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nokia n97 keyguard lock

  • Hard reset Nokia N97 without knowing lock passwordNovember 30

    I received this phone from our inventory at work.  I am not sure who used it before me.  But, I do not know the lock pass code.  How can I hard reset it without knowing the lock password.  Everything I try, I am prompted for the lock password except

  • Nokia 5800XM Keyguard or Security Lock EPIC FAIL?November 30

    Hi all, i am a DIE HARD Nokia fan, all 9 of my phones in my entire life have ALWAYS been nokias,  since my first phone i've MAXIMISED 100% efficiency with ALL of my handsets. from my 3320, 6360, 6230, 6101, 6300 and now my 5800XM with LOVING my phone

  • Problem updating Nokia N97 firmware over the arir ...October 11

    OK here goes, I'm having some real problems updating the firmware on my white nokia N97 I recently bought it of the web as a 12 month contract onto t-mobile (not there website though) in th uk After noticing some problems i googled and noticed a firm

  • Nokia N97 software version 11.X.021 releasedNovember 30

    Nokia N97 software version 11.X.021 released This software release includes significant improvements in the software stability, especially email, imaging, USB detection, widget stability and display transitions. To enable you to get the most out of y

  • N97 screen lock hangs after reciving callNovember 30

    helo everybody,currently i got a new nokia n97. phone is working fine, yesterday i updated mobile software with 11.0..x . my phone screen locks many times i tried to unlock it but it wouldnt unlock then finally i need to restart my phone then it come

  • My Nokia n97 mini was stolen, and when i found it ...November 30

    I have a problem, my Nokia n97 mini was stolen, and when i found it my "lock code" was chandged. . .i used "hard reset" bud my phone dosent work at code 12345 or 0000. . .how can I ever found out witch is the code after "hard rese

  • Parental Controls for Nokia N97 miniNovember 30

    Is there a way to restrict Nokia N97 mini with parental controls to download unsafe applications (18+ apps)? I just want to restrict my son from downloading such apps? Thanks.Whay don't you just press the button Power from the top of the phone and go

  • Thinking of getting another nokia n97November 30

    I have a HTC Desire on 3 uk and like the phone but want a second device for sat nav .. i am thinking of bidding on a 6 month nokia n97 locked to 3 uk as I loved the phone when I had it last time and must admit didnt have the dreaded error messages re

  • Question about Nokia N97November 30

    I just ordered Nokia N97 ($699). Is it with a plan or not? Can I use this phone in China (WCDMA) because I do not want it to be locked as Iphone to AT&T. Thanks  Solved! Go to Solution.u have a N97 and it is locked like an iPhone to AT&T. please e

  • Nokia N97 SecurityNovember 30

    Heyy i've got an nokia n97 mini and i would like to know if there is a way of putting a password lock on a few things on my phone e.g. my messages, pictures, apps, etc. please help ! thank you xThe N97 mini does not have this ability built in. It doe

  • Nokia N97 empty home screen freezes out of nothingNovember 30

    Last week my Nokia N97 type RM-505 was delivered, and I had to hard reset it three times since then. I have updated the firmware to V 11.0.021. The problem is as follows: The home screen freezes totally out of the blue. All the widgets are on screen,

  • Bug when phone (N97) is lockedNovember 30

    I have installed Mail for Exchange on my phone (NOKIA N97). As per my office norms, phone locks after 20 minutes. Now the wierd prob that I am facing takes place when my phone is locked and I receive an incoming call. If there is a call, I drag my fi

  • How can I download flash player in my nokia n97?October 11

    how can I download flash player in my nokia n97??  I can't view any videos at website Moderator's Note: Subject line changed as it is not seem to be a relevant and support issue.It depends in what format the online videos are. For some formats you mi

  • NOKIA N97 and BH-507October 11

    Ho da poco comprato l'auricolare Nokia BH-607. Sono molto deluso. L'auricolare non è compatibile con il Nokia BH-607. Alla prima connessione tutto ok, infatti viene riconosciuto dal software ACA. Poi, una volta spento il telefono, o interrotta la con

  • Nokia N97 mini firmwareOctober 11

    First of all I would like to excuse me for my bad English as I am from Latvia! Recently I have bought a new Nokia N97 mini. I have backed up everything and written down all the name of software that I afterwards uninstalled as I thought that it would

  • Nokia N97, can someone help me pleaseOctober 11

    Okay i've had my Nokia n97 for more than 6months now and its been working great except lately my facebook app wasn't working and i had to update it, so last night i backed up my files on my mobile and i connected it to the pc and updated it with the

  • I have a Nokia N97. I'm looking for a smartphone that is Blue tick approved for reception in rural Australia, which means only Telstra Next G. I would appreciate hearing about any smart phone with gd rural reception, and esp new versions of AndroidOctober 11

    There are reports of some 3G, or NextG ph's without a blue tick, with as good a reception as the blue ticks. This may include iphone, HTC Desire, and a new to Telstra shop Motorola Defy, that has a blue tick. Telstra staff are not able to give any in

  • Nokia N97 software update V20October 11

    All Those out there Running  V12 on the unlocked Vodaphone N97. That are now on  02  V20 is now ready for download on the Nokia updater Suite Or Ovi Suite In the UK Ps don't forget to backup all the stuff on your N97 first on Nokia suite. The update

  • Nokia N97 synchronization canceled and lost messag...October 11

    Hi all, I've a problem with my Nokia N97. I was using Ovi Suite, and trying to synchronize everything from my phone to the computer. The process started fine, but it was taking too long, and after more than one hour of processing, I was forced to lea

  • How to sync calendar from max osx mountain lain to nokia n97October 11

    Dear Colleague, My quation as in the subject "how to sync calendar from max osx mountain lain to nokia n97" Kindly help me. Thank you, Reagrds, andreasNot possible. Nokia hardware is not compatible with Mac OS X.Read other 3 answers

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