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ora-03114 oracle forms 10g

  • ORA-03114 Oracle BI DashboardNovember 30

    Hi, My situation: I have a applicationserver with Oracle BI Enterprise and a databaseserver with a Oracle 10G database. I make the connection with the database through ODBC. For this connection, networksupport has opened port 1521 in the firewall to

  • ORA-00904 Oracle express 10gNovember 30

    I've downloaded oracle express 10g and am trying to learn application builder. When I build a new application the database used on the last tab gets a ORA-00904. If I drop the table and recreate it the problem goes away until I try to build another a

  • [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-03114 not connectedNovember 30

    I' have oracle 10g express edition. I use a c++ windows service administration connections and a Visual Basic program. Vb invoke to c++ service, this create the connection and keep. Vb invoke the interface exposed to c++ service to execute sentence a

  • We loose the connection to oracle (ORA-03114)November 30

    Our connection pool looses connection to oracle (ORA-03114) in a random manner. We use jdk1.2, jdbc 8.1.6 drivers & oracle 8.0.5 db on solaris 2.6. This problem started when we switched from jdk1.1.7, jdbc We also seem to have problems readi

  • Important--Bug(ORA-22813) fixes in Oracle Database 10g  Release 11

    Hi, I found that in SELECT STATEMENTs where we use "xmlagg() functions with a GROUP BY/ORDER BY,it fails with ORA-22813 if the result is too large. This happens as there is a hard coded limit on the result size. (max 30k) Next,i confirmed that and wh

  • ORA-12505 on Oracle Database 10g Express Edition: TNS:listenerOctober 11

    In Developer3, trying to connect to Oracle Database 10g Express Edition give me: Listener refused the connection with the following error: ORA-12505 TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor Vendor code 12505 Edited by:

  • Error: ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLEOctober 11

    While executing the database creation at the middle it is asking for password even if i give password (first attempt ) or empty enter (Last attempt)i'm unable to connect the database. Password for DBSNMP user: null [ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware 11 - Failover - ORA-03114November 30

    We use Oracle Fusion Middleware to run a Oracle Forms based application that connects to an Exadata - Oracle 11g  database. In order to test the failover to Data Guard mechanism, we changed the tnsnames.ora to include the stanza for

  • SQLLDR run command line fails:  ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLENovember 30

    We moved our db ( to a new server (VM) and cannot get sql loader direct load to run for a non-oracle db owner account without specifying a connection string (@DB). I have the environment set up correctly for this user and can connect to the

  • SQLPlus COPY error: ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLENovember 30

    This is what I'm trying to do: I'm logged into an Oracle 8.1.6 database on a Windows 2000 Professional box and trying to copy data and tables from an Oracle 7.3.4 database on an HP/UX box. I log into my 8.1.6 SQLPlus as: scott/[email protected] Then I run

  • ORA-03114 not connected with Oracle when  I execute QueryNovember 30

    Hi! I have a Problem with Oracle 9 but I don't know what wrong. When I execute this query I get an error everytime: select * from perleist pl left outer join leikat l on pl.lsnr = l.lsnr where pl.von < sysdate and pl.id not in select idperleist from

  • Bugfixes in ODP not connected to oracleNovember 30

    where can I get a list of bugs fixed in ODP ? We have sporadic problems in ODP (Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleException ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE). Thanks for the information PatrikHi Patrik, I posted the bug fixes in 10.2

  • Oracle 10g rac ora-01092 oracle instance terminated disconnection forcedNovember 30

    hi I am getting following error on 2 node RAC (on NFS mount point ) oracle 10g rac ora-01092 oracle instance terminated disconnection forced br anuj singhAnju, Its really very difficult to tell you what exactly went wrong with the limited information

  • Oracle Forms 10g runtime handling during RAC node failover.October 11

    Hi, Forms version 10g R2 ( Oracle DB version 10g R2 RAC with 3 nodes. If the RAC DB node that the user is connected to goes down, the user gets FRM-40733 and ORA-03114 error messages and the client forms application gets locked down/ goes

  • ORA 03114 errorNovember 30

    ORA 03114 error  weblogic Forms 11g db 11g winserver 2008 64 bitI am sorry I didn't explain my problem Clearly My system   developed with  oracle forms 10g  & oracle database 10g     Using oracle application  server 10g with win server 2003 32 bit An

  • Frm-40735 when-button-pressed trigger raised unhandled  exception ora-03114November 30

    hi everybody, i am using oracle 10g release 2 in my test server and 10g release 1 in production server with forms in 10g running through the oracle 10g application server with no problem with our production server. but the same form when i try to use

  • Install Oracle RAC 10g ( on HP-UX  B.11.31 U ia64 failedOctober 11

    Hi All I am installing Oracle RAC 10g on HP-UX B.11.31 U ia64 but can not complete hosts file #Public IPs spgdb01 spgdb02 #Private IPs spgdb01p spgdb02p #Virtual IPs spgdb01v 10.14

  • Install issue Oracle XE 10g - missing dbf filesOctober 11

    After installation of Oracle XE 10g on Win XP SP3, I can not logon. Errors: ORA-01034: ORACLE not available ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist After checking several threads in this forum, I found, that the setup did not install any dbf fi

  • Oracle DB 10g XE on Windows Server 2008 R2 64bitOctober 11

    Hello to everybody! I have and old pc with Windows Server 2003 (32 bit) where i've installed Oracle DB 10g XE. Everything works fine. Now i have to migrate the DB from that old machine to a new one with Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit. I've tryied to in

  • Problem with Character Set in Oracle database 10gOctober 11

    Hi, I tried to import one tablespace into test server. Source server with Oracle 8i and Target server with Oracle database 10g. The error I get is Import: Release - Production on Thu Aug 3 00:20:49 2006 Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. Al

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