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  • SAP Payment Processing to BACS, SWIFT and CHAPSOctober 11

    Hi everyone I'm new to SDN, although been working with SAP for seven years now (taken my time getting here!). Does anyone have experience of the SAP Payment Medium Workbench and follow-on payment processing to CHAPS, BACS and SWIFT? I'm trying to loc

  • PLEASE HELP! - when i go to open up itunes this message appears "This copy if itunes is corrupted or not installed properly" If i remove itunes will i lose all my bac ups?October 11

    when i go to open up itunes this message appears "This copy if itunes is corrupted or not installed properly" If i remove itunes will i lose all my bac ups?Let's try a repair install of iTunes first. Restart the PC. If you're using Vista or 7, n

  • Error while uploading Bank statement for BACSOctober 11

    Hi All, We are facing a error while uploading a bank statement for BACs, the system is not autoposting (clearing the open items) for the BACs file. The bank statement is as below :20:20081015 :25:200000/50414107 :28:28290/01 :60F:C081015GBP1176,45 :6

  • Perform unicode to UTF-8 conversion on F110 bacs payment file in ABAPOctober 11

    Hi, I am facing a conversion issue for the UK BACS payment files. The payment run tcode F110 creates a payment file but the file when created on the application server has soem sort of code conversion. If I removed the # value, i can read most of the

  • BACS  File for Vendor Payments in Foreign CurrencyOctober 11

    Hi, My client has Bank Accounts in UK both in GBP and USD currency. I am trying to generate a BACS file for payments made in currency other than GBP. The BACS file generation for GBP payments are in place and is working fine. But when I am trying to

  • No data media can be created for the proposal run - Bacs PaymentOctober 11

    Hi, When i schedule program RFFOGB_T for bacs payment and select proposal run only i get the following error "No data media can be created for the proposal run". But when i execute the program with out selecting the check box " Proposal run

  • MT940 statement BACS DME auto clearingOctober 11

    Hi Friends, Needed some help on automatic clearing of bank open items when processing electronic bank statement (MT940 format). When automatic payment is done through F110 , a DME file is created. In the bank statement config , the external transacti

  • Multiple Spool Requests for BACS PaymentOctober 11

    Hi, We are running payment program F110 for BACS payment. When we run F110 in production system, irrespective of no. of. vendors or payment line items, only one spool request is generated. But when we run F110 in quality system, multiple spool reques

  • Problems installing contacts to Nokia N8 using Nok...October 11

    Hi everyone I cannot for the life of me get my contacts list which I backed up from my Nokai N82 onto my Nokia N8-00. The file is a straight forward .nbu file, which I have tried to upload through Nokia suite, directly to the phones harddrive, and SD

  • Want to add text to mail body of  BACS Remittance AdviceOctober 11

    Hi Experts, Blelow is the requirement. User is sending the remittance advice to vendors, user wants to include a u2018fixedu2019 text also in that mail. User is sending remittance advice to vendor in PDF format which is attached in a mail, I need to

  • Can't copy image/video from Nok 5800 XM to PCNovember 30

    Owh...i have no idea again....... i've tried many ways, but the files are failed to be copied, i've tried by using nok pc suite&mass storage mode to transfer them, but it's always failed. it seems that the files i copy are corrupted or uncompleted. l

  • Change output codepage of BACS filesNovember 30

    Hi All, I am smoothing out BACS processing methods and notice that part of the job here is to open the BACS files produced by SAP and resave the file as ANSII encoding from unicode (the files are saved to the App server as opposed to temse). this is

  • Nokia 808 installed as a camera by Windows XP, Nok...November 30

    Hello, all. After setting the USB mode to "Nokia Suite" on my Nokia 808, I connected it to my computer via USB cable. However, Windows installed the 808 as a camera. So, when I open Nokia Suite it cannot connect to the 808. This is extremely fru

  • Bank key uk: bacs/chapsNovember 30

    Hey, what should be used as a bank key in the UK? As the CHAPS sort code is part of the IBAN-code, it would be logical to use that sort code. But how does this work than for domestic (BACS) payments. Or would it be necessary to create 1 bank account

  • [Solved] How to make Jabber chat apps work on Noki...November 30

    I had a problem with any third-party chat apps not being able to connect to the network. Nokia Asha 210 Dual Sim - Chat apps fail to connect My Nokia 210 works well both with GPRS and WiFi. The internet browser works ok, as well as Nokia Chat. Howeve

  • What is this APN called NOK or nokia_apnNovember 30

    Some applications that need internet connection display NOK and nokia_apn as available access points. What do they mean? Solved! Go to Solution.You have no access point named as such in any folder in Settings>Connectivity>Destinations ? Which apps s

  • Why Wont GPS Work with the Nokie 5530 + Nokia LD-4...November 30

    Ok, ive played around with all the settings, etc. The only lights being displayed on the ld-4w gps module are the green light and the blue light. the gps light is not turning on. it is all paired with the nokie 5530 phone. Ovi maps is installed, all

  • New Firmware needed Nok E71-1 300.21.012November 30

    New Firmware needed FOR MY Nok E71-1 300.21.012 Here is 400.XXX.XXx RELEASED BUT ITS NOT FOR MY PRODUCT CODEYES!! there is exactly an error on typing. after 60th character on sms,typing becomes slower and slower..and also turkish characters are count

  • Need to ftp files(BACS) from Server to Users Local Machine-UrgentNovember 30

    Hello, I am working on a Oracle HRMS Implementation(11i) and have a requirement wher I need to ftp files (BACS File) from a server to Users Local Machine. Please let me know any scripts or the way forward to achieve the same using a concurrent progra

  • If i lock my Mac using iCloud "Find My.." with a code, but now i have forgotten the code i used but have my Mac bac.  How can i Unlock it????November 30

    If i lock my Mac using iCloud "Find My.." with a code, but now i have forgotten the code i used but have my Mac bac.  How can i Unlock it????If you cannot remember the passcode, you will need to restore your device using the computer with which

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