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port 443 vs 5190

  • AIM Server port 443 vs. 5190November 30

    Would someone explain to me the value of using AIM Server port 443 over 5190.Slightly more. WE have found here in the various iChat discussions that Zyxels devices in particular do not like port 5190 being used for the TCP login and the UDP file send

  • Problems with Port 5190 to Port 443November 30

    After switching to Port 443 since getting the error message, I can't send or receive any files without getting an error message, any ideas?Hi, Is this an AIM valid Logion (AIM or Apple ID) ? Does you routing device allow port 5190 ON UDP (Still) ? iC

  • The attempt to connect to the server (IP address) on port 443 failed - OLTOctober 11

    Hi all I am facing one problem, if i run load to any application for 100 users for 1 iteration then it is not showing any error. Lets say i ran the load of 100 users for one hour then for some users there are errors like Line: (script.java:84)][Scrip

  • Non SSL website on port 443October 11

    Hi, I have a non-SSL website running on port 443. When I access this website using Chrome or IE it works just fine, but Firefox can't seem to accept what I have done. All browsers on the same machine and using the same web proxy. I access the website

  • Opening port 443 in MacOSx 10.6.5November 30

    I am running a JBoss server in my Mac OSx 10.6.5. I am changing my iPhone App to access the Web Server thru HTTPS. Earlier the HTTP was working on port 8080. I can see from NETSTAT that the port is listening. But port 443 is not. How do I add this po

  • Cannot open socket connection on port 443November 30

    Hi! Our server is running on Port 443. When I try to Connect from the BlackBerry 9300, an exception is thrown "cannot open socket connection on port 443" Can any one please help me in finding the solution to enable the port 443. Thank you in adv

  • Non-root user can't start Apache on port 443November 30

    Today I've been attempting to get SSL working for my Oracle Applications 11i ( installation and I just hit a small problem. I've followed all of the Oracle literature I've come across, which instructed me to create a new (non-root) user to

  • Port 443 on UNIX not run as root? Can it be done?November 30

    This is probably more a UNIX question then a java question but I would like to know if it is possible to run a java server on port 443 in a non-privileged account sandbox. I don�t like the idea of running my server as root but would like use port 443

  • Enabling WebVPN while NAT port 443November 30

    Hi a client has a small 877W Router running the Advanced IP Service IOS. It connects to the Internet using a standard ADSL2 connection with a single static IP address. Currently, Outlook Web Access is available from the Internet by NAT configured to

  • Port 443 used by another web siteNovember 30

    All was working well with my evaluation of 2012E. I was able to log on the the access anywhere website. Now the service stopped working and if I try to start the "default website" I get an error message that another website may be using port 443

  • Port 443November 30

    Is it possible to run iSQL*Plus only using Port 443/SSL? I receive the following error whenever I do not listen for port 80 connections: [Mon Sep 16 13:29:58 2002] [emerg] OPM: Could not find a valid non-ssl LISTEN ip and port. The whole process exit

  • SSL on port 443November 30

    BM 3.8 sp5, Open Enterprise 6.5 SP6 - SSL - listening port 443 - Craig advised to change to port 444 because it conflicts with Apache on the server. Do my users need to type :444 when they authenticate or is this change will be transparent to them? A

  • IE Traffic being forced to tunnel via port 443November 30

    I have a Windodws 2008 R2 server that has been in production for over 2 years.  It is a Hyper-V host running five 2008 R2 guests.  Everything wasw running fine until a couple of weeks ago when I installed the latest HP firmware and drivers.  Since th

  • Https port 443 accessNovember 30

    Hi, Has anyone managed to successfully open port 443 on their HH3 with Infinity, port 80, 22 etc seems fine, but 443 will not open.  Type B HH3 and no problems with ports beforeHi Neo_fox There was advice posted on this port before.  Check out this l

  • NW 2004's getting port 443 on unix to work ??November 30

    I have loaded 2004s portals in my DEV system, (server at our data center at another site)every thing works ok, change the port from 50101 to 443 in VM but can not get to the server on that port. I believe it a UNIX problem because I know that ports u

  • Error with default SSL port (443) on SolarisNovember 30

    Hi all I would like to config default SSL port 443 on Solaris but I found this error. What is the problem? I use WebLogic 8.1 sp3 SSL port : 443 Unable to create a server socket on Channel Default for port: 443. java.net.BindException: Permission den

  • How to Direct open Website link to https: ( port 443)November 30

    In my web server i host website on port 443 using SSl certificate. when my user try to access this website they nee to put manually address like https://siteneme..? how to open this website direct without type httpsYou can configure a redirection fro

  • HTTPS (port 443) for RVS4000 RouterNovember 30

    Hello All I have two servers - one running MS exchange and the other running a crm platform and both must be access via https. On the router -I have bound https to one ip address and router refuses to accept the binding of the same port 443 to anothe

  • Port 443 and 80 are blocked in FolderShareNovember 30

    Hi, I'm using FolderShare to sync my iMac with a WinXP laptop, but it only works one-way. The Mac dosn't accept any connections from the laptop. In the settings for FolderShare i can see that port 443 and 80 are blocked. I have tried port forwarding

  • 2 Webdispatchers same host same port 443November 30

    Is it possible to 2 Webdispatcher instances on the same unix host both being able to respond to their own requests on the sap port either 80 or 443?  I am having trouble having 2 WDs workong on the same port, but normal netweaver aka ECC6 can both li

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