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Nokia in unethical practice

  • BT - unethical practice & mis-sellingNovember 30

    I upgraded my Broadband service with BT in January from option 1 to option 2 . Before upgrading I had done my research to confirm that existing discounts can be carried over. The FAQ section on BT's website clearly states that "When you upgrade your

  • More miss-selling and unethical practicesNovember 30

    To whom it may concern, Like other users I seem to have been the victim of BTs unethical practice of misselling. I had BT broadband but had my telephone line and calls with another company. When my contract came to an end on both BT were offering a c

  • Unethical practices are taking Nokia down!!November 30

    I don't understand why whenever there is an update available for Nokia Ovi Suite, it is absolutely necessary to install before the software can even run! Now my own laptop is not connected to the internet, the update has to be installed from the inte

  • Unethical PracticeNovember 30

    My dad got back from a trip to Vegas. While he was there something stopped working on his HP Touchpad that I had loaded with Android for him. He wasn't able to get in touch with me so he went to the closest best buy. They told him there that he downl

  • Unethical practice regarding expired subscriptions...November 30

    I need some help and don't know who to turn to.  I tried chatting with someone via the customer service chat option and that was unsuccessful.  Here is what happened... I recieved this e-mail from Skype... Action required - Your subscription is expir

  • Complaint about customer service and business practicesNovember 30

    I am creating this post to make public a complaint i have about unethical practices and poor customer service with Verizon. Here is the story: A few months back our landline stopped working. Called Verizon and followed all of the troubleshooting step

  • Need help with my Lumia 1520 Extended WarrantyNovember 30

    Extended warranty was purchased from Nokia Care on 27/01/2015 . 3 months down the line there were issues with Display. When i approached Nokia Care they mentioned your Extended warranty has not been extended and you can take a refund or pay for the r

  • Can I transfer iTunes/App store purchases from 1 Apple ID to another? I have recently parted from my partner, everything was purchased under his but I now want to move it all to mine. Is this possible?October 11

    Please help.On the premise that an application is irrevocably tied to an Apple ID it was purchased from, I want to pose another scenario similar to the original question of this post. A small business purchased a Mac for a specific purpose. Given tha

  • How can I stop unwanted scam emails  ex: someone wats to give me $2,500,000.00October 11

    How can I stop unwanted emails?  Here is an example: Good Day, Although, I do not know you in person, I have received your contact via, personal search while seeking a reliable but obscure individual to assist me in this pending transaction. It becam

  • TS1630 I had purchased IPHONE 5S in MAY 2013 and in NOV 2013 my phone ringer has stopped workingOctober 11

    i had raised a call earlier also 531814968 and with this id the executive tried everything possible to get my phone work but nothing happened. and then I was told by the customer care executive that i will have to go to the same vendor from where i p

  • N97 mini musicNovember 30

    I recently got an N97 mini and thought i would be able to play music through my works van stereo using the fm transmitter only to find that the mini does not have this feature but have read that you can play through bluetooth. My phone is paired with

  • Anna update + language packs or flashing?November 30

    Hello I've got kind of a big question here regarding the new Anna update, but there are some doubts I have that I could not find solutions to within this forum. Basically I've bought a C7 from my Vodafone dealer here in Australia but to fulfill my ne

  • Life after the C7 Anna updateNovember 30

    Ok so where do I start……oh yes the Anna update So I updated my C7 to Anna (including the 1/2 and 2/2 subsequent updates) and this made my phone much sleeker and that is always a good thing in my book, NFC and some fancy new extras are also much appre

  • My Horror experience with price match at bestbuy for an appliance, HOW BAD WAS UR EXPERIENCE?November 30


  • Personal Hotspot with TPG  AustraliaNovember 30

    When is Apple going to "approve" Data Tethering on the iPhone with service provider TPG. TPG allow Tethering, but Apple have not approved TPG as being able to use the included "Person Hotspot". I would also suggest this is highly uneth

  • Customer Satisfaction = Exactly ZeroNovember 30

    Verizon's customer service has seemed to lose all sense of "customer" in their service. Where I used to get the warm and fuzzies by their customer focus, it now seems that it's all about Verizon and how the customer can put a little extra coin i

  • Multi-Sunscription problem...November 30

    Greetings, I have 2 subscriptions running simulaneously (120 and 400 to UK landline and mobiles) because the first one turned out not to be enough. I also have 0.02c remaining credit. I also have skype linked to my (non-smart) phone. I seem unable to

  • Illegal installation of the Macafee VirusNovember 30

    Automatic installation of Macafee is no different than illegally installing a virus. I was asked to update Flash. I was never asked to install Macafee. There is no difference between the actions of Adobe Inc. and those of a hacker attempting to insta

  • Hotspot not showingNovember 30

    My personal hotspot is not showing up, and I don't think it ever has. I have tried restoring the settings, and restoring the phone but it's still not there. The phone is up to date with software updates. I am with a carrier that supports hotspot. Wha

  • Technology Paralysis - UnlockingNovember 30

    I have been a huge fan of Apple products and Technology. This can be gauged from the fact that just between me, my wife and 2 kids, we have 3 iPhones, 2 iPads, and 6 iPods. However, my recent experience with one of my iPhone 5S has stunned me that ca

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