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only getting h not 4g on my htc dna

  • Photos from HTC DNA to windows 8November 30

    How do I transfer photos from my HTC DNA to my laptop with windows 8?    Keeping track of your photos is important mhome. I would love to help with steps to transfering photos. Here is a link to help with the steps http://vz.to/13Xiz7s .I hope this i

  • HTC DNA Backup Assistant won't work since 1/1/13November 30

    HELP!  No matter what we've done - hard reset and GOT A BRAND NEW HTC DNA - still backup assistant won't work since 1/1/13.  This is NOT anything to do with Facebook. This all started with that same 1/1/13 error that so many of you got.  The tech als

  • Can't call contacts using Voice Command on HTC DNANovember 30

    On my old HTC Thunderbolt I could touch the microphone icon and use the voice command to call someone in my contact list.  It does not work on my new HTC DNA.  This feature kept me from having wrecks while driving because all I had to do was punch on

  • My HTC DNA powered down last night and I can not get it to power onNovember 30

    There was ~50% battery life on my phone last night when I went to bed.  I did not plug it into the charger.  This morning, the phone was dead.  I plugged it into the wall charger, and came back 3 hours later.  It still would not turn on.  I would get

  • I can't open older notes (pre mid-August) in native Notes app (htc dna).November 30

    I can't open older notes (pre mid-August) in native Notes app (htc dna).  Gives me message "Sorry, this note is broken. You are not able to open this note." Does anyone know if there was an update problem, or if the notes can be fixed or retriev

  • HTC DNA stuck in update processNovember 30

    I am trying to update my HTC DNA and for the past hour it has been stuck. It restarted the update process 3 times within an hour and it keeps getting stuck in the same place. It is plugged in into a charger into a power strip. What can I do, if anyth

  • My experience with the Kitkat 4.4.2 battery drain on HTC DNAOctober 11

    I started to notice degraded battery life some time late spring/early summer. I figured it was due to one or more apps I had loaded or some other fault of mine. I didn't connect it at first to the then recent Kitkat update. As I looked online for way

  • Since the last update my HTC DNA doesn't auto-connect with SYNC anymore.  I have tried unpairing and repairing and restarting my phone.  I can still connect manually but I cannot locate a setting to turn on the auto-connect.November 30

    How do I enable the auto-connect to SYNC in my Ford Escape again?    Hello Me29. I love the convenience of using Bluetooth in my car, and I want to make sure you don't miss out. Please follow the steps in this link to troubleshoot the SYNC feature: h

  • HTC DNA keeps rebootingNovember 30

    Every 15 seconds my phone keeps rebooting. Any ideas?Can you power the phone down, leave off and perform a factory reset or safe mode start?Read other 3 answers

  • HTC DNA media server battery drainNovember 30

    After an automatic Verizon update I gained a new problem. Media server is always running. It uses on average 25% of my battery. I have disabled everything. Even turned off sync and mobile data. Media server never stops. I never had the issue prior to

  • Connecting to computer no thumb nail of photos using HTC DNA.November 30

    I use my phone a lot to take photos and transfer them to my computer using windows explorer (file manager) When I select the folder where the photos are on my phone all I see are blank thumb nails. I cannot see the image which makes it very difficult

  • HTC DNA 4.2.2November 30

    Anyone else having issues with GPS not locking on?  I've gone through 2 different devices now and no application will find a satellite.  Tried reseating SIM, GPS Status App, and pretty much exhausted tech support.  Driving me crazy!    I don't want y

  • HTC DNA Best Screen protection for 1080PNovember 30

    So I have the new DNA and purchased a pretty good screen protector. Problem is that it completely makes having 1080P worthless as it dulls the screen. I think the one I have may be anti glare so I am wounder if anyone here has had good luck with a sc

  • HTC DNA uses data when "Mobile Data" is set to off.November 30

    I usually keep my phone sitting on my desk by my computer and when I get a text the speakers make that weird static noise.  More and more though I have been hearing this noise when there was no text incoming.  So I picked up my phone when it did it t

  • Iphone 5 or HTC DNA?November 30

    I got the DNA, not sure if it's too big for me, plus I've heard better things about Iphone since my purchase - thinking about returning for the Iphone ... but not sure how they compare. Any insight here? Thanks!Speaking from an iPhone 5 user (I've ow

  • HTC DNA issues since the updateNovember 30

    I am still having issues with my DNA since the update. It takes a few seconds to show that a text has actually been sent and the mail server for Yahoo through the phone and not a Yahoo app now is a joke. Mail now is not pushed even though it is selec

  • HTC DNA some duplicate contacts & some missing infoNovember 30

    Hello, I bought a DNA over the weekend- I noticed that when Back-up Assistant imported my contacts, half of them are in my phone twice (a few are in 3 times) and some of them are missing information. I have the Droid X - please tell me if there is a

  • I cant figure out why my HTC Droid DNA is no longer recognized by my computer when i hook it up with the USB cable that came with the phone.October 11

    I used to be able to just plug in my phone with the USB cable to my Windows 7 computer and browse phone storage with no issues. Now my computer sees it as an android phone but when it tries to automatically install the drivers for my phone on the com

  • HTC One is making a faint "chirping" sound and won't stop.  Please help.November 30

    And did I mention that I just got this phone today after exchanging it for the one I got last week that had the same problem.  The people at the Verizon store heard the chirping and had no clue.  So, they just gave me a new phone.  Now this new one i

  • 4100n printer is no longer recognized by my laptop when i plug it inOctober 11

    I have an HP 4100n black ink printer and it has stopped working for no apparent reason. When I plug it in to my laptop it will not recognise the USB device. I have not changed the drivers at all. My laptop's OS is Vista.  I have tried reloading the d

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