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  • Nokia 6210 Navigation - license purchaseNovember 30

    Hi, i'm from Malaysia.i'm using Nokia 6210 Navigation. I'm going to Hong Kong & Macau, i've purchased the license for Hong Kong & Macau - Drive & Walk. After the purchasing, i received a receipt through SMS, but there is no license code for me

  • Nokia 6210 Navigator - which version of Nokia maps...November 30

    Hi ! I`ve tried to upgrade my Nokia 6210 Navigator from Nokia maps 2.0 to Ovi maps 3.01 but it doesn´t seems to work. If i try to upgrade it with the old Nokia map updater it just says: Cannot get enough information about the phone unspecified error

  • Nokia 6210 navigator loses days when turned offNovember 30

    Hi Whenever i turn off my phone for more than a day, it stops keeping track of what day it is suppose to be. let say i turn off the phone on friday, and turn it back on sunday, it will show the correct time, but it will still think it is friday. this

  • Call filter on Nokia 6210 NavigatorNovember 30

    Hi all, I am looking for a web site to download a call filter for my Nokia 6210 Navigator such that I can block a persistent unknown caller. Thank you all for your quick help on this...I am not sure of an available application capable of the feature

  • The Nokia 6210 Navigator is not going 2 Update it'...November 30

    I am very **bleep** Off Customer atm because I was told by Nokia Care Operator and a Manager at Nokia that the Nokia Ovi Maps 3.03 will not be available at all for my phone and I am extremely **bleep** Off with NOKIA atm. I would have thought that wh

  • ViewRanger maps on Nokia 6210 NavigatorOctober 11

    I've just installed ViewRanger maps of all the United Kingdom National Parks onto my N6210 Navigator for less than £25. Incredibly good value for walking and cycling holidays. I bought the electronic dowload; perhaps not wise with a slow broadband li

  • Nokia 6210 Navigator error after software update.November 30

    When i updated my Nokia i got the message that the update was completed. But when i start the phone its all dead. When i hold in the power button for a few second the phone starts with a black screen (and a little light from the lcd)but after 30 seco

  • Nokia 6210 Navigator GPS button configurationNovember 30

    Hi, When I click the blue GPS button, the phone suggests a way to download my carrier's GPS software. I'm using an open-code software called ''Waze'. How can I change the button's target so it would operate the application I want it to operate? Thank

  • Nokia 6210 Navigator Contacts problemNovember 30

    Hi, My phone dosen't display my contacts after formatting it. The thing is that a week ago, my phone was starting to be very slow while trying to send and read text messages. I've backupped my phone information and used *#7370# to reformat it (follow

  • Nokia 6210 Navigator power upNovember 30

    Hi, I dropped my phone while it was ringing. It seemed like nothing happened to it, because i picked it up and answered the call. While i was in the call, i got disconnected and the phone displayed "Please insert a SIM card". So i turned it off,

  • Nokia 6210 NavigatorNovember 30

    Hi there, I am really hoping to get some help with my new phone. - Firstly, is there a way to remove the shortcuts displayed by icons that covers the wallpaper? - Is there a way to display the contacts with their phone numbers and name? - How can I m

  • Nokia 6210 Navigator againNovember 30

    Hi, I've just got this phone, and really like it. However, the message icon keeps on flashing in the top right hand corner of the screen. In the manual it says that this is to notify me that I have a new message, however, I'm 100% certain I don't hav

  • «A Nightmare called 6210 Navigator» - Part II / Ex...October 11

    In the post - «A Nightmare called Nokia 6210 Navigator» - I explained my disappointment with this new navigator model, specially for people, like me, who own and intensively used the «6110» before. In all fairness to all of you - Nokia included - I f

  • 6210 Navigator, Bluetooth and car stereoNovember 30

    Hi there! I just got myself a Nokia 6210 Navigator, and i want to connect it with my car stereo for bluetooth use. I did so with my SonyEricsson T630 with great success. But when i try now, i follow the exact same steps as before, but it does not wor

  • Listening to web site radio channels on Nokia 6210...November 30

    Is it possible to listen to web site radio channels on the nokia 6210 navigator,for example I use the William Hill web site for all betting imformation but I have not been able to listen to William Hill radio,is it possible or do I need to download a

  • 6210 Navigator : Error Certificate installing Spor...November 30

    Hi,  Here is my problem: I can't install Nokia Sport Tracker on my Nokia 6210 Navigator because it gives me an error certificate. So, trying to update my cellphone, it does not have new update...??? Nokia 6210 Navigator (RM-367) Micrologiciel: 3.25.1


    Help I am at my wits end with trying to get my Nokia 6210 navigator to connect to my PC via USB cable just wont communicate have checked that the cable is correct and changed the port still no luck please any suggestionssince you don't describe the p

  • After 6210 Navigator 5.16 update, mark with # feat...November 30

    I updated my nokia 6210 navigator to version 5.16. The function where you can mark items by pressing hash (#) has disappeared. Any workarounds?Compressor repair? Can you give me more details on what this is? I had FCP to Compressor using QMaster (2 C

  • E51 updated to 220.34.37 and 6210 Navigator to 03....November 30

    Hi, New version released in NSU Nokia E51 goes to 220.34.37 and replaces 100.34.20. Nokia 6210 Navigator goes to 03.25 and replaces 03.28. Ciauz! Cellomania_comHello, I experienced the same (trouble connecting to a WiFi Access Point), and some other

  • 6210 Navigator Battery IssueNovember 30

    Hi, I just bought the Nokia 6210 Navigator, and the problem is the battery drains too fast!!! It gives a talk time of less than 60 mins. What are the different things i can do to save battery??? -NelsonI checked for running apps and found that there

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