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  • New BlackBerry Z30 amplifies the BlackBerry 10 experienceNovember 30

    New BlackBerry Z30 amplifies the BlackBerry 10 experience The BlackBerry Z30 amplifies the BlackBerry 10 experience with: Bigger and Better Display  All of the great BlackBerry 10 experiences come to life on a large, 5” display that excels at sharp t

  • 10.2.1 Official Update for the BlackBerry z30October 11

    Hello, First off...I have a BlackBerry z30 which I had to purchase unlocked to run on the T-Mobile netwrk because I really wanted the z30 and T-Mobile is not carrying the z30 online or in retail stoes. Now I am running the leak and it run

  • Unable to update my BlackBerry Z30 to 10.3.1 in PakistanOctober 11

    Hi there. I have been using the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone for almost a year now. I purchased this phone unlocked and carrier-free, but not from ShopBlackBerry, but rather a local online retailer selling brand new unlocked smartphones. I am on Telenor

  • Trying to recover my stolen BlackBerry Z30October 11

    My BlackBerry Z30 was recently stolen and it is very important that I recover it. GPS and BlackBerry Protect were both on before the phone was stolen, however when I try to track it through my computer it gives me a message saying it was last seen at

  • Transfering music from Iphone to Blackberry z30November 30

    Hello , I am loving my Blackberry Z30 especially after the last update. I was able to transfer all my info from my previous Iphone all exept my Music. I used an app called device switch and it worked great. My question is what is the easiest or best

  • White BlackBerry Z30? When will it be available?November 30

    Just as described in the Subject, when will the "WHITE" BlackBerry Z30 be available in Canada? From BELL, Rogers and/or Telus? Thank You, The White Z30 is now available on ShopBlackBerry.com (although I believe shipping only to the USA). 1. If a

  • I am facing "Please re-login to renew your session" error in Blackberry Z30 smartphoneNovember 30

    After updating my OS y2 days ago, when I am logging in to Facebook using my Blackberry Z30 smartphone, I am facing "Please re-login to renew your session" error. Please help me resolve this problem.Ah, you move too fast and too far with restored

  • BlackBerry Z30 cloud not workingNovember 30

    The cloud creates duplicate contacts. How do I get backup assistant back in BlackBerry Z30?they do not care my friend Read other 4 answers

  • My blackberry z30 does not turn on with red light flashingNovember 30

    hi i have a blackberry z30 , after charging my blackberry z30 it does not turn on and show me a red light blinking 5 times...what i should do? please help. Hi and Welcome to the Community! Please try this sequence...note that, throughout the entire 4

  • Blackberry Z30November 30

    Hi there. I recently purchased a Blackberry Z30 with OS version I am unable to download an APP to support printing from my phone. When will Blackberry have this available? I find it difficult to understand that HP does not support the la

  • BlackBerry Z30 sync help wantedNovember 30

    Firstly I am new to the forum having moved from the "dark side" (iPhone) to the new BlackBerry Z30 - so hi to all. I am unable to sync with outlook on my pc. Actually I cant sync anything. I am in the Uk. I have downloaded the BlackBerry Desktop

  • BlackBerry Z30 - Country selection of BlackBerry Solution License AgreementNovember 30

    Hy everybody! I just changed my BlackBerry Bold 9700 with the new BlackBerry Z30 and during the start up procedures, from error, I have selected another country than mine for BlackBerry Solution License Agreement. Do you have any idea on how can I se

  • Blackberry z30 sending duplicate emailsNovember 30

    i had a blackberry z30 and it's sending duplicate emails to outlook how i can solve this problem . thanksashrafs wrote: i had a blackberry z30 and it's sending duplicate emails to outlook how i can solve this problem . thanks POP, IMAP or Active Sync

  • Blackberry z30 audioNovember 30

    Hello, I bought a blackberry z30 yesterday and when I make a call, the person on the other line can hear me but I cannot hear them except when using loudspeaker. Since I bought it whilst on holiday in another country and now I am in the UK, what can

  • BlackBerry Z30, STA100-5 for South KoreaNovember 30

    Will the BlackBerry Z30, STA100-5 work in South Korea?  Will I get 4G LTE, 3G, or 2G given that it's a GSM phone in a CDMA country (I think) even if the bands/frequencies match up?hi dear thanks for your reply & my query solved now  added 3 z30 to bl

  • BlackBerry Z30 on BrazilNovember 30

    Hi Team! I'd like to know what's the best BlackBerry Z30 that work on Brazil? BlackBerry Z30 smartphone STA100-1: BlackBerry Z30 smartphone STA100-2: BlackBerry Z30 smartphone STA100-3: BlackBerry Z30 smartphone STA100-4: BlackBerry Z30 smartphone ST

  • How to unlock my blackberry z30November 30

    my blackberry z30 has locked and says to type "blackberry" to continue but not display the typed words and gives warning as you have entered incorrect pasword 5 times.after 10 unsuccesful attempts your device data will be erased and says press o

  • Acer Iconia A1-830 and Blackberry z30 Hotspot Connection After OS Upgrade To KitKat 4.4.2November 30

    Despite receiving an update for OS KitKat 4.4.2 my Blackberry z30 is still unable to connect to my Acer Iconia A1-830 via HOTSPOT or BLUETOOTH TETHERING. Obviously this is a software issue because the original OS Jellybean 4.2.4 was working fine befo

  • My blackberry Z30 is displaying a vertical pink line on the screen what should I do?November 30

    My blackberry Z30 is displaying a vertical pink line frn top to bottom of screen, what should I do to clear it, secondly the head phone need to be supported by hand before it can funtion.That sounds like a display hardware problem. You should get the

  • UNLOCKABLE BlackBerry Z30 - I challenge you!November 30

    Good evening, I own a BlackBerry Z30, but not just any bbz30: - I bought it off of kijiji last week, the device appears to be very new. - It works with Telus's network proven by inserting their simcard. - It has Telus written on the side of the box B

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