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  • ISSU to NX-OS 6.2(2) fails. OTV errorNovember 30

    Just tried upgrading 2 of the 4 chassis' I have and it went horribly wrong. Well not really, it just failed with almost no packet drops. This is a OTV setup across two sites. I did a ISSU upgrade on 2 chassis simultanuously (1 in each site) and got e

  • Measure optimal values of background processes (RMON,PMON,RECO)?November 30

    Hi buddy's, I am facing issue to determin optimal values of oracle EBS R12 background processes like (RMON,PMON,SMON,RECO)? I want to determine and find it's maximum optimal values of each process with step by step guide because i am new in oracle. M

  • Error message in alert_SID.log & PMON.trcOctober 11

    OS: Redhat6.2 DB: Oracle Enterprise 8.1.5 getting the error message in alert_SID.log PMON started with pid=2 OER 536879337 in Load Indicator : Error Code = 562604272 ! DBW0 started with pid=3 LGWR started with pid=4 CKPT started with pid=5 SMON start

  • Error 472 in job queue process + ORA-472: PMON  process terminated with errOctober 11

    Hi, I've an Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production With the Real Application Clusters option. Yesterday instance on node1 crashed. This is the extract of alert log: Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/evodb/EVODB1/trace/EVODB

  • PMON: terminating instance due to error 28October 11

    Hi , OS : AIX 5.3 Oracle : Problem : Database instance crashed . Alert log shows : Tue Jun 26 13:21:18 2012 Thread 1 advanced to log sequence 4097 (LGWR switch) Current log# 1 seq# 4097 mem# 0: /oracle/abcd/oradata1/redo/abcd_redo_g1m1.dbf C

  • PMON: terminating instance due to error 476October 11

    i met an error when the database was open,and then the database was down. i looked for the alert log and the correspoding trace file,there is some information in the two files. the content in the alert log are: PMON: terminating instance due to error

  • ORA-00472: PMON  process terminated with errorOctober 11

    Hi, I got this error in alert log.But the clients didn't complain they had a downtime.But in alert log I see the following.Why the db got restarted and why the clients could not notice it.Can somebody please reply why this has happened. Mon Jul 18 12

  • Using the NAM in a 6513 to monitor RMON on an uplink.October 11

    I should be able to gather and monitor rmon statistics using the NAM. When I go into the NAM's monitor mode and look at port stats I get the following error message: No data available. Possible reasons: - Switch community string not configured proper

  • PMON: terminating instance due to error 471. database downOctober 11

    Linux ES 2.6.9-78.0.5.EL #1 Wed Sep 24 05:29:49 EDT 2008 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux oracle 10.2.4 Intiall version is 10.2.0. we have same problem in old version of oracle 10g. yesterday I have upgarded into 10.2.4. still the database is down due the fo

  • PMON  terminating instance due to error 472October 11

    Hello i have a database that was has crashed with the following errors : oing block recovery for file 74 block 84379 Block recovery from logseq 51144, block 137 to scn 27771463134 Fri Apr 29 18:48:24 2011 Recovery of Online Redo Log: Thread 1 Group 2

  • PMON: terminating instance due to error 600October 11

    Hi all, Our instance was terminated by giving following message: PMON: terminating instance due to error 600 OS: W2k sp4 Part of alert log: Thu Sep 21 03:00:42 2006 Errors in file d:\oracle\admin\ropprod\udump\ropprod_ora_3388.trc: ORA-00600: interna

  • PMON: terminating instance due to error 601October 11

    Under a heavy workload, Oracle crashes very quietly with only a few lines in the alert file: PMON: terminating instance due to error 601 Instance terminated by PMON, pid = <pid> the only other message is a PMON message: *** 2000-08-10 13:35:15.329 e

  • PMON terminating the instance due to error 4031October 11

    database went down following the below alert log message and came back on its own. ORA-04031: unable to allocate 3960 bytes of shared memory ("shared pool","unknown object","sga heap(3,0)","osp allo cation") PMON (o

  • PMON (ospid: 8143): terminating the instance due to error 472October 11

    Hi Friends, My Environment_ OS : oel4u5 Apps Version : R12.1.1 DB Version : ** When i am trying to start my ebiz 11g database the db started and its automatically going down because of PMON termination.  When am looking in to the alert log fi

  • What differences if we kill SMON or we kill  PMON Back ground processes ??November 30

    Hello i am little bit confused.Please help me out... If we kill PMON---->Instance crashed---->Alert log content LGWR (ospid: 9764960): terminating the instance due to error 472 Instance terminated by LGWR, pid = 9764960 If we kill SMON---->Instan

  • Modifying a column caused PMON unable to acquire latchNovember 30

    I was modifying a varchar2 column on a table by increasing its size from 32 to 1024. (153 rows in the table.) It caused a hang within the database and in the alert log saw the message: PMON unable to acquire latch I have been told this can happen if

  • UCCX 9 IPPA Remote Monitor using rmon.aefNovember 30

    Question, can you utilize the rmon.aef script to remote monitor agents that use IPPA at a remote site? Trying to figure out ways to monitor an agent in this scenario since SPAN and Desktop Monitoring can't be utilized given that they're using IPPA an

  • PMON and ORA-01102: cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode errorNovember 30

    hello all I have been asked to look into a problem server with the following details OS: sunOS 5.8 Oracle: sys user password is not available ! backgrround processes for the instance(sid=test) are running only schema credentials available an

  • PMON process and ORACLE Instance  - Cannot allocate log. Archival requiredNovember 30

    Hello there, We are running Oracle RAC (9i) database with two nodes and Oracle Applications 11i.The operatiing system is solaris 5.8. 1.Recently while bouncing the db, i happen to see many PMON process get started up? is it a normal thing to see thos

  • Collect Mini-RMON from Remot SwitchNovember 30

    Hi How can I collect the mini-rmon data from remot switch and send it to NAM ? RegardsI dont think it is possible to collect this data from the remote switch. Why do you need this data?Read other 2 answers

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