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Nokia t6060 restarts

  • Nokia E5 restart when log in SkypeNovember 30

    Hello, I own a Nokia E5, purchased in November 2010. I've been using Skype since March 2011 and it worked fine but sometimes got stucked and my phone suddenly restarted. Two days ago, Skype stopped working and Nokia is restarting every single time I

  • My nokia 500 restart automaticly what should i do ...November 30

    my nokia 500 restart automaticly what should i do ? I also updated it once but problem prist nd some times its camera also doest open plz suggest me what should i do ??Hi ARehman, Welcome to the Forum. Could you check if your phone is up to date? Ent

  • Nokia 520 restarts with SD card after AmberNovember 30

    hi My Nokia 520 restarts with a SD card inserted. I have used a Sandisk 16Gb and then a Samsung class 10 card. The issue was not present before the Amber update !! Could anyone who has experienced a similar issue suggest a solution ? thanks ranhi  th

  • Nokia 5800 restarts when opening themesOctober 11

    Hi, I have been experiencing a problem with my nokia 5800 ,, everytime i go to the themes panel from settings the phone restarts , what could be the problem ? please help ... Thanksgo to application...file mgr and then select ur card and and in optio

  • HELP!! Nokia N95 restarting !! and more!!November 30

    Okay im now on my 3rd Nokia N95 from the 02 network the first 2 handsets had high pitch whining noise and awful sliders which were wobbling on the right hand side, appaulling workmanship, i dont even know how they were allowed to leave the Nokia Fact

  • Nokia E72 restarting after 2-3 minuts!November 30

    yesterday i have pruchased new nokia E-72 mobile phone and i was surprised that its restarting after every 3 minuts, i dnot know why its doing this. to slove this issue  i have update the software and now my all the application are update but thei pr

  • Nokia 6233 - Restarts automaticallyNovember 30

    I need help with my fone: I recently bought this phone during christmass 2006, i noticed that everytime I play music the fone suddenly restarts without any warning. I'm not sure if it's only the music which causes this but thats when i only seen it h

  • Nokia 6303 restart after deleting photo + media pl...November 30

    I have a problem with a nokia 6303. After taking a photo and deleting it -> I pressed options and the phone restarted Is it a software bug? or? At the Menu media.. if I go to the Media player and there is no song "preloaded" (ie a previous li

  • Nokia N900, restarting problemNovember 30

    im having a Nokia N900, my phone is getting stuck from the begining, after updating maemo 5 the phone could not restart and stuck in loading screenit is fixed in the latest firmware...but there is a new issue in the new firmware regarding sound level

  • My Nokia 5800xm restart itself when being used!November 30

    I'm confused about what to do.........my phone keeps restarting itself whenever it's in use, that is...browsing, and @ the same time listening to music. Anyone there!1. How often does it happen. 2. Have u a large no of msg on the Phone memory or larg

  • Nokia 5310 Restarts when 1 is pushed twice in text...November 30

    My 5310 (which I love, btw) has recently developed a fault (i presume with software) where if I push 1 twice in the compose text area, it restarts, with no warning at all. This goes for smilies and such, and while I can avoid them, I don't want to ha

  • Sometimes my Nokia 5800XM restarts when playing Mo...November 30

    Sometimes  it restarts when playing long length videos, so i wanna know is it normal? If you found my post useful hit the White Star.I have Nokia N97 Mini. It has exactly the same problem. You can listen to music through the phone, bit when you put t

  • Nokia 5233 RestartingNovember 30

    5233 Moderator's notes: The post was edited. A more appropriate subject is provided.Its not clear what problem you are facing ? Is it that your Nokia 5233 is going on restarting on its own ? If YES, remove the Memory Card and SIM and see if the phone

  • Nokia c7 restartingNovember 30

    my nokia c7 keeps restarting all time help me please are there any new frimware will release and whenI bought 2 nokia C7. First one restarted just 1 time in first 15 days. But the second one has that problem every now and then. It restarts at least 1

  • Nokia N79 restarting problemNovember 30

    My N79 restart twice today, but only when I plug-in the headphones. Don't know why. Please help. thxit is fixed in the latest firmware...but there is a new issue in the new firmware regarding sound level...the sound level has gone down and the nokia

  • Nokia c5 RestartNovember 30

    Hi please help i have a problem with my brand new nokia c5. Movie recording can not longer its around 3-8 or 15-40 mints and phone are restart.i am using 8gb memory card of kingston.my 2 gb with my nokia set i already check but the problem same resta

  • Nokia E52 restarts everytime using WIFI to access...November 30

    Everytime when i try to use WIFI to access Internet either using browser to surf,  accessing  the facebook or youtube applications using WIFI, the phone screen goes dim,  and goes back to the main screen (the WLAN is automatically off when the phone

  • NOKIA N73 Restart ProblemNovember 30

    Hi, I have nokia n73 music edition. While attending the call, my cell restarts automatically. So I have tried formatting the phone and memory card but still problem is there. Could anyone please help me out? Thanks, TegbirSoft reset or Hard reset tri

  • Nokia N97 - Restart when I swip for unlocke and an...November 30

    Hello everybody. I need a help. My cellphone restart when I swip it for unlock or answer a call. What Should I do. Who can help me? Try using a different theme (preferably Nokia default..).. If the problem persisits...a Soft Reset by dialing  *#7370#

  • Nokia N96 restarts while using Gps, Google Maps an...November 30

    Hi guys, I've got this problem with my n96. When I try to use Nokia maps or Google maps, it restarts automatically. Last month I updated the firmware to 30.033. It was working fine before update, I had no problem with nokia and google maps, but after

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