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powermac g5 one cpu hoter

  • PowerMac G5 DP CPU temps?November 30

    Hello all, I am curious to get some feedback in regards to CPU temperature of the PowerMac G5s out there and whether or not I have an issue with my machine and should take it in to the Apple Store. I have my processor performance set to 'Highest' to

  • Powermac G4 graphite cpu capabilitiesNovember 30

    hi i have a graphite powermac G4 and i was wondering if it was possible to upgrade to 1.0 GHz or more so i can run leopard thanksHi- Yes, with aftermarket processor upgrades from Newertech, OWC or Sonnet.Read other 2 answers

  • PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8GHz Booting Up Problem, HELP!November 30

    *I have an Apple PowerMac G5 Dual CPU 1.8 GHz.* *This machine has a problem where it will not always boot up. Basically when the machine is cold, it will powerer up, but then give 3 flashes of the power LED, which signifies a memory error. If you lea

  • Liquid cooling on G4 PowerMacs?November 30

    Has anyone tried an alternative cooling method to a G4dp MDD PowerMac? My CPU temps are typically in the 130-133F range and during the warmer months the fans kick in quite often. I have looked at the Verax fan upgrade, but I would like to find some i

  • Powermac G5 SSD upgrade (2004) modelNovember 30

    Hello. I am going to upgrade to an SSD in my powermac G5. I need to know how to transfer the OS to it. I don't care about any of my other files. The only install disk I have is a snow leopard disk for Mac mini. I want the best OS I can get. Snow leop

  • Upgrade on iMacOctober 11

    Dear All, I have been trying to upgrade my iMac with Leopard, but every time I place the Full Leopard DVD in my iMac it just sticks and never installs. My system also meets the requirements for Leopard bust just won't install...HELP required. The iMa

  • G4 is running S L O W !October 11

    I am new to the Mac world so please be gentle with me. I inherited a G4 a while back and here is my issue: After doing a software update the machine became extremely slow and sometime unusable. I did a software update or the following: *Java for MAC

  • G4 OS 9.2 Installation ProblemsOctober 11

    I just bought a used G4 with an updated CPU processor. The specs are: Power Mac g4 (AGP Graphics) Model Powermac 3,1 CPU Power PC g4 (3.2) 1 CPU CPU speed 1.2 ghz Memory 1 gb boot rom version 4.2.8f1 3 Digidesign TDM audio cards I am trying to run th

  • Upgrade from os x tiger to leopard so i can use my ipod or iphoneOctober 11

    recenly a friend sold me power mac g5 for cheap 100 dollars. to my surprise i cant use to put music on my ipod or iphone .what do ineed to change to be able to upgrade to leopard,he told me i couldnt upgrade to snow leopard only leopard.this is what

  • Don't know what install disks to buy for new computerOctober 11

    I bought a computer from ebay with not install disks thinking I would buy those seperately. The computer I bought is a iMac G5 machine model PowerMac 8.2, Cpu PowePC GF (3.0). It currently has OS X 10.4.11 Installed. I do not have adminstrator rights

  • Mailbox behaviors: Erase messages in the junk mailboxOctober 11

    For each of my POP accounts, I have the Mailbox behaviors setting for junk mail set to "erase messages in the junk mailbox when one day old." This works fine for any mail which the mail filter catches and sends to the junk mailbox. However, many

  • How can I get lion on my intel macOctober 11

    How do I get a copy of Lion for my intel power mac?No PowerMac has Intel CPU on it.   If it is a G5 it is a CPU made by IBM, not Intel.  If it is G4, it is made by Motorola, and G3 is made by IBM.     10.7 will not run on any PowerMac.    Neither wil

  • High Spec Mac Mini v MacbookOctober 11

    I want a Mac with 1GB Ram/DVD RW and about 120GB HD The Mini comes out a little cheaper but doesn't have the webcam or a screen. The Macbook also has the faster chip Core 2 and 2.0 v the 1.83 on the mini. I can't really see why anyone would want the

  • Remove (or adjust) iPhoto Book Binding GutterNovember 30

    Howdy All, I am trying to print some of my own iPhoto books (on a Canon Pixma ip4200 with duplex printing). Unfortunately, iPhoto (I believe) seems to be putting a binding gutter on the left side (appropriate for an Apple print job). Whereas my print

  • Podcasts not synchingNovember 30

    Hi all I have downloaded a couple of podcast videos from itunes store and get the following message: 'Some of the videos in your itunes library were not copied to the ipod "Pauls ipod" because they cannot be played on this ipod" I have chec

  • Adding a third hard drive without an extra controller...November 30

    I've got a G4 PowerMac (800MHz single CPU, a QuickSilver I think) for which I'd like to add a third drive without (if possible) adding an extra IDE controller in. Now the only obvious spot is in the floppy tray under the CDRW. Unfortunately the side

  • A really stupid question!November 30

    I don't know whether my G5 has got the Intel chip or not. Profile says, Machine name.........Powermac G5 Machine model........Powermac 11.2 CPU type.............Power PC G5 (1.1) System Version.......Mac OSX 10.4.4 (8G32a)Hi Dora Jar; As it says unde

  • Power Mac G4 400 MHz (AGP graphics) will not boot from hard driveNovember 30

    I have a Mac G4 400 MHz (AGP graphics) Machine Model: PowerMac 3.1 CPU Type:PowerPC G4 (2.8) When I try to boot from the hard drive I get the folder with the flashing question Mark. The Machine will start up from the OSX 10.4 installer disk. The syst

  • Intel iMac and OLD G4 (OS 9.2.2) on same Internet connection? need sourcesNovember 30

    Hi, folks, I have a new iMac Intel dual core machine running OS 10.4.7. I also have a very old PowerMac G4 - the CPU rating is less than 350MHz - that has OS 9.2.2 installed. Right now, I'm only using the new iMac, and I'm moving in a couple of weeks

  • G4 Cube + USB Dongle - not connected to internetNovember 30

    Hi all I'd like some help please... I've just inherited a G4 Cube PowerMac 5.1 CPU Power PC G4(29) 450MhZ L2 Cache 1mb RAM 576mb Bus speed 100mHz No Airport card I'd like to be able to use it online. Having done a little research I purchased a SparkL

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