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nokia lumia 925 black screen problem

  • Nokia Lumia 830 glance screen problemNovember 30

    my Lumia 830 glance screen settings application is not showing any thing and the glance background application also does not work. Attachments: wp_ss_20141213_0002.png ‏34 KB wp_ss_20141213_0001.png ‏41 KBsanshPatil, By any chance that you have a pre

  • Problem with Nokia Lumia 925October 11

    This is what i encountered with my nokia Lumia 925 after 3 days of usage, i am not sure anyone besides me, facing the same problem. - Overheating, after taking few photos, the phone feel a sudden of heat near the camera. - Freeze, the phone freeze so

  • Nokia Lumia 925 Camera problem - Ranlie BasasOctober 11

    I have bought Nokia Lumia 925, and i has camera problem. My Nokia Lumia, not working properly. Please help. Best regards, Ranlie Basashi mate, have you tried resetting the Nokia Camera settings to default, and also checking that you are fully up to d

  • Nokia Lumia 925 Windows phone keeps shutting downOctober 11

         I have had a problem for the past 2 months, my Nokia Lumia 925 with Win 8.1 keeps shutting down spontaneously. (I did not have this problem before 8.1)  This is my third phone in the last 2 months (warranty program keeps sending me replacements)

  • Nokia Lumia 925 Transfer my DataOctober 11

    Hi Team I brought new Nokia Lumia 925 and used application to transfer my sms and contacts from my old lumia 800 Contacts successfully tranfer but had problem with sms only sms transfered which were older then 19/08/2012 although i had this mobile ti

  • Lumia 925 cyan update problemNovember 30

          Hi , i updated to windows 8.1 official version on my lumia 925  and the problem im facing is the battery. It wont get me through a day of normal usage. Pls dont tell me to close wifi, glance etc. becouse i followed every single battery saving t

  • Nokia Lumia 925 speaker phone is always "ON"November 30

    I just got a Nokia Lumia 925 replacement phone a couple of days ago and upon first using the phone feature the speaker phone is always ON, without the speaker phone tile being selected. If I click on the Speaker Phone Tile nothing changes, the phone

  • Extremely weak vibration in Nokia Lumia 925November 30

    I bought a new Nokia Lumia 925 last week. It has extremely weak vibration in Silent mode or Ring + Vibrate mode. I have missed several calls due to this problem. Earlier I had a Samsung mobile which had good vibration. While Nokia Lumia 925 has sever

  • Constant Nokia start logo on Nokia Lumia 925November 30

    Hello there.. I got my Nokia Lumia 925 about a month ago.. Now there is already a problem i cant find an answer to? may its my bad research.. -My problem is that The Nokia start logo is there, and it wont go away.. i have had my phone laying for abou

  • Lumia 925 heating up problemNovember 30

    I bought my lumia 925 two months back.And now when I use internet and my WhatsApp is on.my phone starts getting warmed up .looks like when I use multiple applications it starts getting heated. Also, it has started giving me battery drain problems. Di


    I MUST BUY NOKIA LUMIA 925 SIM CARD HOLDER, I LIVE IN ISRAEL WHERE AND HOW CAN I BUY AND ORDERI think that the device is so new that you will definitely have a challenge finding one at the moment. IF nokia care is around you, they MIGHT have one...bu

  • Nokia Lumia 925 No Display After Switch OnNovember 30

    When I switch my Nokia Lumia 925 off and then turn it back on again I get no display. I know its on because I can press the on/off/ button and the soft keys will vibrate when touched. I can even take a picture using the camera key, confirmed with a f

  • Nokia Lumia 925 updatingNovember 30

    I just purchased my Nokia Lumia 925 today, and it doesn't come with GDR3. So i tried to update the phone and it constantly gives me the 801881do error stating it cannot update. What does this error mean and what could i do to fix it?? Thanks to any h

  • Nokia Lumia 925 Windows 8 OSNovember 30

    As my friends with Samsung S4 can open some pages on their phones, I can not with my nokia Lumia 925 with Windows 8 OS as all sites request flash player to be installed on my phone. When will Flash be avalible or is there any browser I can use to sol

  • GDR3 on Nokia Lumia 925November 30

    I recently bought the Nokia Lumia 925 from T-Mobile,and I noticed it didn't have any of the GDR3 update features were as my previous HTC 8X had them. I have been researching to see if the update has been released and majority articles say that it was

  • Nokia lumia 925 camera issue! Please help asap!November 30

    If you see from the pics that i have attached below, the first one is where the photo is being saved and thats the natural colour of the image but the next pic shows the post saving issue that i get. The issue totally reduces the crispness of the pho

  • Nokia Lumia 925 Display ProblemsOctober 11

    I was playing on pc when i saw that the screen on my lumia 925 just broke kind of i will put some pictures and i try to restore it but it didnt work is the same .... i never drop it in any place or put it near water or st dangerous it was in case all

  • Nokia Lumia 925 back up with broken screen HELP!November 30

    Hi, today I broke the screen on my Lumia 925 and you cant see anything on the screen and it doesnt register my touch but before I get a new one from my insurer I want to back it up but can I do this on my pc without touching the screen because its br

  • Nokia lumia 925 display problemNovember 30

    Hi everyone, I have owned Lumia 925 and having trouble with its display as it gets low in din light. It gets lie even greater than the phone's default low level.It's the same on my 920 and 1020. When brightness is set to automatic the screen does dim

  • Nokia lumia 925 problemNovember 30

    Hi I have a Lumia 925 wp8.1 and like it very, because have different opinions, but in office applications is very Lowe quality an difficult ☹ Chiefly, Excel program don't have many solicitation , for example, fonts can't be bold, un bold , good gamma

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