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  • Timeouts and "cancelled" notifications...October 11

    Greetings, We are using the standard (unmodified) version of the iExpense workflows (11.5.5 on Windows, WF 2.6.1), and have a curious and annoying problem... 1. User submits expense report 2. "Approval Request" notification times-out (after 5 da

  • SharePoint Foundation 2013 installed on Windows Server 2012 not sending out email notificationOctober 11

    I have a server where i installed SP Foundation 2013 on top of Windows Server 2012. I have configured the SMTP as well as the outgoing SMTP in Central Administration of SharePoint. When i create an alert on a document library, its did not sent any em

  • Alert or Notification for Client Open and CloseOctober 11

    Hi All, How to configure an Alert or Notification, if the Client (SCC4 and SE06) is open and in modifiable state, we have spoken to our solman team and got the confirmation that there is no MT Class for SCC4 and SE06. If this is possible through any

  • Whenever i try and open a social network app it comes up with an error message sayinng "Connect to itunes to use Push Notifications" I have successfully conntected to itunes via phone and computer however this message is still appearing and will not go?October 11

    Whenever i try and open a social network app it comes up with an error message sayinng "Connect to itunes to use Push Notifications" I have successfully conntected to itunes via phone and computer however this message is still appearing and will

  • Facebook Notifications and email notifications on ...October 11

    Hi Is that possible Facebook Notifications and email notifications on sleeping screen nokia 808 like it had on N9.. On my 808 it shows only msgs and miscalls....any fix?? Thanksnot possible unless the app supports that behaviour. but email notificati

  • Ios7 and push notifications and musicOctober 11

    this update is really starting to annoy me now. everytime i go on texts/whatsapp/kik/ anything it tells me to connect my phone to itunes to use push notifications.. so i connected to itunes and got load of songs i didnt want on my phone and no push n

  • Subscriptions and email notificationsOctober 11

    Is there a way to subscribe simply to a single question I post rather than to the entire topic, which results in tons of emails? Or is there a way (as with Mozilla forums) to be notified when a response is made to a thread I post?Something seems to b

  • CWMS and email notificationsOctober 11

    We are in the planning stages for deploying cwms. In documentation, the various email templates are described briefly. Is there further resource on the templates? For example, what is customer modifiable? How are we limited - only certain sections of

  • Smartband and Google+ notificationsOctober 11

    Hi There, just received my Z2 with bundled smartband yesterday - loving it so far! I only wonder if notifications for google+ will be added to the apps list, as this would make the smartband my perfect companion. Thanks for your answer! kind regards,

  • Keynote and Tweetdeck notificationsOctober 11

    I would like a  twitter feed to appear during my keynote presentations. I've tried tweetdeck, but the notifications do not appear in front of the presentation (when in slideshow mode). Is there a way to force the notifications to appear on top? Incid

  • 8830 and Email NotificationsOctober 11

    Does anyone know of a way to shut off the email message indicator and the new mail (with star indicator) w/o affecting the email push?  Ie:  When I get home at night, I don't want to see how many messages I have or even the indicator that there is ne

  • PO and Requisition NotificationsOctober 11

    Using standard functionality in R12, 1. When purchasing buyer returns the requisition with a reason, can the requestor, req approver be notified via email about this? How? 2. Let say, the PO approver (someone from finance dept) rejects the PO due to

  • Jabber and Voicemail NotificationsOctober 11

                       Hello guys! Is it possible to receive voicemail notification on both jabber and desk phone at the same time? For example, if a user has a desk phone as primary extension on CUCM 8.6, the Unity use that extension for VM. But if the

  • Procedures and Email NotificationsOctober 11

    boldEN*bold* Hi everyone!! In my BPM development, i'm trying to automatize the email notifications, based on due process periods. Also, I need to inform, based on the delay, some other participants that escalates the alarm message. Is it possible to

  • Ringtones and email notifications!October 11

    I just got the droid razr yesterday (it's also my first smartphone) and I can't figure out how to get ringtones! My husband has a plain phone and sent me ringtones but when I open them they play the music but there is nothing under options saying use

  • SSO and Extended notificationsOctober 11

    Hi Friends,   We are using extended notifications to send work item as attachment(SAP GUI shortcut) to outlook and it is working fine. But the shortcut attachments are not working in case the user has an "SSO" enabled for him, it is asking for a

  • Facebook and twitter notificationsOctober 11

    Hey I'm using nokia asha 502, recently i haven't been getting notifications from apps like Facebook and twitter, they nolonger working. On the settings of the phone i have turned on Notifications...... Please helpKeep sure that the mobile data is on.

  • Juk and KDE NotificationsOctober 11

    When I get sound notifications from any kde programm ( kopete for example) and when current track in Juk ended (after sound notification), volume in Juk always up to 100%. what could go wrong? if after notification I reset volume, it don't increase L

  • Email and BBM NotificationsOctober 11

    I just got a replacement phone and I get sounds notifications for both email and BBM that I want to adjust or turn off.  That said, when I go to the "notifications" area of "System Settings" and scroll down to "Applications"

  • Facebook and Viber NotificationsOctober 11

    Ok so hey, i am just asking about my Nokia Lumia 520. So i have Facebook, Messenger and Viber. Now i receive Messenger notifications, but i dont receive Facebook and Viber messages. I went on my notifications+actions on my settings, and ironically i

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