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nokia n8 headphone mode

  • Nokia n8 headphone problemNovember 30

    i bought nokia n8. headphone doesn't work properly. i can't call, receive and  not change music track. plz help me ...Yes, do as Harish said. Insert it quickly in one clean motion. If you did it right, the n8 will recognize the device as a Headset. I

  • Problem in listening music from nokia x2 headphoneNovember 30

    i am unable to listen music via nokia x2 headphone,though there is no problem in listening music via headset(loudspeaker).Voice is tooooooooooooo low via headphone. plz help me out.have you tried adjust the volume when listening and are the headphone

  • Nokia 5310 Headphones problem...November 30

    I got this phone just yesterday and when I unwrapped the headphones from the plastic bag, I also unrolled the headphones and I noticed that the right ear wire is way longer than the left ear wire so it's rather uncomfortable when I put them on becaus

  • Nokia N8 headphone buttons not working :(October 11

    I recently bought a nokia n8 and when i plugged in the headset, its working fine, all the buttons on it are fine. except for the call answering button! when i recive a call and press the call answering button, there is no response to it, nothing happ

  • Nokia Bluetooth headphones: lost codeOctober 11

    I have a nokia HS-3W BT headphones and i cannot find the BT code to connect it to my phone. What shall i do? Thanks mgI suppose HS-3W is one of those models that doesn't use generic passcodes (0000 or 1234) so, the only choice would be to go to local

  • Nokia 5310 - Headphones not working, only speaker ...November 30

    Hi all, Am I missing something blatantly obvious??  I've just unwrapped my new 5310, plugged in a standard set of headphones (not the nokia ones) - but no sound comes out of them, just through the phone speaker Should it work with any headphones, or

  • Nokia N8 headphones problemNovember 30

    I bought my N8 in December. Now whenever i connect my headphones, my right headphones are not working. I have to press it tight inside or press right or left so that I can heat from both the headphones. Its not possible for me to hold that all the ti

  • Nokia bluetooth headphoneNovember 30

    hey, so i've got his nokia bluetooth handsfree that i sometime use with my macbook. i'm just wandering why when i watch something through safari, as in a clip on youtube, there is not sound output. the same occurs with quicktime and vlc, apparently t

  • Nokia N82 - headphone adaptor with remoteNovember 30

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a N82 when my contract runs out in ... gasp ... two days! However, I have one issue. It comes with a pair of headphones with a built in remote, but you can't remove the headphones and use the remote with a third party set of

  • Nokia 6120 headphone, just plug and listen?November 30

    Hi there. I'm tryin to listen to my music on music player through the stereo headphones but the sound only comes out on the phone handset itself?! am i missing something? the radio works, the sound is coming off the headphones. thanksMaybe there was

  • Nokia 5310 headphone jack problemNovember 30

    When i insert any headphones to the phone its not recognised. The headphone icon on top does not appear but the screen lights. What might be the problem?Hi Mikxling, Thanks for your post and sorry to hear of your issue. Make sure the headphone jack i

  • Can someone recommend Nokia 920 headphones?November 30

    I'm having a tough time finding  good/cheap pair of  wired headphones compatible with my Lumia 920 with volume and start/stop controls . Are iphone headset/ controls compatible with Nokia? I bought a pair of "I-Blason" (which never said "No

  • Nokia Lumia headphone mic sound BUGNovember 30

     Ok. I have a Lumia 920 and a 620.  I use hands free texting and calling a LOT.  Both Phones worked perfectly at 1st with headphone microphones. I used the V-Moda V-80's, V-Moda Crossfade LP2, Marshall Major FX, Beats Mixr, Beats Studio, but i have o

  • Nokia n8 headphone jack/OS problemNovember 30

    Even Mine headphone are also not detected after belly updatwhen i plugin headphone and restart the phone it works.... But poor audio quality..... After this process if headphone pluged out phone still in headphone mood..... No idea! Thnks for your su

  • Nokia e63 headphones not working.November 30

    Hello, When I plugged my earphones into my e63, nothing happened. The sound wasn't coming through. It worked briefly for about 1 minute and then the sound just went back to coming out of the phone's normal speakers. Sometimes when I re-plug the earph

  • Nokia N900 headphone problem...November 30

    Hi, guys! i'm not sure if this issue's been raised before, but whenever i try to plug in a different headphone on my n900 it lets out a sound like it's coming out of underwater or sometimes the sound quality's good but the volume's really low the fac

  • Nokia 808 Headphone Problem ?November 30

    I have a Nokia Stereo Headset HS-45 with  media controller AD-54 (which has volume control and other media controls ). It worked well with my nokia N8 but media controller AD-54 IS NOT WORKING with my nokia 808( I can hear the sound but volume and ot

  • Nokia 5700 Express Music HeadPhone Dedicated Butto...November 30

    I bought my nokia 5700 and i tryed to use dedicated button of my nokia 5700 headphone but it doesn't work. Anyone Can help me ? When i try to forward , pause , play the buttons doesn't work.Message Edited by desty on 29-Jun-200710:33 AM Message Edite

  • 3.5 headphone doesn't work on my E52October 11

    I've tried different headphones with mic. They won't work on my E52. regular headphones without mic will work but i need the mic to be able to answer calls while on my bike. I don't want to use bluetooth becuase it uses too much battery. Does this me

  • Nokia 701 touch sensitive problemOctober 11

    I have with me 701 with the latest firmware version, i often have touch sensitive problem. Sometimes it get ok by just switch off the phone and sometime by removing battery (becoz then button too don't work). what should i do? Someone Plz help !Hi sa

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