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nokia n82 usb not working with solution

  • N82 - Nokia N82 USB Phone ParentNovember 30

    When i try to start Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Ovi Suite, it says the driver is not found. My laptop tries to find it (Windows vista) and than i get the message: Nokia N82 USB Phone Parent Class is not registered. Previously Nokia Pc Suite worked fine.M

  • Nokia N82-1 mobile phone modem in place of HUAWEI ...November 30

    I recently changed from Nokia N70 to N82-1, How do I use the Nokia N82-1 as a modem in place of a HSDPA/GPRS/GSM/3G E220 USB Modem? The latter's speed is 53.6kbps. What speed do I expect from the modem of the N82 phone? Please Post advice or solution

  • Problem with WLAN in Nokia N82October 11

    I can't set correct key in settings for WLAN connect. Access Point use Pre-Shared Key Format: Hex (64 characters) Phone allow to input only 63 characters. Model of Phone Nokia N82. Can anybody help me in this problem? Solved! Go to Solution.Hi, It ap

  • Nokia N82 Nokia Maps Freeze!!November 30

    3 days ago i bought my new nokia N82, And when i run Nokia maps application after i close it the mobile freeze!!! The Store from where i bought it has given to me 3 other N82 mobiles and all of them had the same problem!!! I believe that all Nokia N8

  • Nokia N82 nokia maps problemNovember 30

    I've bought my new Nokia N82 about 2 days ago, and have already got a problem which bothers me a lot. Basically whenever I open nokia maps, it freezes the whole phone. I can't even turn the phone off, so have to take the battery out to restart the ph

  • What kind of modem is in a Nokia N82November 30

    I would like to find out what type of a modem is in nokia N82. My question is based on the following: I have been using my Dell laptop as a recording and answering maching for my voice calls using a landline. I had been connecting my phone line thoro

  • Help - Nokia C200 - USB Cable IssueNovember 30

    Hello! Friends...  First I Thank to ajaydavidson   for my previous probem.. & Now I find some difficult when I am connection with my USB Cable to My Nokia C200. I ll post the Screen Shot, Then it bit clear to solve this... Click here! Error: Hi-Speed

  • Nokia N82 freezesNovember 30

    I have a Nokia N82, while it is a great phone, the OS on this phone leaves lot to be desired. This is from my 2 months of experience with this phone. I have Nokia Maps application, which occasionally freezes the entire phone. None of the buttons work

  • Nokia N82 Free 3 Month Trial for Voice-Guided Navi...November 30

    Hi all, Nokia promoted a free 3-month trial for the voice-guided navigation on the Nokia N82 and I'm due to be visiting a few places in Britain soon so I need the maps to get there. But being a little tight, I was hoping I could get away with the fre

  • Nokia N82 Real PlayerNovember 30

    Can I update Real Player in my Nokia N82? Solved! Go to Solution.no you can't. baseline updates to RealPlayer in older Symbian devices such as yours were only made possible by firmware updates. so you can check via Nokia suite if your phone is up to

  • Nokia N82 GPS Tracking???November 30

    Hello, Is there any program for GPS tracking? For example if i put Nokia N82 in my car can i track some how over the Internet (gprs) where my car is? Or maybe with other N82 Nokia phone. Please geave me some solution. Regars, Vladimir Message Edited

  • Flash lite 3.0 on Nokia N82November 30

    Hi, I have just updated my phone Nokia N82's firmware to the latest version. I believe, it supports Flast Lite 3.0 and make video viewing easier. Just wanted to know do I need to install Flash lite 3.0 on my phone? Is there anything I need to do afte

  • Nokia n82 great phone...when it works!November 30

    i love my nokia n82. I purchased it second hand in june. I upgraded the firmware a few weeks after. After around 2 months of ownership, after switching between sim cards a few times, it would restart every few minutes. The interval became shorter bet

  • Problem with Nokia N82October 11

    Hi there , I have a Nokia n82 with firmware V20.0.062 , when i go to nokia update webpage it said that there is update for my divice to 30.0.019 and i want to update it but when i connected it to PC and use nokia updater it said the latest version of

  • Nokia N82 , problem with contactsOctober 11

    I have a nokia N82 , but the problem is ,suppose i have a contact saved as michael and no. is suppose 8768655435. When Michael calls it displays both the name and the number ,it exposes the contact no. which i dont like ? I want to set it as only nam

  • Nokia N82 Music StorageOctober 11

    In which folder are songs automatically stored, by default, in the Nokia N82? When I transfer a song onto my Nokia N82 from another cellphone by Bluetooth, where does it get stored? In the phone memory or in the memory card? In which folder. Help ple

  • UK iphone 3gs upgraded from a nokia n82November 30

    Hi there ,Sorry if this is a stupid question but I have just upgraded my trusty old nokia n82 to the new iphone 3gs .And i was told all i needed to do was take my sim out the old phone and put it in the iphone and register on line at itunes .Oh this

  • Unable to install jar files on nokia n82November 30

    unable to install jar files on nokia n82 please help me ........... tell me hurryHi wahab999 In the case of mig33.jar if you have downloaded zip file to your PC, there are three versions included and you are presumably using the version below: mig33

  • Nokia N82 and Microsoft certificate installNovember 30

    I got my N82 after using Windows Mobile for over 6 years I decided to get a phone that does email not the otherway round. I install MfE or Mail for Exchange and started sync'ng and was told to install a certificate. After spending the best part of a

  • How to install or configure nokia n82 as a modem?November 30

    Hi, recently trying to use my phone nokia n82 to connect to my laptop for internet access. My phone have 3G service. But the problem is when i open the "one touch access" software which provide by nokia, the windows show me that there was no mod

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