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p875-s7200 loud beeps

  • Loud beeping and no start up on MacBook. Please helpOctober 11

    After taking apart my MacBook today to try figure out a screen connection problem, I go to turn my MacBook back on and all I get is a repetitive loud beep 5 seconds apart and no start up. I have tried rebooting ram and re-seating it but still nothing

  • Pavilion dv6 - loud beeping sound when starting +sound problemOctober 11

    i just bought an hp pavilion dv6 notebook LR732PA and every time i turn it on there's a loud beeping sound, and i'm not sure if this is normal but it asks me where to boot from (pc hard drive) and which oS (windows 7 64-bit). does anyone know how to

  • Loud beeps, squeals, morse code, hacking?October 11

    In the middle of a conversation - loud beaps and squeals break out and stop the connection. Loud horn honks like a semi truck along with what absolutely sounds like morse code. Prob persisted into the next day. On the other end my GF could only here

  • Can't get a picture, only loud beep when I power on my desk top. Ois 10.6November 30

    When I power on my desk top, i hear the start up sound but only get a black screen and loud beep. ois 10.6Please carefully read Mac computers: About startup tonesRead other 2 answers

  • Final Cut Express REALLY loud beeping noise?November 30

    i've been using Final Cut Express for a few months now, i have just started to edit a new video and i was listening back the music to see if it was mixed right, then a REALLY LOUD beep started. my macbook was on volume 2 out of 16 and it sounded as t

  • Frozen screen and emitting series of 3 loud beeps.November 30

    My Mac is suddenly freezing and emitting series of 3 loud beeps.It's not when I start up and seems to happen randomly. Sometimes I'm doing  bunch of things, but sometimes I'm not doing anything (and have no other programs open) except watching a movi

  • Loud beep sound when starting up my Mac book air (2007), right before the classic start-up noiseNovember 30

    There is a very loud beep right before the classic Mac start up "bong" I'm thinking there might be something wrong with the ram... Any answers? Thanks!Although it's an older article, for the most part it's applicable - http://support.apple.com/k

  • P875-S7200 Hourglass icon flashes on and offNovember 30

    Satellite P875-S7200, just purchased at Best Buy. The hourglass icon next to the pointer flashes off & on continuosly. Any suggestions to fix this? ThanksNot sure how you ended up here... Maybe if you post your question in the PowerBook G4 discussion

  • 3 loud beeps when I try to start MacBook ProNovember 30

    Backed up my MacBook pro running snow leopard.  trashed a bunch of old files.  everything was running fine. I shut down and restarted. It makes the tone but no apple icon.  Then three  loud beeps over and over.  Sounds scary. Never had this before. 

  • IMac makes a loud beep on start up, won't load past the blue screen and the black ticking dial appears every few seconds in centre of screen.November 30

    Urgent help! Out of the blue my mac lost the mouse cursor even though it had connection so I rebooted only for the mac to make a loud beep on start up then get stuck at the blue loading screen. It won't load past the blue screen. I've tried to reboot

  • When starting the computer I get the dong but then it stops with three loud beeps as the light in the front flashes in line with the beeps. The beeps repeat till switching offNovember 30

    When starting the computer I get the dong but then it stops with three loud beeps as the light in the front flashes in line with the beeps. The beeps repeat till switching offCheck out this Apple support article https://support.apple.com/kb/HT1547Rea

  • Too loud beep; Health riskNovember 30

    I experienced a very disturbing and potentially health risking issue with my Lumia 610 with latest Win7.8 firmware. At the end of the phone call there are 3 beeps, which are extremely loud. Those beeps causing real physical pain to me. I am using Nok

  • Loud beep when restarting.November 30

    Earlier today, I was in class and everything was running a bit slow on my Macbook. So I shut it down and about an hour later when I was back home I turned it on and it made a loud Beep. Then whenever I restart it makes the optical drive little sound

  • Not restarting; loud beeping when attempting to restartNovember 30

    I was running a DVD on my macbook when it froze. after doing everything I could to restart it (force quit, trying to eject the disc, etc.), I shut down my computer to restart it. Now every time I try to turn it on, it goes to the gray screen (without

  • Very loud beep (not at startup)November 30

    I was working on my iMac today, and all of a sudden, it made a loud beep. This was so loud everyone in the room nearly jumped out of their skin. This is not like the tone you hear when making a firmware update, it's something completely different. It

  • Toshiba Satellite P875 S7200- MotherboardNovember 30

    I have been searching for the name and motherboard information for a Toshiba Satellite P875 S7200. I have searched everywhere and cannot even find a break down for that computer. I really don't want to mess anything up as I have other projects to do.

  • Loud Beep/ToneNovember 30

    Over the last couple of days my PowerBook has intermittently made a loud single beep/tone noise. I've no idea why. It's loud enough that you can feel it when typing, it's not the hard disc making noises it's a definate loud beep noise. Any ideas othe

  • Loud Beep when TM Drive plugged inNovember 30

    I usually plug in my Time Machine Drive every night and back up my computer. Last night when I went to do it, I plugged in the 500 GB USB drive and when I did, I got a loud beep out of my computer and the harddrives didn't show up on the computer. Wh

  • IMac making loud beeps and freezes.  Only way to shut down is hold power button.  Any ideas what might be wrong?November 30

    iMac making loud beeps and freezes.  Only way to shut down is hold power button.  Any ideas what might be wrong?iMac making loud beeps Could be the RAM  (memory)   Power On Self-Test Beep Definition - Part 2Read other 3 answers

  • Loud Beep Noise made whenever Sound buttons pressed to increaase or decrease volumeNovember 30

    I have a very irritating loud "Beep Sound" that is being made whenever I press the Volume Increase or Decrease buttons. How do I turn this off.  I have searched all the sound related settings, but not found the right place.  I contacted one of t

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