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  • Nokia Lumia 800 - Local Scout App doesn't workOctober 11

    Hi, As I said in the post title, the "Local Scout" ("Environs") doens't work on my phone. The apps can't find any restaurants or shops or else... I have to use Nokia Maps to find shops I want.  Anyone have an idea to repair this proble

  • Nokia Lumia 920 - Not connecting on MAC OSX 10.6.8November 30

    Hello everybody, I have this problem that alot of people are encounting but it seems having no solutions yet. I bought my Nokia Lumia 920 a couple days ago, made all the updates alvaible but still I can't connect my phone to my MacBook Pro.  The funn

  • Nokia lumia phone app coverOctober 11

    what the hell going on withnokia lumias model htc had already brought the phone cover which covers on phone cover app in windowsphone 8.1  why the heell the leading wp devices manufacturer is laggy behind  bring out the phone cover app on nokia lumia

  • Folder lock app for nokia lumia 800 ???November 30

    Hi , Can anyone suggest any good FREE app for Nokia Lumia 800 which will help me to keep some of my folders locked with password or  encryption  to keep it confidetial l ???Photos - http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/secure​-free/e89756ec-c6

  • My Nokia Lumia 620 won't install new apps or updat...November 30

    Greetings, My nokia Lumia 620 is stuck at "pending" when I try to install new apps or update existing apps on my phone from the store. I even tried unistalling and reinstalling but still was stuck at pending. That's it no error message, no crash

  • I have a windows Nokia Lumia 920 mobile phone but cannot sync with my MacNovember 30

    I cannot sync my Nokia Lumia 920 mobile phone with my Mac desktop system 10.9?Have a look on the right of this page under 'More like this'.Read other 2 answers

  • How do i sync calendar form outlook 2011 for MAC with my nokia lumia 1020?November 30

    How do I sync the calendar info etc from outlook 2011 for MAC with my nokia lumia 1020 - I assume there's a way through outlook.com but I can't find the answer anywhere.  Thank you!So you are using an Outlook.com account? Please take a look at this a

  • Nokia Lumia 521 I cant get apps downloads or nothi...November 30

    Microsoft on my Nokia Lumia 521 smartphone won't let me downloads, get apps or anything for that matterCassieshyane wrote: Microsoft on my Nokia Lumia 521 smartphone won't let me downloads, get apps or anything for that matter Microsoft account setup

  • Gmail app and 'send as' feature on Nokia Lumia Ico...November 30

    Hi there I've asked Verizon this question and they don't know. They send me to Microsoft. Microsoft sends me to Nokia. Please for the love of Pete, can someone answer this question. I used to have an Android Phone. I set up a gmail account for the ex


    This is frustrating me, the fact that Iphone has pretty much EVERYTHING and the Lumia just misses the Apps part. i chose the Lumia 900 over the Iphone because it was smarter, better looking and different which i still love about it. Its the Apps that

  • What app do I need to update my Nokia Lumia 900 phone?November 30

    What App do I need to update my Nokia Lumia phone with my MacBook Pro?Here ya go: http://www.nokia.com/ca-en/support/product/lumia900/softwareupdate/Read other 3 answers

  • Windows phone Nokia lumia 530 can't download any apps error code 80070490October 11

    I have a new windows phone Nokia lumia 530. In trying to set it up I accidentally put a typo in my email address.I have done a use a different address as your primary alias, yesterday by making a new outlook account. However, I can't get the security

  • How to update my Nokia Lumia 710?October 11

    Sir I want to update my window software of my Nokia lumia 710 as windows 8 or 7.8. So how can I do?? Moderator's note: The post was edited. A better subject was [email protected]_aadat if you are on Windows, you need Microsoft Zune. In Mac OS X, your n

  • HT2731 can i download itunes on my nokia lumia 520?October 11

    hi. So I'm trying to figure out if I can download the iTunes app for my Nokia Lumia 520? Could u tell me if that's possible.No, you can't. If you want iTunes, then buy an iDevice and a Mac (or PC.)Read other 3 answers

  • Instagram for Nokia Lumia 800November 30

    I have a Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 800 (not the most recent Nokia Lumia). I have heard that a new Instagram app has been created for Nokia Lumia called "Itsdagram" but it seems to be more for the later Lumias. Does anyone know when this up

  • Limitation on functionality on Nokia LumiasOctober 11

    What is true on these limitations? 101 reasons not to buy a Nokia Lumia  I wanted to buy a new Lumia, but if these limitations are true I wont buy it and I will tell everone about these lomitations. So please answer! regards andy Most of these limita

  • My Nokia Lumia 1520 has a plethora of issuesOctober 11

    This is mainly about my Nokia Lumia 1520, but also some other Nokia Lumia phones. After I inherited my Nokia Lumia 1520 I had to wait a few weeks before I could install Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue) + Nokia Lumia Cyan on it, after doing so I signed in wit

  • Nokia lumia 920 sound issuesOctober 11

    I have a problem with the sound of my Nokia Lumia 920. I bought the phone back in June, this issue have only just start. The sound works when i get a text message, email and other notifications, it doesn't work when i play music or games, even when i

  • I have put my iphone simcard into a nokia lumia 520, now I have no contacts etc. How can I retreive them?October 11

    Hi. I have been having problems with my iphone 4s ios 6.?? heating up alot, draining the battery fast. It goes down to about 20% before half the day is over. I still have 4GB left (from a 64GB iphone) and don't have anything functioning, (other than

  • Nokia Lumia 920 India Launch ! - Some Observations...October 11

    Hi, Being a Nokia fan for years .. I decided to write this .. I hope people at the right level from Nokia see this. We all know Nokia Lumia 920 has probably hit all the right spots with Users abroad and the best thing is they are loving it a lot. I p

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