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  • A very strange thing happening with Nokia Map Load...October 11

    I am trying to load new maps onto my x6. When I click on Nokia Map Loader it tells me that another instance of the programme is running and that I need to close that one down first. But this is not the case. I have no other programmes running. It men

  • Using Nokia Map Loader With the E65November 30

    I bought an E65 not long ago, and I've been trying to figure out the Navigator program for some time now. I've been told that the E65 navigator is an integrated version of Nokia Maps, but I can't get Nokia map loader to recognise that there's a remov

  • Nokia Map Loader Error in connectionNovember 30

    Hi Guys, I have an N80 and have the MAPS software installed on my phone and the Nokia Map Loader software on my Laptop. However, in order for me to download the maps I have to connect my N80 to my laptop in Data Transfer Mode and then run Nokia Map L

  • Nokia Map loader 2 hangs on splash. Urgent pls hel...November 30

    using N85, PC SUITE tried reinstalling map loader many times nothing happens.. i am going overseas soon. need this working urgently.. pls advise.Hi leobox1, The latest PC suite version is So if you are not using this, then uninstal

  • Nokia map loader 2.0 betaNovember 30

    i've just downloaded the nokia map loader 2.0. one interesting feature beside the many added new features is that it recognizes the phone without going into Data Transfer mode. i mean i was able to use it with the Pc Suite mode. Fear not those who ar

  • Nokia Map Loader doesn't recognize the 5800XMNovember 30

    Hello, I have a 5800 Xpress Music and I have downloaded some maps to it from Nokia Map Loader. Now it is not working and in Nokia Map Loader it waits for the phone (it does not recognize it) when I connect it through USB. In Nokia Ovi Suite it says t

  • Nokia Map Loader 1 .1 for Mac not working on Mac O...November 30

    Hi to everybody. I'm very angry with Nokia support (is there a support ?) about Mac. I'm talking about Nokia Map Loader with N82 with Ovi maps . I reformatted my memory card, started Nokia Map Loader to download and put maps on my memory card and eve

  • Nokia Map Loader problem !!!!!!!November 30

    when I open Nokia Map Loader he say truffle on pic http://up5.m5zn.com/photos/00234/f5e4xadczwqc.jpg29-Sep-2008 11:46 AM abdallah_48 wrote: I am instal N Series pc suite and I update If you want Nokia Maploader v2.0.2 to work then you will need to un

  • Interesting facts about Nokia Map Loader 1.3 and 1...November 30

    Hi there, I have done some interesting tests yesterday after upgrading the Map Loader to version 1.3. First, I tried to connect my N95-1 (v.20.0.015) with a microSD card (4 GB) to my PC with Nokia Map Loader 1.3 running. The software asks to update t

  • Nokia Map Loader suggestions... What do you think?November 30

    Herewith , I'd like to add my poit of views about using Map Loader and downloading maps to our GPS enabled handsets : * Map version is shown as a small numbers that is not noticed by many . * The program doesn't compare the map version it has to that

  • Nokia Map LoaderNovember 30

    Anybody tried using the Map Loader PC App? Any Luck? Mine always says the server is offline or connectivity interrupted... N8-00,Galaxy Tab 10.1Vaidovesta wrote: So this means there's no stand-alone Maps downloading app, like SW Updater...  Apart fro

  • Nokia Maps loaded up to 90% then it bombed out.November 30

    Please, I upgraded my Nokia Maps to V2.0 and now when it is started it load up to 90% then it bombed out. Rebooted the phone (N95 8GB) and it did the same thing. I tried to reinstall the application, format the memory and reset the N95's configuratio

  • N96 Nokia Maps Loader IssueNovember 30

    Hi All, I just updated my phone firmware. I make it a habit to format the mass memory and the phone memory. The problem now is after I have restored all my files and recreated the settings, I cannot make the Maps to load. I encounter this error messa

  • Nokia Maps on E71 again - does not load a detailed...November 30

    Hello All! I've looked through previous discussions on Nokia Maps @ E71, however did not find a solution for my problem. Noka Maps runs on my E71, however, it does not load a detailed maps. Sattelite images work perfectly. My area is well covered wit

  • Map Loader not connect to map serverOctober 11

    Hi there, i have a Problem with Nokia Map Loader. (it doenst matter which version, I tried . and 2.0 and 3.0) When i start the map loader i get this Problem: "Connection to the map server has been interrupted." I do not use any proxy. What is th

  • Unknown file format when downloading map loader?!?...October 11

    I downloaded nokia maps from the nokia website and then nokia map loader but for some reason a get a message on my n73 saying that the nokia map loader is an unknown file format...can anybody tell me what to do??I assume you're trying to install the

  • How to use Nokia map and update software!!!!!!!!!!...November 30

    I am using N95-4 8gb, it already built in nokia map with version v1.2. i searched raound on internet, and i found that i am having old version. I tried to download the new version on the Nokia website, but i couldnt download it. It just appeared the

  • Nokia Map for NepalNovember 30

    I couldnt find Nokia map for nepal, can anybody help me with this that when nokia map will be avialable for nepal. Or it not gona ever be avialable.?????????If it is asking for internet connection, it wants to download the map. To stop this from happ

  • Map Loader not seeing device :(November 30

    installed Nokia map loader v2.0.2, i got my N95 connected via USB and on PC suite mode, but i get the "waiting for device" message in map loader, also in bottom left corner it says "no drive selected". Tried it with Maps running, same

  • Map loader installation problemNovember 30

    i am using nokia 5230 and i have tried the Maps app twice (succeeded times) i downloaded the Ovi Maps, which then made my Maps app have a new interface in blue basically i spend most of the other time mourning about how it doesnt work -.- since i don

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