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  • Using Oracle ODBC Gateway connecting to a remote Oracle databaseOctober 11

    Oracle 11gR2 RHEL 6.4 Has anyone use the Oracle ODBC Gateway to connect to another Oracle database?  Any issues with that configuration?  Where do I get the ODBC drivers for Linux? (I know, "why not use a dblink?" -- well that would be against c

  • Problem with Oracle ODBC Driver on Windows 7October 11

    Hi, Please help with this problem I have with a Windows 7 machine. I have installed Oracle Client 11g on my Windows 7 machine but when I want to create an ODBC Data Source, I cant find any driver for oracle. How can I resolve this issue? I need the d

  • How do I install just the Oracle ODBC drivers on a Windows NT workstation?October 11

    I want to access a remote Oracle database on my network via ODBC from Visual Foxpro. When I try to set up the ODBC data source, I'm told it doesn't exist. I downloaded the ODBC driver (ora8175.exe) from Oracle, but I cannot get it to run. I am new to

  • Oracle ODBC  - Internal Error - unable to initialize NLS during driver loadOctober 11

    I'm having some trouble with my ODBC connections which I hope someone can please help me with! About 6 weeks ago all was working as normal. As far as I know there have been no updates to the ORacle DB, the Windows XP operating system or the ODBC Driv

  • Error in connecting oracle odbc driver 11

    java.SQLException:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager][Driver's SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDle_ENV failed this error is raised when connecting oracle 9i database using oracle odbc driver. please help me                                              

  • Ms-access XP front-end and oracle ODBC driverOctober 11

    Hi all, I need to set up 5 workstations with ms-access front end accessing an oracle database through Oracle ODBC driver and linked tables. My main concern is to learn about any issues that may limit what can and can�t be done through acces

  • MS ODBC or Oracle ODBC driver?October 11

    Can anyone tell me which is the correct driver to use when developing front end MS Access 2003 to retrieve and update data on a Open VMS platform with Oracle database? I have serval Access 2000 databases that run on most WinNT or W2K clients

  • Unable to install 64-bit Oracle ODBC Instant Client on Windows 2008 R2 machine.October 11

    I am trying to upgrade the Oracle ODBC driver from the 32-bit version currently installed (ODBC Instant Client Release, April 2006) to a newer 64-bit version but have not been successful.  I have had success at uninstalling and reinstallin

  • Unable to connect SQL State=S1000 [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-12170:October 11

    Hi all, I have an Windows XP OS with SP3. I have installed the Oracle 11g server. On trying to connect to the ODBC connection, i get the following error message: Unable to connect SQL State=S1000 [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-12170: TNS: Connect timeout occ

  • [Oracle][ODBC SQL Server Driver][libssclient22]General network errorOctober 11

    I am using oracle gateway (11.1) for sqlserver on Linux platform with Oracle Server 10g. I am getting following error when i run any select query: ORA-28500: connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message: [Oracle][ODBC SQL Serve

  • Bug in Oracle ODBCOctober 11

    Hi, I tried to use ADODB.Command to call a stored procedure in a Oracle 9i. when I try a procedure with many parameters and the name I put lower case letters in property CommandText (eg com.commandtext = "Insert_Person") the web server (IIS) han

  • Too many time to open a session with oracle odbcOctober 11

    I have to migrate an internet site in Sql Server to Oracle. When I connect Oracle Database with Oracle ODBC, it takes 2 or 3 seconds. So if i have 8 or 10 recordset to open, it takes 20 s. But when sessions are open, they live about 1 m and during th

  • Insert into CLOB fails with Oracle ODBC driver version 11

    I tried to insert into CLOB using the latest Oracle ODBC driver and it fails. But the same works with earlier versions of ODBC driver earlier to ie., Here is the code snippet I tried. Any help now is highly appreciat

  • How to select active Oracle ODBC Driver programmatically?October 11

    Hi, My application creates ODBC DSN to connect with Oracle 10g database server. I need to find out Oracle Driver installed on the system programmatically. I am trying to read KEY_<PRODUCT NUMBER> registry key and eventually searching ORACLE_HOME val

  • Oracle ODBC Driver causing MFC OpenEx() delayOctober 11

    Hi: I have installed the Oracle ODBC Driver version on a WINNT 4.0 Workstation with SP6a. I have an MFC test app with the following code: PostStatus(ERROR_NOERROR, APP_NAME, "Calling OpenEx()"); CDatabase db; if(db.OpenEx(_T("DSN=M

  • Installing the Oracle ODBC driverOctober 11

    Is there any way to wrap only the oracle odbc driver in an install program? we want to avoid having to go through an entire oracle client install. Any help would be much apprecitaed. nullRadha (guest) wrote: : Is there any way to wrap only the oracle

  • Download and installing oracle odbc driver aloneOctober 11

    Hi all, I wanted to find out if I can download just the oracle odbc driver and install in without actually installing oracle database or client version on windows PC. thank youYou will need to have some Oracle software on your machine for the Oracle

  • Installing Oracle ODBC driver from within another installationOctober 11

    My application requires ODBC driver. Is it possible/recommended to install the driver from within my installation program (other than invokig the ODBC's setup program)? If so, what are the files that need to be installed, the registry entries that ne

  • [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01426: numeric overflowOctober 11

    I have a function get data from data base and do some calculating. I call this function from ASP web page. Some times I got the following error. But if I click refresh later. It's ok again. Any ideas? [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01426: numeric overflowCau

  • What means Rdb in "Oracle ODBC Driver for Rdb" ...October 11

    ... I assume data basse but what about the upper R ? ^^ thanksoh ok thanks, for OpenVMS platforms only and R as "relational" oki doki I'm surprise that, when I'm looking for the oracle odbc driver 8, I find almost only result for Rdb, is it not

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