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nokia n95 (02.01) next update

  • Nokia n95 code 0546858 software updateNovember 30

    hi im from south africa. i own a nokia n95. but i cant update my phone with the NSU. i have been trying for very long time searching for updates.(for about 3 months) the only measage i get is: Sorry, there is no software available for your product co

  • Nokia N95 8gb latest firmware update 21/02/13October 11

    Hi, I have had a problem whilst updating my N95 8gb and now it appears, I think, that the  firmware version I have is an older one than I had previously, but there isn't anything newer showing as availaable. I have 35,0.001. I am sure that the last t

  • Nokia N95 8GB refuses to update - help!October 11

    I've tried for months to update the software on my N95 8GB but various versions of PC Suite then Suite have respectively refused to work. The Suite software has updated again, and I hoped this time maybe the update would work to update my phone's fir

  • Nokia N95 - hardware problemNovember 30

    Hello everyone! I'm using Nokia N95 and I was update my firmware of phone on V 31.0.017. I'm downloaded Nokia Software update on my computer, I installed the program and then I started updating my firmware of phone. Everything was fine and update was

  • New Firmware Update for Nokia N95 (RM-159 ) :Decem...October 11

    Hello All, It looks like new firmware update is available for Nokia N95 basic model . Earlier Version of Firmware was : 30.0.015 Now the latest available Firmware was : 31.0.014 When i connected my N95 to PC using PC-Suite, it notified me about this.

  • Software update NOKIA N95 8GbNovember 30

    Trying to update my NOKIA N95 8G with Nokia OVI suite because Nokia PC suite doesn;t offer software update anymore. Getting the well known error : 12017 . I looked up forums and saw all kind of solutions , turning off Internet Connection Sharing ( IC

  • Browser Encoding problem after update Nokia N95 8G...November 30

    Hi I installed the software update for my phone Nokia N95 8GB, every thing goes fine, after completing the update I am not able to browse any arabic web page ( it is unreadable ) even if you change the default encoding to all possible values, does an

  • Nokia N95 - Software update v20.0.015 for Phone CO...November 30

    I purchased my Nokia N95 in the New York Flagship store in July. The phone hasn't really lived up to it's expectations and has been quite disappointing. I have however been given hope with the v20.0.015 software update. I have just gone to update the

  • Nokia N95 8GB updates?November 30

    Should be receiving my nokia n95 8gb tomorrow Just wondering if there are any updates I will need to download? (such as maps etc) I'd have thought a new model would be fully updated but just to be sure..... thanksThe firmware will be fully up to date

  • Nokia N95 Mobile Search 4.0 update error after fir...November 30

    I upgraded to Nokia N95 new firmware i.e. 20.0.015 I got the new Search in the menu and on active standby. But the application does not work. I downloaded it from the nokia mobile search site but during installation it says "Update Error!" I can

  • Nokia N95 Software Updater Fatal ErrorNovember 30

    I have recently bought a nokia n95 and when i inserted the nseries disc to insatll the software, i got an error with the nokia software updater. I went on nokia website and tried to download again, but came back with a fatal error, can anyone help, i

  • Nokia n95 OTA update?November 30

    Hi Guys, This my first post on this forum. So pl forgive me if this has already been posted elsewhere (i did look around before though) Anyway, my query is: Can the nokia N95 be updated (firmware) OTA (either WIFI or 3G?)and how??? Thanks loads folks

  • UPGRADATON OF NOKIA N95--version 30.0.015 updating...November 30


  • Nokia N95 Software updateNovember 30

    I recently updated ny Nokia N95 software from V12.0.013 to V20.0.015. Before updating as advised i had taken backup of all my data in memory card. After updating the software I restored the back from Memory card back to my phone. Even though all my m

  • I updated my Nokia N95-1 BUT...!November 30

    Hi, everybody!    I updated my Nokia N95-1 from  V 21.0.015 TO  V31.0.017 but I am not happy with this V 31.0.017 and I want to downgrade it to previous version which it was V21.0.015? How much I hate the new version! How can I do that, please?Sorry

  • Nokia N95-1 firmware update "for and against"?November 30

    Hi all!!! Now i have formware: V 19-06-07 RM-159 Nokia N95(05.01) and avaible version: Version: 20.0.015 What's new in new version and sense? ( i just don't want get new problems with new version firmware... ) Thanks... Nokia! Take a care

  • Nokia N95 8GB Album Art and Album Folders IssueOctober 11

    I have been hunting for for a resolution for two issues with the N95 8GB Media Player all over the web. 1. Adding artwork (CD Covers) to audio tracks (or albums) seems to be at best hit and miss. Most of the time it just does not work. 2. Deleting an

  • New firmware for nokia n95 v21.0.016October 11

    greetings all, i own a nokia n95 classic. and there is new firmware available is v21.0.016 which has few interesting features. and i would like to update to that.... but it is available only at ncp...... which asks to keep your device for a day or mo

  • What are differences between nokia N95 8gb new upd...October 11

    what are differences between nokia N95 8gb new update V20 and previous update V15 and what are the bugs in new update V20??Does your search not work? /discussions/board/message?board.id=swupdate&threa​d.id=31380Read other 3 answers

  • Nokia n95 8gp does not recognize the Kabiotran thr...October 11

    Hey friends.. i have nokia N95 8GB device and my pc has windows 7 with 7 and fully updated version. I was getting the same message and them iuninstalled the driver and pc suite. after words the driver again showed a yellow dot and my divice was not c

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