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nokia lumia 510 bengali software

  • Issue while making a call through Nokia lumia 510October 11

    Hi, i have purchased nokia lumia 510 around five months back. since then this phone is troubling me in a way or other. earlier there were issues with internet connectivity when i rectified it now there comes a new problem which occurs while making a

  • How can i install adobe reader in my nokia lumia 510 with window 7October 11

    how can i install adobe reader in my nokia lumia 510... Without it my phone is useless..... Its of great important to me..go directly on www.windowsphone.com website from there on search bar type adbe reader  and from there you will be able to downlo

  • Nokia lumia 510 wifi network searching problemOctober 11

    Recently I have got Nokia lumia 510......nice phone......but it fails to search any WiFi network......somtimes shows notifications at top of the display but doesn't wrk at ol..........So what to do.........help helpHi kabirx7, Welcome to the Forum. C

  • Nokia lumia 510 music subscription problemOctober 11

    Hi am using Nokia lumia 510 when trie downloading I get a error saying " this phone is already registered with a Nokia music unlimited subscription"" am not able to down load any of the music plz help me guysHi, Welcome to the forum! You ma

  • Nokia lumia 510 voucher noNovember 30

    Plz give me Nokia lumia 510 Nokia a limited voucher no.Hi saratnegi, Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions! Can you further elaborate on your concern? What type of voucher are you specifically asking? We have 2 kinds of vouchers: 1. Nokia Music Un

  • Nokia Lumia 510 Sync IssueNovember 30

    Hi, I have an issue with my nokia Lumia 510 model. The Issue is Sync is not working if we set "as soon as mail Arrives" for the Outlook ActiveSync. Mails will come if we press Sync. So Push Option is not working for the same in the Handset. Alre

  • Nokia Lumia 510: Can't download opera miniNovember 30

    I'm using Nokia lumia 510 . I can't download opera mini , I can't read Malayalam fonts. Plz help me.. Moderator's note: We have amended the title of this post as it was moved from another board. Opera is not available for Windowsphone devices. Read o

  • Message Alert in Nokia lumia 510 or 620October 11

    Hi, I am planning to buy a new smartphone in the new year. So I decided to go for Nokia Lumia series Phones. So I have only two points to confirm. If I buy Lumia 510 or 620. Will they 1) alert me instantly  if I get a email? 2) Alert when some ping m

  • Not able to connect nokia lumia 510 with any other...November 30

    Hi whenever I m connecting my Nokia lumia 51 with other mobile devices via Bluetooth it is showing not supported....please help me how can I connect to other mobile via Bluetoothtry the post above yours. Using the search function and actually reading

  • Malayalam font for nokia lumia 510November 30

    I can't read Malayalam font.i cant lso red malayalam n ma lumia 510. i think they r sleeping on the web..:-). plz make it clear. we r waitingRead other 4 answers

  • Nokia Lumia 510 wifi problemOctober 11

    when the phone is in sleep mode or screen is lock I dont get push notifications means wifi disconnects but i didnt have problem when I purchased it. Also some times all pending push notifications comes by itself I dont get the same problem when I sta

  • Nokia lumia 510 frustrations!October 11

    Hi, this phone can be really frustrating. 1. Am finding serious difficulty in adding attachments to my mails. If I Press the paperclip, it takes me to pictures. I need to send documents not pictures 2. Can I really forward an email without trace of t

  • Nokia lumia 510, mobile hangsOctober 11

    My mobile hangs in between calls made or received. To again use my mobile I need to take out my battery and restart the device. From the experiences of my mobile shanging(atleat it has hanged for 15 times in 1 week) I have noticed that when my intern

  • Nokia lumia 510October 11

    Why Skype, QQ isn't working in this phone. If anybody have solution please reply.Hi, Welcome to the forum! You can do the following steps to help you to solve your concern: 1. Swtich off your phone. 2. Take out the battery and SIM card for a second.

  • Nokia music store is not working,in lumia 510October 11

    How can we download music from nokia store.whn i click on download button it is giving error like "We cant get through"  Sorry there is a problem reaching the music service. hi frndz... i have Nokia Lumia 510. Its an excellent mobile. I am enjoy

  • Download help for skype on lumia 510November 30

    I m not able to download Skype app. On my Nokia lumia 510 plz give solution how can I download itNokia C5-03 doesn't has a front facing camera but it runs Skype. So, I think, Front facing camera is not the issue.Read other 3 answers

  • Bengali front software for nokia lumia 800November 30

    Please send Bengali front software for Nokia lumia 800 Solved! Go to Solution.It can't be sent like that ..  Add your Vote HERERead other 2 answers

  • Nokia Lumia 525 Software Update. Wifi problem.November 30

    Hello Nokia users. I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 525. Heard that Software Update would come by September. So i learned how to update my phone by seeing Nokia videos and articles. I got to know that we need a WiFi connection to perform a Software Up

  • Nokia Lumia 800 - Software UpdateNovember 30

    I have tried loading the Windows Phone software update on mu Nokia Lumia 800 and every single time I have done this through Zune software my phone runs through the majority of tasks it has to do and then locks up at task 9 out of 10 as it re-starts m

  • Camera Software Bug on Nokia Lumia 810November 30

    In mid-December 2013, following a recent Nokia software update, the camera on my Nokia Lumia 810 now no longer supports the ability to tap the screen in order to take photos or video. Instead, I am forced to use the physical camera button which tends

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