and secondary could be used for navigation via maps.  Why should my music player start p

  • Nokia 5800 screen problems!!!!!November 30

    My nokia 5800 screen has problems when i lock my screen and unlock it again vertical or horizontal sometimes rough lines appear!!! i didnt do anything to my phone and i bought my phone from Dubai for an expensive $800 in 16/01/2009 and i live in Tanz

  • Nokia E52 Exchange Calendar sync problem (Critical...October 11

    Good day, I am using NOKIA E52 and e-mail for exchange on it and Calendar sync don't work fully. As I read other post that others has the same problem. We are using Exchange Server 2010! It is supercritical and stopped fully my job!!! Please give a s

  • Nokia 5800 [ Screen and phone problems]October 11

    I got a problem with my nokia 5800 screen, sometimes when my brightness is bellow 80% 2-3 flikering lines apear wherever i am ( home screen, watching a video, browser,call someone etc.) when brightness is at 80%  its normal always( maybe of the high

  • My ipod recently cracked and now the right side of the touchscreen is not working. I can't even unlock the touch screen. How do I fix this problem if it even can be fixed?November 30

    My ipod recently cracked and now the right side of the touchscreen is not working. I can't even unlock the touch screen. How do I fix this problem if it even can be fixed?You can pay to have it repaired.Read other 2 answers

  • VoIP problem Nokia E52November 30

    Hi! I have a problem trying to setup JustVoIP service on my Nokia E52. I installed the VoIP Settings Manager and set up everything as below: Profile Name: justvoip Service Profile: IETF Default Destination: Internet (I am using VoIP via my Home-WLAN)

  • How can i unlock my nokia e52?November 30

    dear how can i unlock my nokia e52? if anybody know then let me know . ThanksHi, You can unlock your mobile by hardware or software method.But according to me unlock your mobile through codes is easy and simple process because if you go for software

  • Nokia 5800 Screen problems may occur!November 30

    The weather cooling, it may lead to problems with cell phone screen!Mine does not want to start after I restore original factory settings I can do anything the only thing I see is the light on three buttons. Please Nokia help us on this phone. You ha

  • [HELP} My crazy nokia E52's screenNovember 30

    hi everyone i have a nokia E52 , today my nokia was working good , but when surprisingly started to show something wrong , and flashing , lagged flipped show i'll post a video soon , anyone knows what is the problem ? thnaks and sorry for poor langYo

  • Firmware update on my Nokia E52 only run java game...November 30

    Hi, I made that day Firmware update on my Nokia E52 and then update-s all right, only run java games and their sound is gone whether he shall be ON. Anybody have a similar problem and a solution for it?? Firmware-v 052.003 but the date is Cot. 29, 20

  • Nokia E52 dead after software update using Nokia S...November 30

    I bought my Nokia E52 the day before yesterday. It is an early model (arrived at the store i September). But it worked fine, except for the bluetooth connection. I tried to update the software using Nokia Software Updater via the USB cable. But it lo

  • Gmail Setup for Nokia E52November 30

    Dear everybody! I recently got Nokia E52, and I experience problems with setup my Gmail account. I tried to setup by E-mail wizard, but when I put username and password I go next and it comes back to previos screen it doesn't create gmail - email. I

  • Nokia E52 restarts everytime using WIFI to access...November 30

    Everytime when i try to use WIFI to access Internet either using browser to surf,  accessing  the facebook or youtube applications using WIFI, the phone screen goes dim,  and goes back to the main screen (the WLAN is automatically off when the phone

  • Problem with Nokia Camera and Smart SequenceOctober 11

    Hi, I'm having a problem with Nokia Camera and the Smart Sequence mode. Basically, if you take a picture using nokia camera, and view it in your camera roll, it usually says, underneath the pic "open in nokia camera". Well, if I take a pic using

  • Why my ipad have problem with the rotation screenOctober 11

    i have a problem with the rotation screen is locked, i try everything but nothing is happening helpIf you see a lock icon in the upper right corner of the screen - then the screen orientation is locked. Try the side switch above the volume rocker fir

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