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  • New error with upgrade jboss/tomcat: "Connection handle has been closed and is unusable"October 11

    Hi, This error suddenly appeared when we upgraded from jboss3/tomcat5.0 to jboss4.2/tomcat5.5. here's the usecase: 1) User clicks on report link 2) Crystal reports web componnent displays screen to fill in report parameters. 3) user enters parameters

  • Exception while logoutOctober 11

    Hi!: OS: Windows 2000 Professional AppServer: WebLogic Platform 8.1 sp2 Domain: Integration Domain Application: workshop 8 web app (using jpf, database control, and java control) First, I'm sorry for my poor English. I hope you can understand my ques

  • Apple Review: Missing IAPsNovember 30

    Hi, we have published 2 Apps before with In-App purchuases without problems. The third App ist beeing rejected by Apple several times. ā€˛Missing IAPs We are unable to complete the review of your app since one or more of your In App Purchases have not

  • Multi Folio App and in-app purchasesNovember 30

    Hi, I got a multi-folio app that is up and running well under iOS, with free folios inside. After completing the process of uploading public retail folios, adding them as in-app purchases in iTunes Connect and Application Loader (with screenshots, et

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