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nokia n95 (02.01)

  • Who can solve iSync problem with Nokia N95? (I use the Nokia plug already)October 11

    Hello Since I bought my new cool Mac:, I sync my N95 with iSync and the Nokia N95 plug-in. Thinking at first that is works flawlessly (as other members here seem to think as well) I later found out, that if I make changes to any calendar or "to do&qu

  • New Firmware Update for Nokia N95 (RM-159 ) :Decem...October 11

    Hello All, It looks like new firmware update is available for Nokia N95 basic model . Earlier Version of Firmware was : 30.0.015 Now the latest available Firmware was : 31.0.014 When i connected my N95 to PC using PC-Suite, it notified me about this.

  • Nokia N95 8GB Album Art and Album Folders IssueOctober 11

    I have been hunting for for a resolution for two issues with the N95 8GB Media Player all over the web. 1. Adding artwork (CD Covers) to audio tracks (or albums) seems to be at best hit and miss. Most of the time it just does not work. 2. Deleting an

  • Not sure if Micro SD work with Nokia N95October 11

    Today I went to tesco, and bought myself a Micro SD 2GB for my new phone Nokia N95. I'm not sure if it will work or fit in. It does say its suitable for most Nokia phones. Also will my computer recognise it?The N95 should have no difficulty with the

  • New firmware for nokia n95 v21.0.016October 11

    greetings all, i own a nokia n95 classic. and there is new firmware available is v21.0.016 which has few interesting features. and i would like to update to that.... but it is available only at ncp...... which asks to keep your device for a day or mo

  • Problem sync iCal with Nokia N95October 11

    I´m trying to set up iSync to synchronize my iCal (MobileMe calendars) with Nokia N95 8 Gb. Contacts is synchronizing fine but when I try to click the check-box to define which calendars I want to sync I get this message: "Before you can synchronize

  • When can we use isync with Nokia N95?October 11

    When will the Nokia N95 be on the list of compatible phones for isync. G4 Powerbook   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  It already is, and has been for a long time... http://www.nokia.com/A4299040Read other 2 answers

  • Wlan problem with nokia n95 8g RM-320October 11

    i have nokia n95 8g RM-320  frimware wlan stopped working and i did a lot of things but nothing happened 1- format phone memory 2- reinstall software many times 3- restore factory settings 4- restore beackup without settings the problem is

  • Problem with nokia n95October 11

    i bougt in February 2010 a Nokia n 95 (code IMEI) that in October went out of work. I brought the telephone to the Nokia Assistance Center in Modena, Italy, where I live, but, after two weeks the answer was that the phone was rusty inside and therefo

  • Problem with nokia n95 lcd. Black screen and flex ...October 11

    Hi i have a nokia n95. I have it since its first year in the market. I am very pleased with the phone but the last month sudenly when i slide to open the phone's screen was not responding. The actual phone was working great. I could receive calls and

  • Can not connect to internet using bluetooth connection with Nokia N95October 11

    Hello! I'm trying to connect to internet using my Nokia N95 as a modem and connecting my Macbook Pro and Nokia using bluetooth connection. Mac says me "Can not connet to PPP server..." When i connect using usb cable connection between Nokia and

  • My Nokia N95 doesn't show the codes like *#0000# a...October 11

    My Nokia N95 doesn't show the codes like *#0000# and *#06# anymore. Actually all the codes , even those for restoring to the factory settings  don't work anymore. Now when i type them in  , the phone only bips once and that's all. They worked before

  • What are differences between nokia N95 8gb new upd...October 11

    what are differences between nokia N95 8gb new update V20 and previous update V15 and what are the bugs in new update V20??Does your search not work? /discussions/board/message?board.id=swupdate&threa​d.id=31380Read other 3 answers

  • What are the problems in Nokia N95 8G ??October 11

    what are the problems in Nokia N95 8G other than cover of camera lens?? thanks very much.*** daisy7330 please do not post an off-topic response in a topic not relating to the subject. Please post a new topic regarding your problem. *** Generally the

  • Nokia N95 - Faulty ?October 11

    Hi Everyone I am new here... I dont know if this post is in the right place.. but my question is I have a Nokia N95 which is N95 RM-159 v21.0.016 Well the problem, I have is when I switch my Nokia N95 on... The Keypad lights will show up.. after the

  • Nokia N95 SpeakersOctober 11

    Hello there, Have a problem with the speakers when playing music on my Nokia N95. I only here the music via the small speaker at the front, not the two at the side. My ringtone on the other hand uses the speakers on the side so it is not a hardware p

  • Nokia N95 connection errorOctober 11

    Hi Guys, I would appreciate, if someone could help me with Nokia N95's connection error problem. I have my Nokia n95 from orange. From last two weeks every time I try to make a call, I get an error saying 'Connection error'. I tried upgrading my phon

  • On nokia n95October 11

    on nokia n95 why is my contact photos so small when contact ringsYou may have a problem with your phone. I have tried the link on a pc and a phone and it works fine and installs ok. Post your firmware version EXACTLY as it appears on screen. To find

  • Nokia N95 Call/SMS barringOctober 11

    How can I block calls and SMS from a certain number on my Nokia N95?There isn't a program like that but see these: This program blocks unwanted calls. This program blocks unwanted texts. You may be able to find cheaper or free alternatives by searchi

  • Nokia n95 8gp does not recognize the Kabiotran thr...October 11

    Hey friends.. i have nokia N95 8GB device and my pc has windows 7 with 7 and fully updated version. I was getting the same message and them iuninstalled the driver and pc suite. after words the driver again showed a yellow dot and my divice was not c

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