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  • Download adobe premiere elements11November 30

    I have downloaded adobe download assistant, how can I download adobe premiere elements11.You can select it under the Video category.  Please see the screenshot below.Read other 2 answers

  • Premiere Elements11 ディスクメニューの劣化.2重文字November 30

    Premiere Elements11を使用していますが.色々試しましたが解決に至らず困っています. 問題 作成した動画をBlu-rayに書きだし BDプレーヤーで再生しテレビで見た時 動画内容はきれいなのですが.ディスクメニューの背景(jpg)が汚くメニュー内の文字(シーンボタン.テキスト)も2重で見ずらいです. ※2つあるシーンメニューも同じ現象. 書き出し時の設定は プリセットのh.264 1920×1080i NTSC Dolby 画質 空き容量にコンテンツを合わせるのチェックを入れたり

  • How do I set up Premiere as ProRes 422 at 1440 x 1080?November 30

    Hello. I am still on the learning curve for Premiere Pro having held out on FCP 7 for as long as possible. Anyway. I need to edit a project that was shot on HDV. It was originally captured as ProRes 422 in FCP at 1440x 1080. I am now importing the vi

  • Importing video into adobe premiere elements11October 11

    why cant i import video from my sony handycam dcr-dvd 403, into adobe premiere elements 11, for editing purposes?    The software is not even reckonizing that the camers is connected to the computer.jerome cole I will await your review of initial pos

  • Where do I find the S/N on the box to reinstall Adobe Premiere Elements11 on to my new computer?November 30

    I am trying to reinstall the Adobe Premiere Elements 11 on to my new computer and every number I have used from the box does not work.  Can you provide me with the one I registered and installed my Adobe with on the old computer. Try: http://helpx.ad

  • Error in startup of existing project of premiere elements11November 30

    Pemiere elements 11, just a week in my posession, wil no longer start up my existing project. After loading 100% of the project, although not displaying it, an erro message appears: adobe premiere elements 11 not working In de message box is mentione

  • Upgrade from premiere elements11 and photoshop elements 11 to version 12November 30

    Hello i think I buy te upgrade from the packket premiere elements 11 and photoshop elements 11 to version 12 of this to produkts, when I do that create the upgrade then  new icons on your desctop screen or overwright the upgrade the version 11 total,

  • Premiere Elements11 startet nicht!November 30

    Hi, Mein Premiere Elements 11 lässt sich nicht öffnen. Der Prozess ist weniger als eine Sekunde da, dann ist er wieder weg. Ich habe das Programm schon neu installiert, aber es hat sich nichts verbessert, leider. Ich besitze Windows 7 Home Premium, u

  • Premiere elements11. Error LoadLibrary failed with error 126November 30

    I have premiere elements 11 installed as trial version. When  strat the programm the following error occurs: LoadLibrary failed with error 126. Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefundenTry searching Google using "Adobe error 126" and see if you

  • HT1338 can not download adobe photoshop elements 11&adobe premiere elements11 AD006784327October 11

    I bought Photoshop 11 from Apple Store online and an unable to acees or install.  Followed your instructions but it failed to install.Download here: http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop-elements/kb/photoshop-elements-10-11-downloads.htmlRead other 2 answ

  • Premiere Elements11 オートプレイディスクNovember 30

    オートプレイディスクの作成が必要ですが.書き出しを行う際にメインメニューを作る画面にいきオートプレイディスクが作成できません. ヘルプなどを見てみると調整パネルのところにその設定があるようですが.見当たりません. どなたか分かる方はご教授願えればと思います.water.kt様 ご投稿頂き.ありがとうございます. PremiereElements 11のヘルプ「メニュー付きのディスクからオートプレイディスクへの変更」には.調整パネルに「オートプレイ」をクリックする.との記述がありますが.こちらは誤

  • How do you transfer premiere elements11 from one pc to another pc?November 30

    i have been having trouble with this. i have the serial number too. i need it on my new pc and off of my old one. its hard because they already made 12 so i cant get the trial to activation for 11. i didnt buy it with disc version. i have the online

  • When quoting serial number for iMac download do i quote number for photoshop elements11 or photoshop premiere . my box says " Adobe Photshop Elements 11November 30

    which serial number ( box has two ) do I quote as my Box shows photoshop elements 11 & premiere elements11?If there are two serial numbers then you will use the one of them designated for the program you are trying to activate.Read other 2 answers

  • Photoshop elements11 & Premiere elements 11November 30

    After I downloaded the files the only one that was extracted was Premiere elements11 How do I now install photoshop elements 11? It's not showing in my downloadsHi Sewwatt, Please click on the below link http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?pr

  • Adobe Premiere CC freezes consistentlyOctober 11

    Macbook Pro Retina 15" Intel Core i7 @ 2.2GHz (Turbo Boost to 3.4GHz) Intel Iris Pro Graphics 16GB DDR3 RAM Adobe Premiere CC freezes consistently when working on a variety of project files. I am editing with .mov H.264 files from an external USB 3.0

  • Premiere Elements 11 does not startNovember 30

    I have updated to the preview of Windows 8.1. I can start Organizer and Photoshop Elements, but not the Video Editor. I get the message:  <LoadLibrary failed with error 87: Falscher Parameter.> What can I do?Kuj9bert1 I still have Windows 8 64 bit a

  • CD version Elements 11 & Premiere Elements 11 installation without CDNovember 30

    I purchased the CD version of Elements 11 & Premiere Elements11 and I would like to download this program on a computer that does not have a CD drive, would this be possible and if so how.You can get pse 11 from here. Just be sure to follow Note:Very

  • Want to install Premier and P/S Elements11 from CD packageNovember 30

    I just received P/S and Premiere Elements11. There's no installer on the CD. What do I do? (Mac OS X.8.4)what files (attach a screenshot or screenshots) are on your cd?Read other 2 answers

  • Android Razor~Premiere Elements 11~YoutubeNovember 30

    I have the Andriod Razor (Filmed in HD+1080p) and the video and audio looks great in Adobe premiere elements11 and on my camera, but when I convert it to either Adobe Flash or Quick time to upload on to Youtube or Facebook from Adobe Premiere element

  • From my combine DVD Photoshop Elements 11 & Premier Elements 11, only the photoshop one is listed in All programs and I can't edit my videos.November 30

    Hello. MY DVD is a combine software for Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and Adobe Premier Elements 11. I can not see the Adobe Premier  Elements 11 listed in my ALL Programs. I have started to edit some of my photos with the Photoshop software and so far

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