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problem ssd samsung ssd 850evo

  • Big Problems with Samsung Series 830 SSD SATA III (256GB) and W520November 30

    Hi, i get my W520 last week with an normal SATA 500 GB Drive, at home i changed it to a Samsung Series 830 SSD SATA III (256GB) and install windows 7 64bit pro via recovery media. I was wondering, startup was taking very long .... from starting windo

  • Problem ssd for macbook air 2012November 30

    I have a problem with the sd disk in MacBook Air 2012 god is much slower than other laptops the same result. We took it to the apple authorized service vvv.istjle.rs but they gave us a test sdd sd and said that everything was working ok. but they do

  • Probleme SSD 830 512GBNovember 30

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Ich besitze ein MacBook Pro anfangs 2009 2,93 Ghz, 8 Gb ram, Lion 10.7.2 und seit 06.01.2012 eine Samsung SSD aus der 830 Serie mit 512 GB. Nachdem ich die SSD extern angeschlossen und formatiert hatte (Extended Journal

  • Problema SSDNovember 30

    Salve, sono in possesso di un macbook pro retina da 15". ho il seguente problema: secondo "ottieni informazioni" su Macintosh HD dispongo di ben 138 GB di spazio libero mentre secondo "Utility Disco" solo 55...come mai?Solucionado

  • Boot problem with Samsung 840 EVONovember 30

    Hi, I've recent installed a new Samsung SSD 840 EVO into my MacBookPro 5,5 (late 2009). During normal usage all works fine, but sometimes during system startup I notice a gray screen with an image like "access denied" symbol, and the startup tak

  • Problem opening Samsung NX1100 SRW files in CS6 and Lightroom 4October 11

    I bought a Samsung NX1100 and want to shoot in Raw format. My CS6 Bridge and Photoshop will not open the SRW files though. I downloaded the lightroom 4 that came with the camera and that will not read the SRW files either. How do I access my SRW file

  • Problems With Samsung SCD107 CamcorderNovember 30

    Hi, I have the Samsung SCD107 Camcorder and whenever I turn it on and enter camera mode all I see on the LCD screen and viewfinder is black. I have been told that the CCD sensor is broken. I was wondering if this is able to be repaired and how much i

  • Texting problems with Samsung S3November 30

    Brand new Samsung S3. No apps installed. Few hours out of box and experiencing issues when sending text messages. Whenever I send a text message it keeps telling me the message failed. No error code. However, the recipient receives multiple of the id

  • Sign in problems on Samsung SmartTVNovember 30

    Hi, I have a Samsung SmartTV UE32F5570 connected vie LAN and Router and DSL. When I purchased the TV 1 month ago Skype login worked. However, now, when I start the Skype app it stays in the loading loop. it is configured to login automatically. I add

  • Problems with samsung scd 107November 30

    I have the samsung scd 107 and can't for the life of me figure out how to transfer the footage i have recorded on mini dv to the computer. I want to edit it but can't even transfer the footage to my pc (by the way i have a vista operating system so h

  • Problem with samsung u370 or network?November 30

    I'm on my 3rd Samsung u370...the issues are the same with each phone...after shutting the phone off overnight and turning it back on in the morning i cannot recieve calls,texts or voicemails..i have to make a test call to reactivate the phone each da

  • Problems on Samsung Galaxy S4 while making video c...November 30

    I am facing problems while making video calls. The voice that can be heard at the other end is distorted and screechy whereas the incoming voice is clear. The video output is fine. This happened after i updated my AT&T Galaxy S4 to android 4.4.3. Wha

  • Problems with samsung syncmaster 173vNovember 30

    hi i got msi geforcefx 5600 [128mb] vtdr version ... anyway i also bought samsung syncmaster 173v LCD monitor ... but the strange thing is there are more contrasts on the sides of the LCD then the middle ... it is like that all non-windows and games

  • Problems with Samsung Continuum. Anyone else?November 30

    So I purchased the Samsung Continuum in June, and at first everything seemed fine. But after just a month or two the phone became very slow and would freeze often. I had to factory reset the phone several times, but the problems persisted. Shortly af

  • Problems with Samsung PN42A450 TVNovember 30

    Hello, First time here and I'll start with the problems I purchased Samsung PN42A450 last year and bought additional 3 year warranty for $199. 90% of the time I watch cable and from time to time DVD movies. After the first few months, a strange red s

  • Problems with Samsung ContinuumNovember 30

    I am having several issues with my Samsung Continuum: 1.  I use the email application for a yahoo and gmail account.  There have been several times where the app does not pick up messages for a significant period of time.  I typically do a soft reset

  • Mic problem in samsung galaxy core duos phoneNovember 30

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Core duos I8262 Phone. I had downloaded skype on this mobile. But when i call to anybody from my skype account my voice is not listened by other party.  I had also check it with echo/test service of skype app but i cannot li

  • Problem connecting Samsung Galaxy SII to Mac book ProNovember 30

    Hello. I have issue with connecting Samsung Galaxy SII to Mac book Pro Late 2011! When i connect phone to Mac via usb, phone makes sound but nothing happens. Even if i open Transfet tool. Problem is not in Phone or wire as on another computers like m

  • Resolution problems with Samsung monitorOctober 11

    I recently purchased a Samsung Syncmaster 19" TV/monitor for use with my MacBook while at university. The monitor's resolution is 1440x900, and my macbook correctly chooses this resolution when plugged in. My understanding was that when using a large

  • NAC problem with Samsung Galaxy Grand (Android)...!!!October 11

    I tried accessing wifi though my Android mobile in my college, which is NAC installed. The mac address of my device was successfully added to the portal, but I'm not able to connect my device to the respective wifi network. Can anyone suggest what's

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