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orange juice spilled on iphone 5

  • I got orange juice into my iPhone....Help!November 30

    Hi. I managed to knock a glass of orange juice over my iPhone the other night and now I can hardly hear calls. I didn't realise until morning so it had dried in before I could do anything. Everything else is working fine. I'm wondering if there is dr

  • Orange Juice spilled on keybaordNovember 30

    I have a refurbished Macbook Pro, not the new 2009 one, but the all silver model from last year. It's practically brand new. I've had it for about 4 months now. One day I left it on my living room table and I come back and my roommate said she knocke

  • I spilt orange juice on my iphone 3gs, help!November 30

    what do i do?! it wont turn on.Take it to Apple for an Out of Warranty replacement along with $149US.Read other 2 answers

  • Spilled diluted orange juice on my MacBook Pro now it won't switch on, but the battery indicator is lit up and won't go off. it's been like this for two days now HELP :,-(October 11

    I spilled diluted orange juice on my laptop, afterwards I switched it off to let it dry, switched it back on and it worked for about 10 mins then switched off and won't switch on again. The battery indicator on the side is constantly on. Please any a

  • I got orange juice in my phone! Help!November 30

    Hi. I recently managed to leave my iPhone in a pool of orange juice overnight and now the on/off switch only works intermitently. I am planning on swabbing the button with isopropyl alcohol. Is this a bad idea? Many thanks for your help.hi again. The

  • Where will I get my password for Orange livebox to allow iphone wifiNovember 30

    Where can I find out the password for my orange livebox which I use at home to allow my iphone to pair up and use wifi when I am at home. I have tried the 26 digit number on the bottom of the livebox but the iphone password box wont accept 26 digits

  • My Blackberry fell into an orange juice!November 30

    Yesterday, on the evening, I fell my blackberry into an orange juice that I believe contains sugar. I didn't notice it until about 5 minutes later. Then after that, I take the battery out and trying to dry my phone using electric pump(because I can't

  • HELP!!! I spilled juice in my iphone!!November 30

         I had my iphone in my backpack during a busride from camp and one of my friendsd put a can of juice in the bag without me knowing, when I got home there was juice all over it and the home button won't work.  It also won't charge on mine or anybo

  • T410 : keyboard problem after juice spillOctober 11

    Hi, I have recently spilled some fruit juice (sweet and sticky) on my t410's keyboard. Here are the problems caused and the different steps I took to try and solve them : 1. Switched off the laptop, waited a day. Switched it back on. The laptop worke

  • Mophie Juice Pack for iPhoneNovember 30

    This is the first Apple certified "Works With iPhone 3G(S)" attached battery in the world! (Quote from their site) I read this and other reviews and decided to pick one up. I loved it at first and then found some reviews claiming it messes with

  • I dropped my phone in juice. Only the bottom was submerged in orange juice. How severe is this and what do I need to do?November 30

    What do I do? I dropped my iphone 4 in a cup of juice. Only the bottom was submerged. I turned it off immediately. THe speakers sound like they are busted like when you bust speakers in a car. When it rings it is ringing and vibrating and cutting in

  • Juice spilled all over keyboard 2 weeks agoNovember 30

    hello, my friend spilled juice all over her 8 month old powerbookG4 15" about 4 weeks ago. She sent it to the computer repair shop and they sent it to Apple to repair, and the repair price tag was about $1350! So she said forget it, she'll just get a

  • My ibook just drank a glass of orange juice!!!!November 30

    HELP HELP HELP!!!! I just spilled a GLASS of juice directly into my ibook keyboard...... it shut off and now will not turn on. WHAT do i DO??? please help! please help!? .dirk.A bit late, but- Turn it off, but leave it open. Turn it upside down. Unpl

  • TS1631 Coke spilled on Iphone. people cannot hear me now. HelpNovember 30

    Need Help.  Coke spewed all over my lap when I opened it and got on my Iphone. Now when I make calls I can hear perfectly but they say that I sound like I am miles away.  How do I fix this please. I have reset my phone and it did not help.My phone st

  • What happens if some orange juice fell into my Macbook Air Keyboard???November 30

    Wat happens if some orange uice fell in my Macbook Air????Omg that really ***** the first thing you shouldve done is turn it off, and dry it immedately. Then take it to the Apple Store and see what they say, or call and ask. There may or may not have

  • Mophie juice pack helium iphone 5 caseOctober 11

    I want to make a review on my mophie case. I got it as a christmas gift about 3 months ago. I really enjoyed it for those 3 months until the charge started to flicker. When i turn the case on to start charging the phone it cant continuously charge th

  • One stuck key on iMac keyboard after spillOctober 11

    I took off all the keys, cleaned and replaced after an orange juice spill (ugh!) - but now just the spacebar will not work. I've tried prodding and WD40 but nothing works. All other keys are fine.Hi redgen, Welcome to Apple's Users Help Users Forums.

  • Repair for Nomad Jukebox Zen XtNovember 30

    It's out of warranty, they've been discontinued... should I give up hope of salvaging it and buy a new mp3 player? I love this little machine and would like to hang on to it if at all possible. (It unfortunately got orange juice spilled on it, dried

  • I am trying to unlock my iphone from Orange to "3".October 11

    I have requested the neccessary details from Orange. And paid for it. I have followed the instructions but the phone will NOT activate either by phone itself or iTunes. I have tried it with an Orange card in and also a 3 card. Its pathetic that somet

  • How to unlock iphone 4 when Orange UK provide useless customer serviceOctober 11

    Please, please can anyone help me ?? At a loss as to what to do next so hoping one of you lovely lot can help- here goes : On 16th Dec I phoned Orange UK to request an unlock code for an iphone 4. After a lengthy & very irritating call I was told it

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