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Power consumed by Fantray

  • How can I measure power consumed by a digital cmos circuitNovember 30

    Hi, I'm trying to measure the power consumed by a cmos digital circuit. Can anyone please give me the steps to do that? I have already created a simple XOR circuit using basic CMOS gates. I understand that I can measure the power by conecting a wattm

  • Intel i7-4800MQ CPU Power Consuming is much higher than WindowsNovember 30

    On Windows 8.1, I run CPU-Z to generate these information: Processor 1    ID = 0      Number of cores    4 (max 8)      Number of threads    8 (max 16)      Name    Intel Core i7 4800MQ      Codename    Haswell      Specification    Intel(R) Core(TM)

  • Battery power consumed quicklyNovember 30

    * 15" MBP was fully powered. * I had a couple applications running in the background, but they were all idle. * Bluetooth was disabled * Airport was enabled and connected to my hotel's wireless internet. * Latest software updates applied already * En

  • Cisco 4506 switch creating High NoiseNovember 30

    Hi, We have a Cisco 4506 switch which is creating high noise if having two power supplies. If i remove any one of the power supply noise reduces and works normally. Looks show environment output is ok, but not able to identify the exact issue. ------

  • MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU power supply problemOctober 11

    Hello ! I am a lucky owner of MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU motherboard but have one problem. My power supply Fortron (FSP Group) 300-GT 300W seems to have some kind of incompatibility with this motherboard. In my case, the computer can't be shutted down by soft

  • W520 power supply rating vs. performanc​e questionOctober 11

    I have had a W520 with the i2820 processor option and the quadro 1000 video for over 3 weeks now. I bought several spare 170 watt power bricks for it, but in one location I kept the 135 watt brick from my W510. When I moved from the w500 to the w510,

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview: AMD Switchable Graphics - UnswitchableOctober 11

    Hello everyone, I have a HP Pavillion dv6-6004tx notebook computer, and I recently upgraded it to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Build 8250). I would like some troubleshooting from those who have/are experiencing this and may have found a way around

  • Calculate Impedance, Power Factor & Type Of Power In RLC CircuitNovember 30

    Good Evening  No suprises to what im looking to investigate today.  I have a initial circuit which contains a AC supply, Resistor and Inductor only, I must calculate the impedance, supply current, power factor & angle, and type of power that is consu

  • AC power measuremen​tsNovember 30

    In our factory setup; the power utilized at a particular point of time is constant ( when all the machines are running).  If any machine is down/ repair or if any fuse burns out, the power utilized will decrease. This can aid us in generating an alar

  • Software tools for profiling apps and os for power usageNovember 30

    I worked in windows and used windows performance toolkit, this is used to profile the applications for its usage on cpu, power, memory and other system resources. i think there should be some similar tool in mac os x for identifying the most power co

  • No full power off optionNovember 30

    sorry if this has been posted before ok so im new to bb ive had my bb storm for few days now got to grips with it the only problem is that when i turn it off it goes in to a sort off stand by mode ive search other forums and theres now answer as peop

  • PXI 1000B rack through 1500 power cable at 220v 50 HzNovember 30

    We Have a PXI rack with 8176RT and NI4472 that is connected to a Electric supply through a 1500m power cable. The supply is of 220volts, 50 Hz and load of the computer is about 500 watts. When we supply the computer through this cable, computer donot

  • Power on, sleep, power offNovember 30

    Is it possible to turn on the power on the P1102W remotely, or is that only possible manually ? When the P1102W goes to sleep, is it OK to just leave it that way, or is proper procedure to awaken it, then power-OFF manually ?The printing job (through

  • Put to Sleep, or Power off?November 30

    Is it best for me to put my iPod Touch to sleep or power it off when I'm not using it?are you sure? i read that turning off the iPod completely (and on again) actually drains the battery more. since i read that (in a battery saving tips thread) i alw

  • Temperature and fan Probook 6570b on battery power.November 30

    Hi I'm new to this forum, so please excuse me if I'm not complete with my first post. Last week monday I bought a HP Probook 6570b at my college PXL (Belgium, Limburg, Hasselt), but it was running under Windows 8 Pro 64bit. I didn't like this OS so I

  • Cat 4500 showing error %SFF8472-5-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION: Te3/1: Rx power low alarmNovember 30

    Hello Friends, i have catalyst 4503 series switch and i am trying to configure it, there is not any physical media connected to the switch yet. but i have installed the X2-10GB-SM modules in its module (WS-X4606-X2-E) without any cable or connectivit

  • Is this power supply adequate for my system?November 30

    I have a Turbolink switching power supply model: CWT-420ATX-12V voltage 115/230v current 10a/5a frequency 60/50hz look at my components below...Quote Originally posted by mcloud777 voltage 115/230v current 10a/5a frequency 60/50hz . these parameters

  • Power less with one CPU running?November 30

    In the CHUD tools (optional install in the Xcode folder of the install disk), there is a tool that lets you shut down one CPU for benchmarking purposes. Has anybody been able to determine if shutting down a CPU results in LESS average power consumpti

  • Monitoring dual core (Supervisor Engine 7-E) through EEM Script.November 30

    Hi, I have a Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E and configured an EEM Script to monitor the dual core CPU Utilization through PRTG Network Monitor. event manager applet dualcore authorization bypass event timer cron cron-entry "* * * * 0-6&qu

  • Kubuntu Linux alternative to Win7 on NB505-N508BNOctober 11

    Hi, here's a quick summary on installing Linux on my NB505-N508BN netbook (Win7 Starter, Atom Processor, 2GB RAM), If you're looking to have some fun with the netbook and are bored with Windows, try it out. Linux is free, open source sw and there are

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