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Nokia v03.60 old phone

  • Nokia c2-00 V03-99 internet connectionNovember 30

    Hey nokia c2-00 V03-99 developers,i am tired of my beautiful nokia c2-00 internet connection,i reinstall 3 or 4 times using nokia suite but the device completly unable to connect applications to the internet.please nokia need to help resolve the prob

  • When the nokia c2-00 V03-99 update will be release...November 30

    I'm tired with my nokia c2-00 since it can't connect internet to applications such as opera mini and the like and using the default web is costy and slower.so i'm waiting for an update if that will be a solution. I hope updating it might be a remedy

  • Nokia 6270 software update from v03.65 to v03.81 o...November 30

    Hi everyone... I was looking through the nokia uk web site for software update for my nokia 6270 phone.... read through all the topics posted by people in the nokia forums.... so came to only one conclusion that the new softwares updates for nokia 62

  • Nokia 6270 software update from v03.65 to v03.81November 30

    Hi everyone... I was looking through the nokia europe web site for software update for my nokia 6270 phone.... read through all the topics posted by people in the nokia forums.... so came to only one conclusion that the new softwares updates for noki

  • Nokia 6230i v03.40 Language ProblemNovember 30

    this is very strange.... when i go into the phone settings and then languages from there only the work automatic shows there and i cant change the language of the phone the strange thing is that if i insert another SIM card into the phone it works fi

  • I Need help exactly from Nokia c2-00 developersNovember 30

    Please tell me what the hell you have done to nokia c2-00 v03-99 differently from other nokia phones? It has a problem of connecting applications to the internet though my operator sent me the right internet setting.i am using only the default web br

  • Download failure to Nokia 6230iNovember 30

    I have a Nokia 6230i, with firmware V03.70. I cannot download wallpapers, video clips & some ringtones. I have tried different sources for the content, ie vodafone live, monstermob, but I receive the same error message - 'Downloading failed'. I've be

  • MMS + Nokia PC Suite + 6230iNovember 30

    Hi, I just installed the new Nokia PC Suite 7 and I have a few issues : MMS are not being able to be sent or saved : every time I try to create a MMS and send or save it, I get the message "Failed to send the message" 2nd issue : I'm unable to s

  • [Nokia 5700] Marking and unmarking messages: stran...November 30

    Cheers, When I press the # just ONCE, and I scroll down using the joystick the phone marks every message I come across. When I press the # key again, it UNmarks every message I come across. Holding down the # key and scrolling down does not do a thin

  • Help needed on updating nokia 5200November 30

    hi everyone i have a nokia 5200 and i was tryin to update its firmware for ages... i got v03.92 13-10-06 RM-174 usb 1.1 9 i just thought it may be the problem0 and the latest nokia software updater.. whenever i try updating my phone it says cannot lo

  • Nokia 5310 FirmWare UpdateNovember 30

    I am Using 5310 Xpress Music edition phone. It has the firmware version V03.60. The phone reboots while playing MP3 files. I would like to update my firmware. I checked with nokia software updater V1.4.23en that the phone has V3.63 firmware update. I

  • [HELP] Nokia 3250November 30

    problem no.1 i update nokia 3250 RM-38 from v03.21 to v03.24 through using the Nokia software updater. after updated i found that my Chinese language gone, it suppose in the v03.21,but now all is gone,i cant even read Chinese words. *i am looking for

  • Nokia 5200 problem with earphones.November 30

    Some help please.when I plug in the supplied earphones sound still comes out of the speaker rather than the earphone,Is there something I'm doing wrong?I have the same problem. No answers to solve the problem? No answers from nokia? nokia 5200 Vodafo

  • Nokia 5700 xpress music head phone problemsNovember 30

    hey! i bought my nokia 5700 december 2007 and its  confugration :                  v03.27                  12-04-07                  rm-230                  nokia 5700(15.01) my head phone is HSS4,AD44,                    hey few months back i realis

  • [Software Updates Problem for My Nokia 6131]November 30

    Hi Everyone, My name is Wilson And I am from Singapore.I am here to ask about the software updates,which my country do not have support for it.That why i need help for my nokia 6131. Firstly, My nokia 6131 show some problems for E.g "when i type #000

  • Nokia 206 no Whats app!November 30

    Bought the single sim version in UK today and it has no whats app! It is locked to 02 network could this be why? By doing *#0000# it brings up the following 206.1 V03.58 RM-873 Does this version now have/support whats app? I thought only dual sims di

  • Nokia firmwareNovember 30

    i have bluetooth compatibility with my car however it doesn't suppot the firmware on my phone (v04.81). the firmware which does work apparently is v04.46, v05.30, v03.80, can anyone tell me if these can be downloadd onto a 6500 slide and the link to

  • Nokia 6280 Firmware versions.November 30

    Just wondering what version of the 6280 firmware T-Mobile users have? Whould be interesting as it appears they have the PTT option available, which is not available in my firmware Nokia 6280 V03.60 10-02-06 RM-78I am not sure what the latest firmware

  • ATT E71x v03.28 update?November 30

    I updated my ATT E71x to v03.28 from v03.27 yesterday through device manager OTA. Software version date is 8/17/2009 Does anyone know what updates / fixes v03.28 might address? I also noticed that Nokia's standalone software updater v1.7.3en also rec

  • Nokia 6131 Software update ProblemNovember 30

    Hello from Egypt My mobile has code number : 0532325 a Nokia 6131 with software V03.70 12-05-06 RM-115 I am trying to update since a long time to the latest software but when ever i try using the latest PC suite and software updater it says that the

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